In this review of affordable, good quality 4½” angle grinders, rigorous research has narrowed the list to three models that make the grade: DeWalt DWE402, Black & Decker BDEG400, and Bosch 1375A. In the daily grind of metal work, you want a reliable angle grinder that is easy and safe to use.

Finding the Best Angle Grinder on a Budget

To determine which angle grinder should make it into this review, I relied on years of experience in both using and reviewing power tools. I started by checking the list of best-selling angle grinders on Amazon. This gave me a good indication of what people are buying.

By reading customer reviews and ratings, I got a sense of what people like and don’t like about the various angle grinders that are available at affordable prices. This gives one a relatively objective overview of how the tools perform in the real world.

The final step in the process was to apply my personal judgment. I never review tools on this site unless I feel they are worth buying. This means choosing brands I know to provide good value and customer service. Above all, I want you to find quality tools that are good value for money.

Cheap but Not Nasty

When we look at the three models chosen for this best angle grinder review, the Black & Decker BDEG400 appears to be the odd-man-out. It is considerably cheaper than the DeWalt DWE402 and Bosch 1375A 4½-inch angle grinders. This was not an oversight.

The Black & Decker 6A 4½” angle grinder is high on the Amazon best-seller list for a reason. This is one of the best DIY power tool brands and is great for people who don’t use their grinders for heavy-duty work, but still want a good quality product from a reputable brand.

While the Black and Decker angle grinder may be a little under-powered, and probably not as tough as the other two machines in this review, it is very affordable and a fantastic tool for DIYers, as well as metal artists who don’t need the extra power provided by the Bosch and DeWalt 4½” angle grinders.

The offerings from Bosch and DeWalt, while still wonderfully affordable, offer a more heavy-duty machine that will meet the needs of professional metalworkers and DIYers wanting a more durable and powerful 4½” angle grinder.

Since we’re looking at affordability, the best angle grinders under $80 are 120V corded models. Battery-powered tools, for all their practical advantages, are much more expensive. The best cordless angle grinders all cost over $100. This review is entirely focused on relatively cheap angle grinders that are worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

DeWalt DWE402 11-Amp 4½” Angle Grinder


  • Next generation 11A motor for excellent power-to-weight ratio.
  • Dust Ejection System prevents tool damage from debris.
  • Increased brush size for longer life.
  • Large spiral bevel gear for ultra-durable transmission.
  • One-Touch guard for quick 360°
  • Quick-Change tool-free wheel release.
  • Auto-off brushes prevent damage when brushes need replacing.
  • Matching wheel flanges for use with most common accessories.


It should come as no surprise that the DeWalt DWE402 is at the top of the best angle grinder review. It is the number two best-seller on Amazon. Following the cordless DeWalt DCG413B in first place. Yes, the two most popular angle grinders are both DeWalt models. Once again, no surprise here. DeWalt is an amazing power tool manufacturer and is usually my first choice. It seems that millions of angle grinder users around the world agree with this sentiment.

Having sung the praises for the DeWalt brand, let’s take a look at why the DeWalt DWE402 4¼” angle grinder is such a hit with all types of metal workers and builders, both casual weekend warriors and professionals.  

Obviously, the DeWalt name does a lot to attract people to this machine but there’s more to it than simply brand loyalty. The 11A motor is certainly a big plus, this is one of the most powerful 4½” angle grinders. Even if you don’t need the extra power to cut or grind harder material, it is always an advantage. For one thing, a more powerful motor lasts longer, simply because it doesn’t need to work as hard.

In terms of longevity, quite a few other features make this motor more durable than most. Like all DeWalt electric motors, it is built to last, using high-grade copper for the windings and excellent bearings to ensure nothing wears down prematurely.

The brush size has been increased, which reduces maintenance, and the tool will shut down when the brushes need replacing. Another factor that increases durability is the dust ejection system, this is something I’ve always loved about Makita power tools – keeping debris out of the inner workings of the machine. I’m happy to see DeWalt is doing the same, it does wonders to improve tool durability, reliability, and performance.

A grinder gearbox transfers immense torque and needs to be extra tough. The DeWalt DWE402 certainly meets this important criterion. A large spiral bevel gear ensures that the transmission holds up to the tough conditions for which this 4½” angle grinder was built.

There are a bunch of great user functions that make this an easy tool to use and safe. You don’t need tools to remove the wheel or adjust the safety guard. It’s done with the touch of a button. The spindle lock button is positioned at the top, preventing it from damage and this setup improves the depth of cut.

The large trigger switch is great and has both lock-on and lock-off for improved safety. The handles are wonderfully comfortable, and the side handle fits onto both sides of the angle grinder.

The DeWalt DWE402 is not the cheapest 4½” angle grinder that the brand has to offer. Though it is arguably the best. It’s important to note that this model is made in the USA. Many of the cheaper DeWalt tools are made in China. The US production facilities are reserved for the best models and it shows.

This tool does not feel cheap, it’s as tough as nails. In my experience, buying DeWalt tools is an absolute pleasure. They don’t generally break. When you need customer support you get it and the DeWalt DWE402 comes with a fantastic 3-year warranty, 1-year free service plan, and 90-day guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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Bosch 1375A 4½” Angle Grinder


  • 6A motor – 11,000 RPM
  • Two-position side handle
  • Burst protection guard
  • Epoxy-coated field windings for extra protection from dust
  • Lightweight – 3.75 LBS.


Even though the Bosch 1375A 4½” angle grinder has a 6A motor, like the cheaper Black & Decker model, it feels more powerful. This is probably because of a better transmission system. The maximum 11,000 RPM seems effortless. Though it is clearly not as powerful as the DeWalt DWE402.

Bosch power tools are tough and reliable, this one is no exception. Although lightweight, at only 3.75 pounds, the Bosch 1375A is built to last with quality metal components and superb engineering throughout.

The spindle lock button is recessed into the metal gearbox housing at the top of the machine, ensuring that it won’t be damaged. It has a large trigger paddle switch with a safety lock and the side handle can be used for either right-hand or left-hand configurations.

I’m usually very impressed with the low vibration of Bosch tools. This is very noticeable when using the Bosch 1375A. Angle grinders tend to be tough on your hands because of high vibration. This one is surprisingly comfortable to use.

Like the DeWalt DWE402, the Bosch angle grinder will shut down when the brushes need to be replaced, preventing unnecessary damage. Possibly my only complaint would be the rather primitive guard setup. You need to use an Allen key to move the guard and it only has two positions. A far cry from the modern tool-free 360° adjustment found on the DeWalt angle grinder and many others. Having said this, the Bosch 1375A is one of the cheapest high-end professional grade 4½” angle grinders. It can be forgiven for not offering any fancy stuff that would make it more expensive.

The Bosch 1375A 4½” angle grinder is a no-frills basic machine. It has everything you need and no more. This makes it wonderfully affordable for a quality product from a respected German brand. Bosch has many other angle grinders with more sophisticated features, but these will obviously cost more.

For no-nonsense value for money, this is an excellent machine.

Black & Decker BDEG400 4½” Angle Grinder


  • Durable metal gearbox housing
  • 3-position auxiliary handle
  • 6A 12,000 RPM
  • Spindle lock for tool-free wheel changes
  • Ergonomic comfortable grip


As a comparative 4½” angle grinder review, the Black & Decker BDEG400 seems a little out of place. This is a cheap tool, costing around 30 bucks, whereas the DeWalt DWE402 is just on the $80 price limit for this review, and the Bosch 1375A costs around $70.

We should, therefore, view the Black and Decker machine in the context of its rivals. These would be brands like Ryobi which cost about the same. In this regard, the Black & Decker BDEG400 is streaks ahead in terms of quality and brand reputation.

This is a fairly basic 6A 4½-inch angle grinder. It is reasonably powerful, but a little underwhelming when compared to the other two in this review. That’s to be expected at the price. The Black & Decker BDEG400 is lightweight and easy to use, it has nice soft padding to reduce the effects of vibration.

I like the side handle which can be attached to the left, right, and top of the machine. It has the usual trigger switch with a thumb-activated safety lock. It also has the convenience of tool-free wheel changing.

When all is said and done, the Black & Decker BDEG400 is a cheap 4½” angle grinder. While definitely a lot tougher than others in this price range, it is not a heavy-duty power tool. For home tiling and occasional metalwork projects, the plucky little Black and Decker angle grinder is the bomb. It’s very affordable and this is my number one recommendation for a good quality homeowner power tool brand.

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