A workshop without a bench grinder is like a tiger without teeth. This is an essential tool that we all need in a home or professional shop. For cleaning metal or sharpening tools, a bench grinder is a valuable addition to any workshop. This review of the best bench grinders includes some of the top models from leading brands, as well as a number of cheap bench grinders that are worth buying.

A bench grinder is not a particularly sophisticated tool. Basically, it consists of an electric motor with shafts to either side to which a grinding disc or brush is attached. This makes buying a bench grinder a pretty easy task. Or is it?

As with all machinery, some bench grinders are better than others. Although the components are fairly basic, quality is always an issue. Poor quality bearings are probably the greatest weakness on cheap bench grinders. This is not something that you can see when you buy the machine. It’s only over time that the shafts begin to vibrate and then deteriorate until the tool needs to be repaired or ends up in the trash. Other components, like switches and safety guards are also something to consider.

Good quality bench grinders are not too expensive. You should be able to get a decent, entry level model for around $50 – $60. For some of the top grinders, you can expect to pay north of $200. A good bench grinder can easily last a lifetime with little to no repair and maintenance costs. Except of course, for the replacement of consumables like grinding discs and brushes.

Because all grinders look pretty much the same, it’s not easy to tell if you’re spending your money wisely. This review should set your mind at ease. We’ve researched hundreds of machines from different brands. Based on experience and reading countless customer reviews, I believe the Top Power Tools list of the best bench grinders allows you to buy with absolute confidence.

There are quite a few to choose from, at prices to suit any budget. Most importantly, we’ve stuck with brands we know you can trust. Even when buying a cheap bench grinder, true value for money is about buying something that will last and provide you with the reassurance of customer support when you need it.

Top Bench Grinders:

DeWalt DW756: Top Power Tools number one choice. High-quality, affordable 6” bench grinder.

WEN BG4266: Best cheap 6” bench grinder.

Bilt Hard 2.1A 6” Grinder: Good value quality product.

WEN BG4280: A great 8” variable speed bench grinder.

Rikon 80-805: Professional grade machine at a reasonable price.

Jet JBG-8B: High-end (expensive) Industrial 8” bench grinder.

WEN BG4282: Best value 8” bench grinder.

Grizzly Industrial G9717: Excellent value high-quality 6” bench grinder.

Of the models on the list, the Jet JBG-8B is by far the most expensive, this is a truly industrial-grade bench grinder for a professional shop.

The Rikon and Grizzly models are more affordable professional-grade machines. WEN and Bilt Hard are the most affordable brands in the mix, being good quality machines, albeit at the entry level for professional shops. These are fantastic value for money grinders, great for the home shop or light-duty professional use.

The DeWalt DW756 is, in my opinion, the cream of the crop. It’s also a number one best-seller on Amazon. Although not as cheap as the entry level WEN and Bilt Hard models, the DeWalt 6” bench grinder is a relatively inexpensive high-end machine. Affordable enough for the home shop and tough enough for a professional environment.

DeWalt DW756

DeWalt DW756 6-inch bench grinder


  • Powerful ⁵⁄₈ HP induction motor for heavy-duty grinding operations
  • Industrial cast iron base and motor housing provide durability and prolong the life
  • Motor runs at 3,450 rpm for high-speed material removal
  • Precision-machined aluminum tool rests allow the user to accurately position work
  • Rear exhaust ports in wheel guards for smoother operation
  • 12½” distance between wheels for longer and larger grinding applications

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I have never doubted the DeWalt commitment to outstanding quality and engineering. Just one glance at the DeWalt DW756 reinforces this opinion. A solid iron base and motor housing, superb machining on the tool rests, and thick transparent safety eye guards, all smack of true DeWalt quality. For this level of engineering and high-quality materials, I believe the DeWalt DW756 is very reasonably priced. Amounting to genuine value for money.

The ⁵⁄₈ HP induction motor is super powerful and blissfully quiet. The grinder whistles along beautifully at 3,450 RPM, giving you the torque and speed to work speedily on any type of material. The aluminum tool rests are phenomenal. High-quality materials, machined to absolute perfection firmly secured by heavy-duty Allen bolts.

The thick visors, to protect your eyes from shards of burning metal, are as impressive as every other component. These are as solid as they come and have great adjustment knobs that are easy to use with your leather gloves on. The industrial on/off switch is recessed into the housing for additional safety.

The DeWalt DW756 has a good work working capacity, 6” discs fit onto a ½” spindle. The grinder is 15” wide with 12” between discs. This is a very practical size for working with larger pieces.

DeWalt quality all the way. The DW756 is a remarkable machine, and really affordable for this class of bench grinder. With a proven track record for top-level customer service, and one of the best warranties in the business (3-year warranty, 1-year free service plan, and 90-day money back guarantee), it’s little wonder that the DeWalt DW756 is an outright best-seller. It is definitely my pick of the bunch.

WEN BG4266

WEN BG4266 6-inch bench grinder


  • 2.1-amp motor turns the 6-by ¾ inch grinding wheels
  • Maximum speed: 3450 RPM
  • Perfect for reviving old tools, knives, bits, and more
  • Includes one 60-grit wheel and one 36-grit wheel with ½ inch arbors
  • Features pivoting tool rests and adjustable eye guards
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

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The WEN BG4266 is a great light-duty bench grinder for a home shop. At under $60, no one can expect a heavy-duty industrial machine. The basic quality is excellent but some of the less crucial components are a little flimsy. I’m not perturbed by this, as the essentials (the stuff that really matters) are well-made.

A good quality iron base and motor housing are important. In this regard, the WEN BG4266 certainly makes the grade. The 2.1A motor is powerful enough and, in the WEN tradition, should be good for a very long time. It has the power and speed (3,450 RPM) to get the job done efficiently. Though, at ⅓ HP, it doesn’t have the same grunt for grinding thick metal as the more expensive and powerful 6” bench grinders.

The WEN 6” bench grinder displays its cheapness in some of the less crucial components. The tool rests are not of the same standard as the DeWalt DW756 (reviewed above) or any of the industrial-grade bench grinders. The eye guards are also not quite what I’d consider heavy-duty. I wouldn’t expect them to be at the price.

While the power switch is quite domestic looking, and not as tough as the more expensive offerings, it is nicely recessed into the solid metal base. This provides the necessary protection from knocks that could cause damage.

If you need a bench grinder for occasionally sharpening tools and some light-duty metalwork, you probably don’t see much sense in spending too much. The WEN BG4266 is perfect for these applications. By far, the best cheap bench grinder. The 2-year warranty is better than most in this price range.

Bilt Hard 2.1A 6” Grinder

Bilt Hard 6" Bench Grinder


  • A 6-Inch bench grinder with ⅓ HP (2.1A) motor provides speed up to 3,450 RPM.
  • Grinding Wheels: Dual 6 in. aluminum-oxide grinding wheels and one wire wheel, #36 (Coarse); #60 (Medium)
  • Adjustable gooseneck lamp.
  • Steel sealed bearings to support the motor shaft for long service life.
  • Heavy gauge steel base with a rubber mat and mounting holes reduces vibration and improves stability during use.
  • 1-year limited warranty. 

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The Bilt Hard 6” bench grinder is very much the same league as the WEN BG4266 (reviewed above). Personally, I believe that WEN is the top brand for cheaper tools, which makes the Bilt Hard model my second choice as the best cheap bench grinder. It costs a little more than the WEN 6” grinder but includes some extras like a built-in lamp and an additional wire brush.

This is a good quality light-duty 6” bench grinder. The 2.1A (⅓HP) 120V electric motor is on a par with others in its class, like the WEN BG4266 (3,450 maximum RPM). This is quite adequate for sharpening tools and cleaning away slag from mild steel after cutting or welding.

The metal alloy and steel construction feels really solid and has it good bearings, with a reliable electric motor, making this a good quality bench grinder for general purpose work. Although the steel base is not as good as cast iron for reducing vibration, a rubber mat attached to the base helps mitigate this to some extent. The thick rubber acts as a sort of shock absorber.

The eye gauds and tool rests, like other light-duty grinders, are not the best but perfectly okay for the type of working environment it’s designed for.

This is a great, inexpensive bench grinder for the home shop. With a few cool extras included in the deal, you’re getting pretty good value for your money. The Bilt Hard 2.1A 6” bench grinder has a pretty standard 1-year warranty.

WEN BG4280

WEN BG4280 Variable speed 8-inch bench grinder


  • 5-amp variable speed motor goes anywhere from 2000 to 3400 RPM
  • Slower speeds maximize precision while high speeds help with fast material removal
  • Adjustable eye guards include built-in LED lights to keep your workpiece illuminated
  • Onboard quenching tray helps cool down workpieces during long grinding sessions
  • Includes one 80-grit wheel, one 36-grit wheel, pivoting tool rests, adjustable eye guards, and a two-year warranty

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Compared to the really cheap WEN BG4266, the BG4280 is an entirely different beast. This is a more expensive 8” bench grinder. Not only is this a larger, more powerful machine, it is built to a much higher industrial-grade standard and has a variable speed motor. The WEN BG4280 is quite exceptional. Costing a bit under $150, it may seem expensive to some. However, for a bench grinder of this caliber, it is excellent value for money.

A variable speed bench grinder is not that common and will cost more. The WEN BG4289 has a variable speed knob that allows you to set the speed from 2,000 to 3,400 RPM. This is an excellent feature if you want more precision, especially when working with softer material. A slow speed is preferable for sharpening tools as it does not generate as much heat, due to lower friction at reduced speeds. For more aggressive grinding, like removing heavy slag, you can crank the WEN up to the full 3,400 RPM or anywhere in between. Great versatility for all grinding jobs.

The 5A motor is immensely powerful, allowing for a larger 8” X 1” grinding wheel for improved productivity. Every component is of a very high industrial standard. The heavy metal housing and base are as solid as it gets. It has a bright built-in light to help with those precision tasks.

Unlike the light-duty WEN model, the WEN BG4280 has high-quality, perfectly machined tool rests and robust eye guards. The industrial on/off switch is another indication that this is a rugged grinder that won’t be out of place in a hardworking professional shop.

High-quality materials and superb engineering make the WEN BG4280 an outstanding bench grinder. It has features that you won’t easily find, certainly not at this price. The powerful variable speed motor sets the WEN BG4280 apart from products that cost much more. This is a trusted brand, and they offer a 2-year warranty.

Rikon 80-805

Rikon 80-805 8-inch bench grinder


  • Includes high-quality 1” X 8” 60 grit and 120 grit white aluminum oxide wheels.
  • Powerful ½ HP Motor with slow speed 1750 RPM
  • Made of Cast Iron and features anti-vibration rubber feet.
  • Adjustable safety eye shield and spark resistors for improved safety
  • Fully equipped with a diamond wheel sharpener, ideal for sharpening operations since it reduces heat build-up.

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The Rikon 80-805 is a well-constructed machine with all the traits of a professional grade 8” bench grinder. It is one of the best for sharpening tools because of its low speed and diamond grit wheels which reduce the heat that can damage tools and bits during sharpening.

From the cast iron base and industrial style switch to the robust, expertly crafted tool rests, the Rikon 80-805 displays a high level of expert engineering and top-grade materials. This is an incredibly powerful ½HP, low-speed grinder. Ideal for lower temperatures and more detailed precision operations.

The solid cast tool rests are incredibly versatile and easily adjusted. The tool rest on the left wheel is designed to make sharpening tools effortless and accurate, thanks to a groove that allows you to position chisels and bits at a perfect angle to the wheel without any effort. I love this little detail. The eye shields are also of the highest quality standard.

For a remarkably powerful 8” bench grinder of a high industrial quality standard, the Rikon 80-805 is very reasonably priced. A good all-rounder that is particularly great for sharpening tools, one of the best in this regard.

Jet JBG-8B

Jet JBG 8B 8-inch bench grinder


  • Adjustable Tool Rest
  • Cast iron wheel guards and dust vents
  • Fine and coarse vitrified grinding wheels included
  • Heavy-duty guarded toggle switch
  • One-piece quick adjusting spark guards
  • Totally enclosed, pre-lubricated ball bearings

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Jet is one of the top brands for industrial-grade workshop equipment. This makes the Jet JBG-8B 8” bench grinder a lot more expensive than any of the others in this review. At a glance, many won’t recognize much difference between the industrial-grade Jet bench grinder and the average home shop machine. Is the Jet JBG-8B really worth the price?

If you want a heavy-duty bench grinder, able to handle the demanding work of an industrial shop, you’re going to have to pay for it. This is a simple fact of life. The Jet 8” industrial bench grinder is certainly a machine that is intended for this type of work.

Just looking at the machine, there are obvious clues that this is not a run-of-the-mill tool. Everything that can be made from cast iron is. Not just the solid base and motor housing, but the tool rests, even the wheel guards, with beautifully molded vents, are all made from thick cast iron. It has an industrial-grade toggle switch, protected by a tough surround. The eye guards display the same level of industrial-grade quality.

Beneath the solid, indestructible exterior, lies the beating heart of a lion – the immensely powerful 1HP 120V electric motor. With this kind of power, it will maintain the rated 3,450 RPM no matter how hard you push the grinder. To deliver this kind of power reliably for years, it has heavy-duty shafts and sealed bearings. Everything is as tough as it can be. When an 8” bench grinder weighs 60-pounds, you can be sure it’s as solid and tough as they come.

Owners of hardworking industrial shops have come to trust Jet to deliver only the finest quality heavy-duty machinery. The Jet JBG-8B 8” bench grinder most certainly lives up to this expectation. People accustomed to buying machinery of this caliber are aware that it comes with a hefty price tag. When you expect tools to work relentlessly under the toughest conditions, you are prepared to pay for this. In a professional shop, downtime costs and it’s worth paying extra for reliable equipment that can handle any measure of punishment. Jet customer service is as professional as it gets and the JBG-8B 8” bench grinder has a 2-year warranty.

WEN BG4282

WEN BG4282 8-inch bench grinder


  • 4.8-amp motor turns the 8-by-1-inch grinding wheels at speeds of up to 3450 RPM
  • Perfect for reviving old tools, knives, bits, and more
  • Adjustable eye guards include built-in LED lights to keep your workpiece illuminated
  • Onboard quenching tray helps cool down workpieces during long grinding sessions
  • Includes one 60-grit wheel, one 36-grit wheel
  • Two-year warranty

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In strong contrast to the mighty Jet JBG-8B, the WEN BG4282 is relatively inexpensive. While this is a much cheaper 8” bench grinder, it’s quite high on the quality scale. It is more of a medium-duty machine. Higher up the ladder than the really cheap 6” WEN bench grinder but not quite in the same league as the heavy-duty industrial machines. This is a great bench grinder for a light to medium duty professional shop or a home shop where an entry level bench grinder simply won’t cut it.

The base and tool rests are made from heavy-duty cast iron, a good indication that this a pretty robust bench grinder. I really like the slot cut into the left tool rest. This is perfect for sharpening tools. The tool rests have fairly strong adjustment knobs, and the eye guards are also above average in their general quality.

There are a couple of cool extras that add some additional value to the WEN 8” bench grinder. The LED lights, built into the eye guards, are fantastic, a really great idea. It also has a cast iron quenching tray built into the base. This makes it quite convenient when cooling smaller pieces after grinding.

The 4.8A motor is really powerful, especially for a bench grinder this cheap. It propels the discs to 3,450 RPM. The switch, as with many of the cheaper WEN tools, is more of a domestic type of item, not quite heavy-duty. It is nicely protected by a recess molded into the base, which means that isn’t likely to be damaged.

I believe the WEN BG4282 to be the best value for money 8” bench grinder. I’m not going to rate it as a fully heavy-duty machine. On the other hand, it is certainly not light-duty either. A brilliant, very affordable option for a less demanding professional shop or a home shop requiring more than the average DIY bench grinder. The 2-year warranty is very good for such an affordable product.

Grizzly Industrial G9717

Grizzly Industrial G9717 6-inch bench grinder


  • This ⅓ HP 110v single-phase industrial-duty bench grinder turns at 3450 RPM
  • Adjustable tool rests and eye shields make tool sharpening simple
  • Fast starting and cool running for all day use
  • Rocker-type ON/OFF switch
  • 36-Grit aluminum oxide wheel
  • 60-Grit aluminum oxide wheel

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Of the bench grinders reviewed here, the Grizzly G9719 and DeWalt DW756 are probably the closest rivals to the ultimately high-grade Jet grinder. Tough, this model is not quite in the same league as the Jet machine and doesn’t have the same capacity. The Grizzly G9719 is a ⅓HP 6” bench grinder like the DeWalt grinder.

Everything is quite solid. The base and motor housing are made from high-quality cast iron. The disc guards and tool rests, while not cast iron, are pretty tough, using high-grade metal. The eye guards display the same level of heavy-duty quality.

The power switch is quite robust and recessed, protecting it from harm. At ⅓HP, the motor is very powerful for a 6” benchtop grinder and, as I’ve come to expect from grizzly tools, should be a very robust unit. It has the grunt to keep the 6” X 1” wheels spinning merrily at 3,400 RPM, even when the going gets tough.

For an industrial-grade 6” bench grinder, with high specifications, the Grizzly G9719 is not expensive. This is probably one of the best value machines in its class. The 1-year guarantee may not be as good as other high-end bench grinders, but Grizzly has great reputation for good quality and customer service.

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