Everyone has a use for a cordless drill/driver. For professionals and homeowners, these are the most used and versatile power tools. We’re going to be reviewing the uber popular Black & Decker 20V MAX drill/driver with 30-piece accessory kit. As affordable as it gets, this is a must-have around the home. There has to be a good reason why this is one of the most popular drill/driver kits.

I don’t often review tools intended for light-duty jobs around the home. I’m more of a DeWalt, Milwaukee, or Makita kind of guy when it comes to power tools. Though, the top professional power tool brands are expensive. The majority of home users generally need a drill/driver for hanging pictures, putting up shelves, and possibly assembling the odd Ikea product. Or something along these lines.

Understandably, you won’t be too keen on paying hundreds of dollars for a drill/driver kit that spends more time on a shelf in the garage, than it does in your hands. At the same time, you want a tool that’s going to do what it says on the box.

Enter Black and Decker. Since 1910, this brand has been leading the way in domestic power tools and appliances. If you’re looking for relatively cheap DIY tools, there are few names that instill the confidence that you get from Black & Decker. Since cordless drill/drivers are a staple of the cordless tool market, these guys have a good selection of products available.

The accessories that you can use with a cordless drill/driver are virtually endless. Drilling holes and driving in screws are the most obvious uses for these tools. You can find driver bits for every type of screw head, bolt, or nut. The sizes are mostly universal, making it easy to find what you need. There are also more specialized accessories for these tools. I’ve found all sorts of small grinder attachments that have a 101 uses. Shop around, and you’ll find many more versatile solutions.

For the basic home toolbox, you probably need pretty standard wood and plastic drill bits, some screwdriver bits, and few small wrench heads. If you start with these, you can always buy others separately as the need arises. Allen or hex drivers may be on your list too. All of these common bits are available at department and hardware stores. So, if you start with the basics, you can always build on this.

This is what makes the Black & Decker (LD120VA) 20V cordless drill/driver, with 30-piece accessory kit, such a wonderful product for an almost complete home cordless kit. I had to add in the word “almost” because there’s no telling which accessories will be more important to you. There are just so many around. The normal retail price for this kit is just under a $100. Though, when researching this article, I found it on Amazon for a lot less.

Another fantastic Black & Decker kit is the LDX120PK 68-piece home tool kit. At first, this kit may seem like much better value than the 20V MAX drill driver plus 30-piece kit. The 68-piece can be found for less than $90. It includes the 20V MAX drill driver and most of the regular hand tools that you’ll need around the home. This makes the price appear to be almost too good to be true. Though, you can believe it. This is an amazing deal for the first time homeowner. Anyone, really. If you want all the basic tools and the versatile 20VMAX Black & Decker drill driver, with a handy storage bag included, jump at this opportunity. I’m pretty sure you won’t find a bargain deal like this one anywhere.

One thing you should be aware of, when comparing the kits (and their price), is that more affordable 68-piece kit includes an older model drill driver. This kind of puts the price into perspective. Yes, you’re getting a lot more tools for a lower price, with 68-piece LDX120PK kit, but the drill is not quite as good as the more expensive Drill/Driver LD120VA kit. This shouldn’t be a big deal for basic woodwork and product assembly.

Black & Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill + 30-piece Accessory Kit (LD120VA)

Black + Decker 20VMAX cordless drill/driver combo kit

What’s Included:

  • LD120 20V MAX Lithium Drill/Driver
  • (1) LB20 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery
  • (1) LCS20 Charger
  • (6) Brad Point Drill Bits
  • (10) 1 in. Screwdriving Bits
  • (9) 2 in. Screwdriving Bits
  • (4) Nut Drivers
  • (1) Magnetic Bit Tip Holder


  • Drills through wood, metal, and plastic
  • 0 – 750 RPM
  • 24 clutch settings
  • 300 inch-pounds torque
  • ³⁄₈” chuck

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Regardless of how you use a cordless drill, or what you use it for, there are some basic criteria that everyone looks for. It starts with how easy and comfortable the tool is to use. In this regard, there can be no complaints about the Black & Decker cordless drill driver. It has a really comfortable, soft grip handle, molded to fit your hand. The bare tool weighs a mere 4¼ LBS. The large trigger switch is really a pleasure. Looking at these basic requirements, the Black & Decker can compare to any of the best drill drivers that I’ve used.

Considering that this is not an industrial-grade drill/driver, I’m surprised by the amount of power it has. With 300 in-LBS torque, you can do a lot more than you would with most other cheap drills. Unlike the professional cordless tools, with high-efficiency brushless motors, this one still uses an old-fashioned brushed motor. This makes the power all the more astounding. Though a motor that uses brushes can never compete with tools in the DeWalt XR range, or Milwaukee Fuel.

One of the issues with this older technology is the heat produced when laboring through thick, or hard material. I have to say, the Black & Decker drill/driver is not built for heavy-duty work. If drilling into plastic, soft wood, mild steel, or aluminum, it should be fine. Even light masonry. Provided you’re not using a particularly large diameter bit. Thick hard material, can become frustrating, and there’s a good chance the drill will overheat. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this cordless Black & Decker drill for hard concrete.

If you’re using the Black & Decker to drive thick screws, I’d suggest drilling a pilot hole first. If you drill a hole, with a slightly smaller diameter than the screw, there will be less resistance. This will mean the drill won’t labor as hard, making the job much easier on you and the machine.

You won’t get the same battery time compared to advanced brushless tools either. Again, this won’t be much of an issue with most household DIY jobs. If you intend working on larger projects, that take a while, a standby battery, or two, will be much more practical. Generally, I do this with all cordless tools, no matter how good the battery or motor. Charging additional batteries, while you work, saves significantly on downtime.

Black + Decker 20VMAX cordless Drill Driver

The 24-position clutch is fantastic. This prevents damage from applying too much torque to soft materials. To prevent the screw from ripping through soft wood or plastic, you can dial down the clutch setting. The ³⁄₈” keyless chuck is easy to use and, for a light-duty drill, has above average grip on the bit. You won’t find the bit slipping too easily.


We have to view the Black & Decker cordless drill/driver for what it is. This is an affordable light-duty tool. I’m not going to begin comparing it to the top brands, used by professionals. Similarly, I wouldn’t recommend this drill/driver for the daily grind of a construction site.

If you’re in the market for a cheap, good quality, cordless drill/driver, Black & Decker will be one of your best options. Here, we would be comparing it to similar tools from brands like Craftsman and Ryobi. In this arena, the Black & Decker fares very well. If you’re looking at the 30-piece LD120VA kit, value becomes much more attractive.

I think we can all agree that the Black & Decker brand is one of the best in the low-priced tool market. The Black & Decker 20V MAX cordless tool series is immensely popular, with an incredible range of options. From every type of garden tool, to saws, drills, and lot more, you’re able to use one battery for all your cordless tools. That’s a huge advantage. In a market segment where you generally see tools with a 1-year warranty, the 2-year Black & Decker warranty is a great reassurance.

Black & Decker 68-Piece Home Tool Kit (LDX120PK)

Black & Decker Home Tool Kit

What’s Included:

  • LDX120 Drill/Driver
  • (1) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Battery
  • (1) Charger
  • (1) Storage Bag
  • (1) Tape Measure
  • (1) Adjustable Wrench
  • (1) Needle Nose Pliers
  • (2) Manual Screwdrivers
  • (1) Utility Knife
  • (1) Slip Joint Pliers
  • (1) 12 oz. Hammer
  • (1) Adjustable Wrench
  • (1) Ratcheting Screwdriver
  • (4) Hole Saws with Mandrel
  • (32) Screwdriving Bits
  • (1) Magnetic Bit Holder
  • (10) Drilling Bits
  • (5) Spade Bits


  • Includes 20V MAX* Lithium Ion drill for a variety of home projects
  • Over $150 Value
  • Lithium Ion Battery – Always Ready, holds a charge up to 18 months
  • By providing extra level of control, the 11-position clutch prevents stripping and overdriving screws
  • Includes 66 hand tools and accessories
  • Includes carrying bag for easy portability and storage

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This kit contains a long list of useful tools to use for just about all home projects. The price is incredible. Although the drill/driver is not the top model from Black & Decker, it is a good product. Unlike the drill/driver reviewed above, this one only has 11 clutch positions, compared to 16 for the more expensive model. It also appears to be slightly less powerful. Though it handles most tasks without any hint of overworking.

Driving most screws into softwood is a breeze. Large screws and hardwood, not so easy. You can always drill a pilot hole if the driver isn’t coping with the screws that you’re using. For general drilling into most materials around the home, it does the job well.

You also get a bunch of hand tools that will always be useful to have around the home. For quick home plumbing repairs, or some electrical work, you have what you need. The perfect tool selection for the home handyman, and it all fits into a well-made carrying bag. Your tools are easily stored and won’t go missing.

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