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The title of this review may be a little too simplified. In reality, the best contractors’ table saw is equally valuable in a home shop, even a small fabrication shop. Any way you look at it, the portable table saws being reviewed here all have much to offer. They’re amazing machines, each with their advantages, depending on what you’re looking for.

A contractor table saw has to meet some very specific requirements. The professional contractor needs a reliable machine that can work as hard as you do. It needs to be portable, yet still provide a stable platform, accommodating multiple workpieces, and larger boards. These treats can be considered equally valuable for a small shop. 

A quality jobsite table saw need not be all that expensive. In this review, you’ll find products of varying prices, depending on the brand and features. I know that different people have different requirements and have tried to meet these expectations.

Some of the factors I’ve considered when deciding what makes for the best contractor table saws are: 

  • How easy is it to set up the saw?
  • Is it easily portable?
  • Table and blade size.
  • Power
  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money

This is a brief overview of what I’ll be looking at. In the reviews of the individual products, I’ll go into more detail, unpacking the pros and cons. 

If you’re new to to portable table saws, or uncertain of what to look for, I’ll also provide a contractors table saw buying guide to help you along. 

Best Contractor Table Saw ǀ Quick Review

In order for any table saw to make it onto our list of the top options, they have to be outstanding in some way. The best of the best will need to be rugged machines that can withstand the tough conditions that a contractor requires. This saw also has to be tops in every way, like a large table with extensions for increased capacity when needed.

Many buyers are concerned about price, even the cheapest contractor saws cost more than many other power tools. To accommodate everyone’s needs, we’ve looked for affordable saws that meet our expectations as far as quality is concerned. This also entails doing a lot of research to see what existing users have to say about these products.

Somewhere in the middle, would be the best-value contractor table saws. These would be mid-priced options that make the grade as professional machines, without much limitation in performance.

As a quick reference, I’ve listed all the table saws that will be featured in this review. This will give you an indication of what to expect. For more a detailed look at these saws, a full review of each product will follow.

DeWalt DWE7491RS 10” Table Saw Good sound value for money from a brand known for excellence.

Skil 3410-02 10” Table Saw Best cheap contractor table saw. A respected brand with great features.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 10” Table Saw Advanced technology and unique gravity rise stand, make this the most practical contractor table saw.

Makita 2705X1 10” Contractor Saw First choice for extreme durability and easy setup.

SkilSaw SPT99-11 10” Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw Undisputed king of contractor table saws. The unique Skilsaw worm drive gives this saw the best torque for tough materials. All around outstanding quality, but the most expensive

Top Contractor Table Saws for 2020 ǀ The Full Review

Let’s get down to a comprehensive review of the best contractor table saws available in 2020.

DeWalt DWE7491RS 10” Table Saw


  • Rack and Pinion telescopic fence, for smooth, fast, and easy fence adjustments
  • Table extension, allowing for 32½” rip capacity
  • Powerful 15A electric motor
  • Flip over fence for narrow cuts
  • Onboard storage and cord caddy


Anyone who’s read my tool reviews will know how I feel about DeWalt. I love these guys. Like all DeWalt power tools, the DWE7941RS 10” contractor table saw is designed to make our lives easier. It is true to the DeWalt legacy for providing practical machinery, that is of a high quality standard, at a reasonable price. Let’s just say, that amongst the high-end jobsite table saws, this is one of the more affordable options.

I’ll start with the fence rails, as this is usually my favorite aspect on all DeWalt table and miter saws. The rack and pinion system, while not unique, is a hallmark of the DeWalt brand. This is precision engineered, allowing you to work with true accuracy, whilst saving a lot of time. With a turn of a dial, you can make easy fence adjustments and it always remains square. I also like that the fence flips over, making it extremely safe and easy to make narrow cuts. A push stick is also provided to make this simpler and safer. The push stick, along with your other accessories, like the blade guard, riving knife, wrenches, and miter gauge all have a neat onboard storage compartment.

The table is also quite sublime. Precision crafted in aluminum, the table measures 21⁷⁄₈” X 26³⁄₈”. In a flash, you can pull out the retractable extension, extending your rip capacity to 32½” for full size boards. Slots on either side of the blade provide a secure, square position for the miter gauge which has clear, easy to read markings.

The 10” 24-T carbide blade, supplied with the saw, is pretty good quality, though not the best you can get. DeWalt supply a good selection of additional blades for this saw and you can fit any blade, from any brand, with a ⁵⁄₈” arbor. Blade depth and bevel are easy to set, using turn wheels on the front panel. Depth of cut is pretty standard, on a par with any of the best 10” contractor table saws: 3¹⁄₈” at 90° and 2¼” at 45°. Maximum rip to the right of the blade (with the table fully extended) is 32½” and 22” to the left of the blade. The DeWalt DWE7941RS allows for a maximum dado width of ¹³⁄₁₆”.

All the health and safety features that we’ve come to rely on are there, with easy to use features. The blade guard is clear, allowing for a good view of what you’re doing. It is pretty easy to remove and refit. The saw has a 2½” dust port for a shop dust extractor or shop vac. The on/off switch is conveniently positioned and suitably large for quick emergency stops. The robust rolling stand also provides amazing stability, you don’t have to stress when working with bulky, heavy boards.

The stand is relatively easy to setup, especially when you consider how ridged it is. When transporting or storing the table, the electric cord wraps safely under the table. The machine weighs a very hefty 90-pounds. While this weight may seem somewhat back-breaking, it does give the saw a solid presence, making for a very stable work surface. Thankfully, it moves about easily on the large solid rubber wheels. These wheels also good tread, perfect for a rough and tumbled jobsite. Large, wide handles are another advantage when moving, loading, or off-loading this saw. The only complaint I have, if you can call it that, is the absence of adjustable feet. So often we find ourselves using a jobsite table saw on uneven terrain, and it would be great if we could make adjustments to prevent the saw from wobbling about.

A good all-rounder, the DeWalt DWE941RS is a high-quality contractor table saw. It has everything we’re looking for, and then some. When you look at what you’re getting for money, it adds up to great value. You also have the reassurance of brand that you can trust. DeWalt service is fantastic, as is their warranty – 3-year warranty, 90-day money back guarantee, and a 1-year free  service plan.

Skil 3410-02 10” Table Saw


  • 15A 10” Contractor Table Saw
  • Cast aluminum table, with extension allows for 32” rip capacity
  • Durable heavy-duty folding stand
  • Self-aligning rip fence


Skilsaw, a brand in the Skil power tool range, is known for some of the best circular saws in the world. As a whole, the brand is one of top names in the power equipment business. So, the fact that the Skilsaw 3410-02 is the cheapest contractor table saw in this review, is a really pleasant surprise. Although fairly basic, this saw is packed with high-end features, along with undeniable Skil quality and precision engineering.

I have to start by saying that the Skil 3410-02 is, arguably, the best portable table saw for those on a budget. I sincerely doubt you’ll get anything close to this saw, in terms of both quality and outstanding usability, for as little money. However, I’ll begin with why this may not be the best contractor table saw. It is aimed more at the DIY, hobbyist woodworker.

The main reason why I feel this more the type of table saw for a home shop, or a beginner small professional shop, is the absence of a rolling stand. The folding, heavy-duty stand is easy enough to setup and folds away into a nicely compact unit. Though, the fact that it has no wheels, can be a hinderance for contractors who regularly move the saw between jobsites. In the same breath, I should point out that the Skil 3410-02 is extremely lightweight, for a durable portable table saw, weighing only 45.2 pounds. So it’s not such a heavy machine to carry. This goes some way in compensating for the lack of wheels.

Another thing that irks me a little, is that this saw does not have dust collection port. Okay, this is a cheap contractor table saw. But really, how much does a bit of molded plastic cost? Compared to the comfort and ease of no cleaning up, when using a dust extraction system. I would rather pay the extra 10 bucks, or whatever it would cost to include a dust extraction port. In the end, I suppose, this isn’t a real deal breaker. It’s an outstanding portable jobsite saw, not just for the price, but in every way except the minor deficiencies that I’ve just mentioned.

Now for the good news. For almost half the price of a high-end contractor table saw, you really aren’t losing out on much. This is a 10” table saw, with a powerful 15A electric motor. This places the junior Skilsaw alongside any of the best contractor table saws in this review. It doesn’t utilize the legendary Skilsaw worm drive system. But hey, this is their budget model and displays a very high standard of engineering and all-around outstanding quality.

The cast aluminum table also ranks amongst the best. It measures 20” X 26” and can extend to allow for a maximum 32” rip capacity. The height adjustable blade gives you 3½” maximum depth of cut. Obviously this is with the blade in set at 90° cutting angle. It has an easy to use bevel function, up to 47°, with a maximum bevel cutting depth of 2½” at 45°. It has slots on either side of the blade for the included miter gauge. This is a great gauge and easy to use.

The self-aligning is fence is also fantastic for a saw this cheap. The fence is kept perfectly square by slots on both ends of the table. While you don’t have the sophisticated convenience of a rack and pinion system to adjust the fence, it slides easily in the slots provided. Large scale markings for the fence adjustment help make accurate settings and the fence locks with a handy thumb activated lever. Simple technology at its best.

Onboard storage for all accessories is neatly organized and the cord wraps around a molded caddy for convenient storage and transportation. The blade guard assembly is a cool modular system, that quickly clips into position and is just as easy to remove. Like all modern table saws, the blade guard is made from clear plastic to allow for better blade visibility. A riving knife is another included safety feature.

As an affordable table saw for a home shop, the Skil 3410-02 exceeds my wildest expectations. I’d go even further and say it would be a great bargain, even if it cost a fair deal more. As capable as any of the best contractor table saws, this little gem has everything except a rolling stand and dust port. Perhaps not quite as powerful as some other 15A 10” table saws, but not by much. The Skil brand is one of the most respected in the business. This means excellent aftersales service and a 3-year warranty. Make sure you register your product within 30-days to ensure that this warranty is valid.  

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 10” Table Saw


  • Unique Gravity-Rise stand with strong wheels
  • Self-aligning Fence
  • Table extension, 25” rip capacity
  • Soft Start technology
  • Wide base with adjustable feet for extra stability


I’m always the first to commend innovative technology that actually serves a real purpose. By this, I mean clever technology that really makes our lives easier. In this regard, I have to give the engineers at Bosch an A+. The Bosch 4100-10 is probably the most practical and user-friendly jobsite table saw you can get. Little wonder it’s a top favorite amongst contractors.

This table saw has the most remarkable rolling stand. The Gravity-Rise technology makes the Bosch 4100-10 the easiest jobsite saw to setup and it packs away just as easily. Without any effort, the stand unfolds, almost like magic, in a few seconds. When the job is done, it folds just as quickly into a really compact, easy to transport unit. Even though this is probably the most portable contractor table saw, it has an extremely wide base when the stand is in the working position. So the Bosch 10” jobsite table saw provides excellent stability. It also has height adjustable feet, making it great for uneven surfaces. Another great practicality is superb gripping positions on the saw and stand. If portability is number one on your list, you’ll love this saw. It is a bit heavy though. The saw and table weigh a fairly reasonable 63-pounds. Though when you add the stand, it comes in at 92-pounds.

After taking in the magnificence of the unique rolling stand, a few other technological wonders earned my admiration. The super powerful 15A electric motor (4HP) has soft starting. This makes for smooth startups and prevents circuit breakers from tripping. I also like the way they set about designing the self-aligning fence rail. It has very conventional slots, in which the fence slides, whilst remaining square. The cool bit is how the Bosch engineers designed a one-touch release and lock system for the sliding the fence. You press onto the sides of the fence to slide it and it locks when you release your grip. Easy-peasy and precise. It also has enlarged scale markings along the fence, for even quicker settings.

The table is great. Really solid cast aluminum, with slots for the miter gauge on the left and right of the blade. This table extends, but not as wide as some of the others. You get a maximum rip capacity of 25”, with table fully extended. This model has a twin with a wider extension. The Bosch 4100XC-10 table saw is basically the same as the 4100-10, with the rip capacity increased to 30” when the table is extended.

Adjusting blade height and bevel angles are as easy as with any of the best contractor table saws. Large turn handles give you precise adjustments. The blade can bevel from -2° – 47°, providing a maximum depth of 3¹⁄₈” at 90° and 2½” at 45°. Safety is tops. You get it all, a modular blade guard (with perfect visibility), riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and a push stick. It also has a 2½” dust port for a vacuum hose or dust bag. Bosch tools are highly rated for meeting OSHA dust emission compliance standards.

There are so many reasons why the Bosch 4100-10 is considered by so many contractors to be the best jobsite table saw. It’s just so wonderfully practical and that makes your job all the more pleasurable. In terms of quality… Well this a Bosch tool, and one of their best at that, engineering and materials are nothing short of superb. It has the power and features to stand proudly alongside any of the best contractor table saws. Bosch service is great, but this saw can’t compete with most of the other high-end options in terms of warranty, the Bosch 4100-10 comes with a 1-year warranty. I wouldn’t be too concerned about this, however, it is a solid machine and well-made.

Makita 2705X1 10” Contractor Saw


  • Quick setup with spring loaded, durable stand
  • Solid rubber wheels and adjustable feet
  • Table extends for 25” rip capacity
  • Extra thick, precision engineered table
  • Cam Lock Fence and bevel lock handle


As a general rule, Makita and DeWalt are my immediate first choice for power tool brands. They might not always be at the very top of the list, but you can be assured of great quality and easy to use functions. They are usually more reasonably priced when looking at the high-end power tool market. This time around, I feel the Makita contactor table saw beats the DeWalt model at the top of the review. The Makita 2705X10 is a little more expensive than its DeWalt counterpart and doesn’t have quite the same rip capacity with the table fully extended. Despite this, I find the Makita to be the superior table saw, especially when it comes to holding up to tough jobsite working conditions.

Where the Makita lacks in rip capacity, it makes up for in the ultra-tough design and materials. I believe this is probably the most durable contractor table saw in this review. Every aspect to this table saw exemplifies rugged longevity. Though this comes at a disadvantage where weight is concerned. In a bid to manufacture the toughest contractor table saw, Makita has used heavy-duty metal components throughout, bringing the total weight (with stand) to 114.7 pounds. This is something I’m more than willing to accept for such a durable power tool. In the end, extra weight in a table saw, and a heavy-duty stand, makes it more stable when dealing with larger boards.

Makita has compensated for the extra weight with clever engineering and practical thinking. The stand is nothing short of brilliant. It’s as easy to setup as the Gravity-Rise Bosch table saw. Though I think the Makita stand has a more durable design and build. The Makita also has excellent handles, in every conceivable position, along with strong, solid rubber wheels. Basically, they’ve made this, somewhat heavy table saw, as easy as possible to move about. The stand also has a great center of gravity and height adjustable feet. Another cool feature on this stand, is 5 different height settings for people of any height.

The die cast aluminum table is also one the best. It’s perfectly machined and really thick. A table that should remain perfectly flat and smooth for a lifetime. It has ³⁄₈” and ¾” slots for T-shank accessories, this gives you the versatility to use any commercially available table accessories. The T-slot miter gauge, supplied with the Makita 2705X10, is as amazing as every other component. It fits snugly into the provided slot and is perfectly aligned with the table surface. No wobble or inaccuracies.

The fence, while not rack and pinion, have a fantastic rail system, mounted to the sides of the table. This offers effortless sliding of the fence, with easy to use cam locks to secure the fence position. Magnified scale markings, along both sides of the table, make quicker, easier cutting width settings. Bevel adjustments are just as easy, with large, easy to read markings. Adjusting blade height is also one of the easiest, with two levers on the front panel. Cutting depth is 3⁹⁄₁₆” at 90° and 2½” at 45°. The blade has an electric brake for improved working efficiency.

Efficiency is also improved with a bunch of user-friendly tool-free procedures. The modular blade guard is possibly the easiest to remove and refit. They have also incorporated a great system for the riving knife. A lever activated release requires no tools to fit, remove, or adjust the knife. It has three preset positions for through and no-through dado cuts. A large, easy to find power switch makes for safe emergency stops and the saw has a truly roomy storage compartment for all your accessories.

As I mentioned through the review, the Makita 2705X10 is an exceptionally durable table saw. It is constructed using the finest, most durable materials, with an ultra-tough powder coating. The general design is fantastic for ease of use. Everything is totally precise, and adjustments are amongst the quickest and easiest to use. Then there’s the stellar reputation that this brand holds. Over many years, I’ve found Makita power tools to be the ones that generally last the longest, most of the time, even when put through seriously rough treatment. Their service is dependable, and you get a great 3-year warranty, along with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Skilsaw SPT99-11 10” Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw


  • Heavy Duty Worm Drive offers superior torque, ideal for hardwoods
  • Oversized 16” wheels for rough terrain and stairs
  • Rack and pinion fence adjustments
  • Table extension provides 30½” rip capacity
  • Extended outfeed support for large boards


The undisputed champion of contractor table saws, the  Skilsaw SPT99-11 10” heavy-duty table saw has it all. Unrivaled power, a fantastic rolling stand, and all the easy to use functions, improving productivity. This rugged table saw is designed for the contractor, for practicality in all working environments.

The most notable aspect to the Skilsaw SPT99-11 10” contractor table saw is most certainly the worm drive system. First patented by Skilsaw, the worm drive is far superior to traditional belt or direct drive power transfer from the motor to the blade. Perfectly geared to maximize torque from the 15A electric motor, this is the best portable jobsite table saw for cutting through hardwood of any thickness. Another great innovation from Skilsaw is the Dual-Field electric motor. This provides the extra cooling needed when the saw is working harder. A perfect combination to increase your productivity.

The stand is also quite remarkable. The huge 16” wheels are an immediate eye-catcher. Another aspect intended to improve the hardworking expectations of the professional. This saw glides over any terrain when transporting it and makes light work of stairs and other cumbersome obstacles. The saw folds away easily into the stand for quick and easy mobility. It is also designed for the easiest loading onto your truck. Once erected, which is really simple to do, the stand has a large footprint and adjustable feet. All adding up to a convenient and stable working platform. At 98-pounds, this is not a real heavy-weight amongst the more durable contractor table saws.

The table is as good as any of the best and has a telescopic extension, allowing for a 30½” rip capacity, with the extra advantage of additional outfeed support. It has the requisite slots on either side of the blade for a miter (supplied with the saw), or any other T-slot accessory. The rack and pinion adjustment for the fence is truly sublime, wonderfully smooth and perfectly accurate. All the regular accessories are included: smart blade guard, antikickback device, 24-tooth carbide blade, and a push stick. I particularly like the dust extraction port, with included elbow. This deposits all sawdust under the saw to the back when not used with a vacuum extractor. Of course, it can also be connected to any 2½ shop vac or dust extraction hose.

Bevel adjustments are made by means of the usual turn dial, with a lever activated blade height adjustment for fast blade height settings. At 90°, you have a maximum 30⁵⁄₈” depth of cut and 2³⁄₁₀” at 45°. Bevel angle ranges from -1° to 46°.

Skilsaw have been credited with a number of innovative designs and patents. Most notably, the worm drive which provides a heavy-duty, reliable means to extract every bit of power from the electric motor. No standard 15A 120V table saw can compare to the Skilsaw SPT99-11 when it comes to effortlessly ripping through hard material. It has outstanding performance and excellent features, deserving of the title “King of Contractor Table Saws”.

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Contractor Table Saw Buying Guide

Having read our review of the best contractor table saws, you may still be left with some doubt as to which one is truly the best model for you. Hopefully this table saw buying guide will assist you in making the perfect choice.

I’ll be discussing table saws, and how contractor table saws fit into your range of choices. I’ll also provide some valuable tips on how to go about choosing the table saw that meets your requirements.

Table Saws

Full-size cabinet table saws are the best for large boards. They have the table size, stability and power to cut through any material, big or small, with greatest of ease. The drawback being mostly their size and weight. You can’t move a cabinet table saw without a huge amount of effort. They will also require a high-power electrical outlet. This is something that may not be available on a jobsite or a garage shop

Portable table saws can come in the form of benchtop models, or table saws with a stand. In order to qualify as a contractor table saw, it should, technically, have a rolling stand. This is a stand with wheels that allow you to move the saw with the greatest of ease. However, many consider a table saw with a static stand, with no wheels, to be a contractor table saw. It’s a bit of tomato tomarto debate as to what actually qualifies as a contractor table saw.

The main thing is a portable table saw, with a working stand, and the capacity to work with large pieces, preferably full boards. While these saws are primarily aimed at contractors who need a table saw that can easily be transported to a jobsite and perform most functions, they are also popular with DIY woodworkers and smaller professional carpentry shops. They don’t need all that much space when in operation, store easily, and can usually be used with a conventional 120V household outlet, seldom drawing more than 15A.

So the contractor table saw is the most versatile of all table saws. They are also a lot less expensive than cabinet table saws.

What to look for in a Contractor Table Saw

As with any power tool, the word power is of great importance. You want a saw that won’t bog down while you’re working. If you use mostly softwood, that is not too thick, power becomes less important. Though you can never have too much power, you can have too little. Even if you don’t require a lot of horsepower, a more powerful table saw won’t have to work as hard and will, therefore, last longer. Generally, a contractor table saw will use a 120V 15A power supply, with around 4HP.

Other factors to consider are the blade, table, and how you make adjustments.

Table Saw Blades

There are three things to consider when choosing the best blade for your table saw. This is size, number of teeth, and blade material.

Contractor table saws typically use a 10” blade, this provides approximately 3½” cutting depth when the blade is perpendicular (90°) to the table. Though some may have a 12” blade, which would provide a little over 4” cutting depth at 90°. In order for a 12” blade to be most effective, a larger motor is required. This makes the saw heavier and will need a high-amp outlet. So 12” portable table saws are rare.

Saw blades can be made from carbide, carbon, or diamond. The blade itself will almost always be steel. The optional materials apply only to the blade tips, as these are what do the cutting.

Carbon tip saw blades are usually the cheapest.  These are really only suitable for softer wood. Carbide tip saw blades are the most common, they are suitable for hardwoods, as well as many other types of harder materials.

Diamond tip saw blades can cut through exceptionally hard material, like stone, porcelain,  and ceramics

The number of teeth the blade has is important to wood workers, this can be anything from 24 – 84 teeth. Fewer teeth, create a rough cut that needs some extra finishing. These blades are used for making the fastest rip cuts. More teeth require that you work slower, you can’t force a board through faster than the blade will allow. Blades with more teeth are usually used for cross cuts as they don’t cause as much tear out.

The blade also needs to have easy, accurate, and solid height adjustment. You always want to set the height of your blade so that the tip of the blade just clears the thickness of the piece you’re cutting. This helps improve cutting efficiency and provides maximum blade cooling.

When buying replacement blades for your table saw, you need to check the blade  arbor. This is the hole in the center of the saw and needs to fit the arbor of the saw you’re using.

Rip Fence

The fence is one of the factors that distinguishes the table saw from other types of electric saws. This is a flat guide that runs along the length of the table, parallel to the blade. The purpose of a rip fence is to keep the workpiece square while you run it across the table and through the blade. Once set to the correct width, you can pass multiple boards through the saw in rapid succession. This saves time and you are assured that every cut is 100% square.

There are several things to consider when assessing the rip fence. This is an important part of the saw, so it’s advisable to pay special attention to the details.

Self-aligning fences are now commonplace, and I consider this a must-have feature. This basically means that the fence is secured to both sides of the table and you don’t have to hassle about checking if the fence is actually 100% parallel to the blade.

Cam lock fences are rip fences that slide in a slot along the edges of the table, with a quick easy method of locking the fence into position, once you’ve acquired the desired cutting width. You can slide the fence into position and press the lock in one easy movement.

Rack and Pinion fences are less common and probably the easiest method to make precise fence settings. Instead of manually shifting the fence, you turn a dial and the fence moves along a rack and pinion rail. The fence is automatically locked and you have very smooth, accurate control when moving the fence.

Fence measurements are usually provided as part of the table. This allows you to set the fence without using a measuring tape every time. It is advantageous to have a magnified viewer when making fine fence adjustments.


Just about all modern contractor saws include a miter as standard equipment. This allows you to make accurate cross cuts at any angle. At the very least, slots should be included in the table to accommodate a miter or similar accessories. The miter should be solid and fit precisely into the provided slot. The miter should also lock securely once the angle has been set and have easy-view markings for greatest ease and accuracy.


Adjusting the angle of the blade allows you to make bevel cuts. Contractor table saws generally have blades that bevel to the left of the blade. This is will be at least 45°, though some allow a few degrees either side of 0° and 45°. Bevel is usually controlled by a wheel that you turn, with bevel degree markings to guide you. The wheel needs to turn smoothly and lock easily. Oversized bevel markings are a plus for easier, quicker settings.

Table Saw Stands

I feel the most important aspect to contractor table saw stand is stability. The widest base, that is the distance between the opposing sides of the stand at floor level, will provide the best stability. This is safer when dealing with large boards that could disturb the center of gravity, causing the saw tip over. Adjustable feet also help provide better stability on an uneven surface.

If you move your table saw regularly, easy setup for the stand may also be important. As is the way the saw stows onto the stand when transporting and storing.

Safety Features

A table saw can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Though, even with the best practices, basic safety essentials are a must. Any decent contractor table saw needs to have the following basic safety features:

  • Blade guard – preferable a modular system that is easy to remove and refit
  • Anti-Kickback pawls
  • Riving knife
  • Push stick for narrow cuts
  • A large, easily accessible power switch for emergency stops

While not exactly a safety feature, a conveniently positioned dust port is required for occupational health and safety. It helps keep the air healthy and prevents lengthy cleanups.