Makita has announced some exciting new additions to their cordless tool lineup for 2022. Be the first to read about them here. You can expect amazing things through the year, especially the expansion of the fabulous Makita XGT 40V/80V range. This includes a new XGT battery which will be the most powerful battery for cordless tools ever!

Makita fans will definitely remember 2021 as the year of the XGT, super-powerful range of cordless tools. The trusted 18V LXT platform has served the brand well for many years and will probably continue to do so for many years to come.

However, all the top players in the cordless tool game have been upping the ante when it comes to more powerful tools and batteries with more volts and ampere-hours.

DeWalt has the 60V FlexVolt system which had me blown away a few years ago when it was first introduced. They have also increased the power of the 20V MAX platform, with a high-power 8AH battery. The battery upgrades have come with new, more powerful tools in the form of DeWalt Power Detect and FlexVolt Advantage.

Milwaukee and Bosch have also been hard at work over the past few years, creating new battery platforms with better power output and longer working times. Milwaukee High Output and Bosch Core 18V batteries set new standards, using the latest 21700 Lithium-Ion cells. DeWalt followed suit with their high-power batteries, using the same technology.

Then Makita knocked it out of the ballpark when they introduced the XGT battery platform in 2021. They took their time coming up with an improvement on the 18V LXT range which was once the best battery in the world. At least, in my opinion.

While the 18V LXT range and 36V variants, using 2 X 18V LXT batteries, have proven to be reliable and great tools, Makita was lagging behind the other major brands when it comes to longer battery times and increased power. Well, they may have taken their precious time catching up with the pack, but they certainly took things to another level when they did.

Over the past year we’ve seen some truly amazing XGT 40V tools, and even more impressive XGT 80V tools, using 2 X 40V XGT batteries to provide maximum efficiency to their high-powered tools, like the incredible XGT 80V power cutter, released toward the end of 2021. This trend is set to continue in 2022.

You can expect even more XGT 40V (and 80V) tools to become available as we head into 2022. There are also a few cool additions and upgrades to the 18V LXT cordless tool range, that we have all come to admire over the years. Though, the most exciting news from Makita in 2022, will have to be the new XGT tools.

New Makita Tools for 2022

Some of the tools that I’ll be mentioning may have already been released in Japan but are not yet available in other countries. Some are not even available in Japan. As a result, I’ll only be providing a basic overview of the products, using the information I have access to at the moment. I’ll be mentioning US model numbers if I’m able to find them.

This is really just a teaser of things to come. As more information becomes available, through the course of 2022, you can be sure  I’ll keep you updated. For now, get ready for some exciting new revelations from the house of Makita.

Makita GSA01 XGT 40V MAX High-PSI Dust Blower

A compact, ultra-powerful cordless dust blower. No specs are available yet, though I believe it should be an upgrade to the (already cool) GBU01 XGT,

Makita DCW180Z 18V LXT Cooler/Warmer

I’m not too sure when this product will be available in the US (if at all). The supplied model number is for Europe and Australia.

Makita will be introducing a bunch of great products which are not actually tools in 2022. This portable cooler and warmer is one of them. Something that I’m sure many contractors will appreciate. The DCW180Z has a 20-liter (5.28 Gal) capacity. It has cooling capabilities from 0.4°F to 50°F and two Heat settings – 130°F or 140°F

Makita XOB2 18V LXT ¼”Sander

A beautifully compact sheet sander, accommodating 4½” X 4”sandpaper. A fantastic upgrade to the ever-popular 18V LXT tool range which already includes over 250 models.

Makita XOB03 40V XGT ”Sander

There seems to be some confusion over this model, with some saying it uses the older 18V LXT battery platform, others saying it is a 40V XGT tool. I’m pretty sure that this is a 40V XGT sander. We’ll know for sure in the spring of 2022 when it is released.

Either way, it promises to be a mighty powerful sander, with a great capacity – 3⁵⁄₈” X 9”. It has 3 speed settings with single-touch electronic controls, a dust extraction port, and power to rival any corded tool.

Makita XDT19 18V LXT 4-Speed Impact Driver

The super-powerful XDT16 impact driver has already made its way into the hearts of many. Well, this mighty little machine has received some cool upgrades for 2022 in the form of the XDT19. The new model will have all the power and fantastic easy to use 4- speed settings as the old one.

The XDT19 is more compact than the trusty XDT16 and is tapered. This makes it one of the best cordless impact drivers for working in tight spaces. A definite advantage.

ConnectX PDC1200A01 Backpack Power Supply

The ConnectX power supply was actually launched in November 2021. However, it is not widely available yet and should only become more common in 2022. This is essentially a super battery, offering 1,400 watt-hours (WH).

The huge battery power supply fits comfortably on your back, like a backpack. It is designed to supply Makita LXT 36V (dual battery) tools and 40V XGT tools. Adapters are available for both voltage formats.

I imagine the PDC1200A01 power supply will really appeal to landscapers wanting the same type of conveniently long working times as you get from gas power equipment. For lawnmowers, edge trimmers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers (all tools that use a lot of power) this will be an ideal solution. It is great for the outdoors with an IPX-4 weather resistance rating.

Makita 40V Chainsaws

Unfortunately, I don’t have much information available on the new range of 40V XGT chainsaws that will be released in 2022. All can say is you can expect some more powerful upgrades to the existing 18V and 36V LXT cordless chainsaws, using the new XGT battery platform.

Makita 40V Shop Vac

Makita has already introduced a 40V stick vacuum cleaner. Ironically, we have yet to see shop vac/dust extractors in the 40V range. Fear not, in 2022, there will be two XGT 40V shop vacs available. One model will be wet and dry, whereas the other will be only a dry vac.

You can also expect to see a Makita robotic vacuum cleaner to make an appearance in 2022. I’m guessing this will also make use of the improved efficiency provided by the 40V XGT battery.

Makita 8AH 40V XGT Battery

I’ve heard that the 40V 8AH XGT battery has already been released, sometime in late 2021. I’m yet to see one and I’m sure so are you. This battery promises to beat anything from Milwaukee or DeWalt for the longest working times.

Makita 36V LXT Cordless Kettle

Another great innovation that I’m sure contractors will love. Hot beverages anytime on a jobsite, wow! This is not a particularly large kettle, with a capacity of 800 ml (27 Oz). It uses 2 X 18V LXT batteries.

40V XGT LED lights

We’ve already seen a few really cool 40V LED work lights and flashlights become available in 2021. Expect even more in 2022. Some of these will be able to run for over 100hours on a single charge.


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