I’ve probably become somewhat of an expert comparing DeWalt 20V MAX tools to their highly accomplished 60V counterparts. If you search DeWalt 20V vs 60V on this site, you’re going to get a bunch of results.

This time around I’m going to be reviewing the reasonably affordable DeWalt DCE100B 20V leaf blower and the quite formidable DCBL772B 60V FlexVolt model.

The first thing that comes to mind, when comparing 20V MAX and 60V MAX DeWalt tools is the power difference. Naturally, one would expect the 60V variant to be more powerful. This is undoubtedly the case. The 20V DeWalt DCE100B may seem a little pedestrian with only 100CFM. This is okay for general yard work, but pales into insignificance when we progress to the gargantuanly powerful DCBL772B with 600 CFM.

This significant power difference between the 20V and 60V DeWalt leaf blowers is striking. With six times more leaf blowing gusto, the DCBL772B is in a completely different class. It costs twice as much as its little brother which might seem like a lot to some. When you think about it, six times more power for twice the price is actually a real bargain if you need all that extra power.

Since they’re both DeWalt cordless tools, you can select either of them with the reassurance that you’re getting a high-quality machine with the backing of one of the best brands in the business.

The only question left is which one to choose. Is it worth paying double for the mighty DeWalt DCBL772B 60V leaf blower, or will the humbler, and more affordable, DCB100B suffice?

DeWalt DCE100B 20V Leaf Blower Review

Specs & Features:
  • 100 CFM maximum airflow (135 MPH)
  • 3-speed settings
  • Variable speed trigger switch
  • Trigger lock.
  • 3 nozzle attachments
  • Weight: 2.5 LBS
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty; 1-year free service plan; 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

What the 20V DeWalt DCE100B leaf blower lacks in power, when compared to the 60V DCBL772B, it makes up for in lightweight compact maneuverability. Its ability to get into tight spaces makes it one of the best blowers for a workshop.

As a leaf blower for the garden, the nifty little DCE100B is an absolute pleasure to use. It has a wonderful handle with a variable trigger switch that locks it on to save your trigger finger from fatigue when working for a long time. It also has a 3-speed dial that you can easily toggle with your thumb.  

With 100 CFM airflow, it will move light debris and leaves at a pretty impressive 135 MPH. I’ve seen quite a few people complain that this leaf blower is underpowered. Personally, I wonder what they expect. This is a lightweight, compact leaf blower and compares favorably to similar cordless models. If you want a more powerful model, the DCBL772B will make more sense.

If all you need is a reasonably powerful compact leaf blower to clear up light debris, and snow, or to clean up around the garage or shop, the DeWalt DCE100B is an awesome little machine. In the realm of high-quality cordless leaf blowers, it’s not too expensive and the DeWalt 20V MAX platform is amazing, with hundreds of tools that all use the same battery.

DeWalt DCBL772B 60V Leaf Blower Review

Specs & Features:
  • 600 CFM maximum airflow (125 MPH)
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Variable trigger switch with lock
  • Weight: 7.04 LBS
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty; 1-year free service plan; 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

The DeWalt DCBL772B axial handheld leaf blower is all about brute power. To this end, it is as formidable as they come. With 600 CFM airflow, no other battery-powered leaf blower can compete.

Power is produced by a relentless 60V brushless motor with fancy electronics to improve efficiency, which is supposed to improve battery time. However, when you squeeze the trigger to the max, it chews through the battery at quite an alarming rate. I guess that’s inevitable when you’ve got so much power in your hand. Easing off on the power a bit does a lot to improve battery working time.

The comfortable handle has a great trigger switch, positioned for a really comfortable grip. The trigger has a lock for reduced fatigue. While every effort has been made to make this a comfortable tool to use, it is pretty heavy. The 60V FlexVolt battery is also heavier than the 20V variant, bringing this beast to a hefty 7 pounds in weight.

If handling the weight wasn’t enough, the force of the 125 MPH, 600 CFM airflow is also a lot to contend with. When you start this baby up, hold on tight. It’s like a raging stallion bolting with full ferocity. A shoulder harness will help a lot to make your life easier.

If the average cordless leaf blower has left you feeling a little underwhelmed, the 60V DeWalt DCBL772B will come as a breath of fresh air. Perhaps I should say a blast of fresh air. A mighty blast, this is the most powerful cordless handheld leaf blower on the market. All that power does affect sound levels, it’s a noisy beast. Although, when you consider that only gas-powered leaf blowers can compete with the 60V DeWalt model, things gain a different perspective. It’s a lot quieter than a gas leaf blower. It’s also lighter and easier to use.

The DeWalt 60V leaf blower costs twice as much as the smaller 20V model, which is to be expected, this is an entirely different class of machine. You should also consider the price of the 60V battery, which is quite a bit more expensive than the 20V equivalents.

In the end, you’re paying for a super-powerful, enduringly robust leaf blower. Arguably, the best of its kind.

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