We have plenty of reviews discussing the best portable generators. Opinions will vary, so there can be no definitive top choice. We researched customer ratings on Amazon, and similar sites, in great detail to find out what the buying public considers the number one portable generator.

Analyzing customer reviews is a skill I’ve developed over many years of writing about power equipment. We cannot simply look at the number of stars. A new product may have a 5-star rating on the Amazon, Lowes, or Home Depot websites. That’s easy enough to achieve if there are only a few customer reviews. Three five-star ratings from three reviews look fantastic at first glance. Though this is not really a conclusive overview of the product. The best measure only comes into effect after 1,000 ratings or more. This gives us a better idea of how the majority of generator buyers feel about a particular model.

Taking things a step further, we cannot say which is actually the best portable generator without reading the reviews. I always look for common complaints or compliments. If the overwhelming majority of customers point to a certain defect or alternatively,  something fantastic, we can safely assume this is true.

5-star rating on amazon

This is how I set about determining which are the best rated portable generators. Firstly, the products need to have at least 1,000 customer reviews. To qualify, over 90% of the ratings have to be 4 – 5 stars. I’m not going by my personal opinions or my knowledge of the machines. Not an easy thing to do. I always have a lot to say about generators. This compilation of top-rated portable generators is based entirely on the views expressed by people who have bought the products and shared their experiences.

I don’t totally agree with all the choices. Then again, it’s easy to pick the very best generator when you’re reviewing it and not actually buying it. Often a cheaper generator will be more popular and will receive more reviews than the really expensive models. It’s probably more realistic to check what people are actually buying and how they feel about their purchase.

I can certainly agree with the number one customer’s choice for the best portable generator. I’m not at all surprised to see the Honda EU2200i emerging as the most acclaimed portable generator. I always mention it as the benchmark by which I compare all compact, quiet inverter generators. It is far from being the cheapest, but not exorbitantly expensive. I can fully understand why this is the generator buyer’s top choice.

I will not be reviewing any of the top 5 generators featured in this article. Only basic specs and a summary overview will be provided for each model. Click on the links to the complete generator reviews, if you want to read more about any of the models mentioned.

This article is merely a guide to which generators have received the best customer ratings. Reading the full review will provide a better understanding of what the generator has to offer. The popular choice may not be the perfect fit for your needs, so a comprehensive generator review will help you make a more informed choice.

In the end, all the work is done for you. This guide provides a great insight into what people want. Clicking on the link to the full review will offer all the information you could possibly need before buying any of these great generators.

Honda EU2200i     

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 96% 4 – 5 star rating on Amazon. 4.8 star average.

Honda-EU2200i Best inverter generator

Engine: Honda GXR120 – 121cc 4-stroke gas-powered.

Output: 1,800W rated power; 2,200W surge power. Inverter.

Receptacles: 125V 30A (EU2200i Companion); 125V 20A Receptacle.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.95 gallons.

Runtime: 3.2 hours (100% rated load); 8.1 hours (25% rated load)

Noise Level: 57dBA (100% rated load); 48dBA (25% rated load)

Weight: 47.4 LBS

Warranty: 3-years residential; 3-years commercial.

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The Honda GXR120 engine is probably the most durable and one of the most fuel-efficient powerplants for portable equipment. It meets all emission control standards and is one of the quietest.

Two options are available. The standard Honda EU2200i does not include a 30A AC outlet and does not have ports for a parallel connection kit. The Honda EU2200i Companion is RV ready, including a 30A outlet and the option for a parallel kit.

This generator owes its popularity to the fact that Honda is known for ultimate reliability and superb customer service. The lightweight design and incredibly low noise levels make it a top choice for camping, tailgating, and food trucks.

More Information: Comprehensive Honda EU2200i Review.

WEN 56380i            

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 93% 4 – 5 star rating on Amazon. 4.7-star average.

WEN 56380i 3800W inverter generator

Technical Specifications:

Engine: WEN 212cc 4-stroke gas-powered.

Output: 3,400W rated power; 3,800W surge power. Inverter.

Receptacles: 2 X 120V 20A; 120V NEMA TT-30 (RV outlet); 12VDC; 2 X 5V USB ports.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.2 gallons.

Runtime: 8.5 hours (50% rated load).

Noise Level: 57dBA (25% rated load).

Weight: 99.2 LBS.

Warranty: 2-years.

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At an incredibly reasonable price, the WEN 65380i offers top features and highly advanced technology. With the lowest THD spec for an inverter generator (<1.2%), it supplies the cleanest, low THD power.

Ease of use is enhanced by an electric starter (with recoil backup) and a full-function digital display. The WEN 65380i inverter generator is EPA III and CARB compliant. It has a very practical design, which includes a wheel kit and a retractable handle. This generator is RV ready (TT-30 receptacle) and has a 12VDC battery charging outlet, as well as 2 X USB ports.

The great ratings this generator has received can be ascribed to the great value it represents. WEN is a brand known for good quality and affordable prices.

For more information: Comprehensive WEN 65380i Review.

Champion 3,400W Dual Fuel Generator           

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 93% 4 – 5 star rating on Amazon. 4.7-star average.

Technical Specifications:

Engine: Champion Power Equipment 192cc 4-stroke Gas or Propane.

Output: 3,000W rated power; 3,500W surge power. Inverter.

Receptacles: 2 X 120V 20A; 120V NEMA L5-30R (locking outlet); 2 X 5V USB ports.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.6 gallons.

Runtime: 8.9 hours (50% rated load); 14.1 hours (25% rated load)

Noise Level: 57dBA (25% rated load) – estimated.

Weight: 109.1 LBS.

Warranty: 3-years.

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The Champion brand is known for affordability in the domestic and camping generator market, making this one of the most popular dual fuel generators.

The Champion 3,400W Dual Fuel is a top choice for RV owners with enough watts to supply a large RV air conditioner and an RV outlet. It is reasonably fuel-efficient and includes an electric starter.

Certainly one of the best value dual fuel portable generators.

For more information: Comprehensive Champion 3,400W Dual Fuel Generator Review.

Generac iQ3500

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 92% 4 – 5 star rating on Amazon. 4.6 star average.

Generac iQ3500 Review

Engine: Generac 212cc 4-stroke gas-powered.

Output: 3,100W rated power; 3,400W surge power. Inverter.

Receptacles: 2 X 120V 20A; 120V NEMA TT-30 (RV outlet); 12VDC.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.6 gallons.

Runtime: 7.5 hours (25% rated load) – gas. 14.5 hours (25% rated load) – propane

Noise Level: 59dBA (25% rated load).

Weight: 95.7 LBS.

Warranty: 3-years residential; 3-years commercial.


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Generac boasts that the iQ3500 is the quietest inverter generator in its class. It is also highly accomplished when comparing fuel economy and great features.

This model includes an electric starter and a comprehensive digital LCD display. It has a tough metal housing and incredibly strong carrying handles. The Generac iQ3500 can compete with top models from Honda and Yamaha, at a much cheaper price.

Good value for a durable, ultra-quiet 3,500W inverter generator. One of the most popular RV generators.

For more information: Comprehensive Generac iQ3500 Review.

WEN 56200i

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 92% 4 – 5 star rating on Amazon. 4.6-star average.

WEN 2000W inverter generator

Engine: WEN 79.7cc 4-stroke gas-powered.

Output: 1,600W rated power; 2,000W surge power. Inverter.

Receptacles: 2 X 120V 20A; 12VDC; 5V USB port.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 1-gallon.

Runtime: 9.4 hours (25% rated load).

Noise Level: 53dBA (25% rated load).

Weight: 48 LBS.

Warranty: 2-years residential.

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The WEN 56200i is one of the cheapest inverter generators. Comparing it to the budget alternatives, like the A-iPower SUA2000iV, the WEN model has the highest spec level, improved fuel efficiency, and an outstanding inverter with less than 1.2% THD.

Without too many bells and whistles, the WEN 56200i offers reliable inverter power in a compact lightweight machine. Very popular for outdoor activities, camping, and food trucks.

In general, WEN power equipment is an extremely popular choice. It is not surprising to see two WEN portable generators on the Amazon list of top-rated generators. People respect the brand, and the price is irresistible.

For more information: Comprehensive WEN 56200i Review.

Champion Power Equipment 9375/7500 Watt Generator        

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 91% 4 – 5 star rating on Amazon. 4.6-star average.

Engine: Champion 439cc 4-stroke gas-powered.

Output: 7,500W rated power; 9,375W surge power. Conventional alternator.

Receptacles: 2 X 120V 20A; L14-30R 120V/240V 30A (locking outlet); L5-30R 120V 30A (locking outlet).

Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.1-gallon.

Runtime: 8 hours (50% rated load).

Noise Level: 74dBA (25% rated load).

Weight: 195.3 LBS.

Warranty: 3-years.

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This is not an inverter generator and does not have the same low THD advantage as the others. The Champion 7,500W generator is a powerful machine, capable of supplying most household electrical needs during an outage.

It has the requisite outlets for connecting to the home electrical panel, using a transfer switch. Amongst the more affordable 9,000/7,500W generators, this is a pretty rugged machine in an open steel frame.

Champion Power Equipment is a preferred American brand for domestic, medium-duty generators. The Champion 7,500W is most sought after by homeowners seeking backup power during emergencies, like hurricanes and snowstorms.  

For more information: Comprehensive Champion 7,500W Generator Review.