Recreational vehicles, campers, trailers. Call them what you will, America is crazy about RVs. For many, a motorhome or travel trailer is about more than great vacations, it’s a lifestyle. Nothing beats the freedom of the open road and exploring new places, on and off the beaten track.

As RV owners, we are always looking for new gadgets and devices to make the experience more comfortable and convenient. Sharing ideas about places to see, tips on RV maintenance, and general information on camping and the RV lifestyle, is all part of the experience. Little wonder then, so many RV lifestyle blogs exist. Though, when it comes to blogs (of any sort), it’s more about quality not quantity. With so many claiming to be RV experts, it becomes difficult to find an RV blog that actually provides quality content relevant to our interests. This is why I’m sharing my recent experience with you.

Heading off to distant, out of the way places, is the beauty of owning an RV. Though it has its downsides. One such inconvenience is the loss of cell signal. In so many of the most beautiful camping spots, access to voice calls and internet data signal is challenging. Often it can be downright impossible. I went in search of a solution. Heading off to the trusty Google search doesn’t always reveal the best results. Often the first sites we find are not up to scratch. So many review and advice blogs aren’t actually into providing real, informative content. They’re just trying to sell stuff and are masters and getting search results. They are not actually experts on the topic they’re claiming to advise on.

After quite a few clicks, searching for the best cell boosters for my RV, I finally found what I was seeking. Good advice by people who clearly know their stuff and are genuine RV enthusiasts. Landing on the Bayside RV blogsite was just one of those fantastic finds. I was able to source the best cell booster at a price that suited me. Since I had no clue what to look for, it was great to read a review that was well-researched and informative. I felt confidant about my purchase, and still do.

I was so impressed with my initial experience that I decided to spend some time perusing the Bayside RV site. This was a worthwhile endeavor. The site is incredibly easy to navigate, with so many interesting posts. There are a bunch of categories in the top menu bar, just beckoning you to take a closer look. As you hover over each category, a drop down tab lists some of the top posts for that heading. I had to read more, simply out of curiosity and interest.

The main categories are a good starting point:

  • RV Advice: Here I found everything from the best trucks for a 5th wheel (and many other types of RV towing vehicles) to RV dishes for meals on the go, even the best gifts for RV owners.
  • Trusted Brands: Is packed with the lowdown on major RV brands with answers to common questions. One of many that caught my interest was Who Makes Coachmen RVs?
  • RV Care: A great resource, especially for RV newbies. Products and tips for maintaining your RV, with posts like the Best Antifreeze for your RV, Choosing the Best Rubber Roof Sealant for your RV, and many more.
  • RV Exterior: Covers all things outdoor for camping and RVs. Find the Best BBQ Grills for Camping, RV Extension Cords, to mention but a few.
  • RV Power: Just about the most comprehensive guide I’ve seen regarding RV electrical needs. You’ll find the usual stuff, like RV Generators, solar panels for your RV, and RV batteries. Then there’s all sorts of interesting stuff that you won’t just find anywhere, like RV Wind Turbines.
  • RV Interior: Everything you could possibly want to know about RV interior equipment, from 12V Heaters to (believe it or not) the Best RV Toilet Paper. I didn’t know this was a thing, so I had to check it out.

So far, I’ve barely scratched the surface regarding the myriad of posts and topics on this site. These are but a few that captured my imagination. I’ve added Bayside RV to my favorites, so I can head back there again and continue reading. If you’re into your RV and the great outdoors, I highly recommend doing the same. Any of the links in this article will lead you to the relevant pages on their site.

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