The DeWalt DCG416B is an incredibly powerful 4½” 20V cordless angle grinder. Using FlexVolt Advantage technology means that it has enhanced capacity when using DeWalt FlexVolt batteries. Our DeWalt DCG416B review explains all there is to know about this high-tech cordless tool.

DeWalt FlexVolt battery technology created quite a sensation when it was launched a few years ago. Using a single battery platform for both 20V and 60V cordless tools is certainly a novel idea, something that no other cordless tool manufacturer has accomplished.

Driven to improve power for their cordless tool, the guys at DeWalt have continued to improve their technology, culminating in the FlexVolt Advantage system which is used in the DeWalt DCG416B.

What is FlexVolt Advantage?

Recently, DeWalt introduced FlexVolt Advantage, a range of 20V MAX cordless tools that optimizes power output when using FlexVolt batteries. I’m quite astonished by this remarkable accomplishment. DeWalt FlexVolt Advantage models are the most powerful 20V MAX tools available. I reckon, even Milwaukee will have to take a step back and concede that DeWalt has possibly surpassed them when it comes to outstanding cordless performance.

DeWalt engineers have used some really clever tricks to derive every watt possible from the battery. Smart electronics detect which battery is being used and adjust the tool setup accordingly. The motor has been upgraded to deliver more power, even when using a standard 20V MAX battery. However, the real magic happens when you insert a 20V/60V FlexVolt battery into the machine. Improved software and electronic systems increase the battery power to the motor, radically increasing the wattage.

In the case of the DeWalt DCG415B, Unit Watts Out (UWO) is around 54% more than the conventional DeWalt DCB205 20V Max angle grinder. While the DeWalt FlexVolt advantage angle grinder costs more than standard 20V MAX XR (or Power Detect) equivalents, it is not as expensive as the DCG418B 60V angle grinder. Okay, the DeWalt DCG418B is the most powerful cordless angle grinder there is, but the DCG415B isn’t far behind.

DeWalt DCG416B Review

DeWalt DCG416B Price


  • Up to 54% more power** when paired with FLEXVOLT® batteries
  • Kickback Brake engages with maximum force to quickly stop the wheel and shut off the grinder when a bind-up occurs.
  • E-CLUTCH© shuts down the motor in under a tenth of a second when a pinch/stall is detected
  • Compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX* and FLEXVOLT® Batteries
  • E-Switch Protection™ requires the trigger switch to be cycled (turned off and on) in the event of a power outage or other unexpected shutdowns to restart
  • Tool Connect™ Chip Ready: Chip pocket accepts Tool Connect™ Chip DCE042 and connects with Tool Connect™ Site Manager app for easy asset management on the jobsite. (DCE042 sold separately)

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Place the DeWalt DCB416B and DCB413 side by side and you won’t easily be able to tell the difference between the two. The FlexVolt advantage logo is a hint that the DCB416B has some sort of advantage. Though, anyone unfamiliar with this technology won’t have much of an idea what this means.

The second notable difference between the DeWalt DCB416B and its regular 20V XR predecessor is the larger disc guard, up from 4½” to 5”. This is a sign that the more powerful DCB416B is capable of cuts using a 5” disc. Although marketed as a 4½” cordless angle grinder, the DeWalt DCB416B is actually a 5” machine, thanks to the extra power provided by FlexVolt Advantage.

The final visible upgrade to be seen on the DeWalt DCB416B is the Tool Connect slot just above the battery. DeWalt Tool Connect is an app that allows you to track the tools, amongst other things. This is a feature that many large contactors find useful.

Apart from the mentioned upgrades, there was not much that could be improved upon. Like the Previous model, the DeWalt DCB416B is a quality tool with a great handle. It has a soft grip that is also non-slip. The large paddle switch has always been something I’ve loved about this angle grinder. I’m happy to see that has not changed.

The DeWalt DCB416B retains the high-end safety features of the DCB413 – E-clutch and E-brake. It weighs only 3.92 LBS. For a mighty powerful cordless angle grinder, the DeWalt DCB416B is a wonderfully easy and safe tool to use.

When you pair this machine with any FlexVolt battery, you notice what really sets this model apart from the previous XR 20V MAX angle grinder. Squeeze the paddle and the relentless beast soars to 9,000 RPM with an incredible 1,550W UWO maximum power output. Larger, heavier corded grinders simply can’t compete.

DeWalt XR tools have been credited for excellent power delivery. The motor does not bog down easily when pushed to the limits. Well, FlexVolt Advantage performs even better. This is where smart electronic control systems really shine. Power is constantly monitored and controlled to provide the best torque and power for the situation at hand. A real pleasure to use.

I’ve been closely following the DeWalt DCB416B progress. Customer reviews seem to suggest that people everywhere agree with me. This is a truly magnificent angle grinder. I’m sure we’d all like to see it a little cheaper. But hey, you get what you pay for.

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