I’m surprised it’s taken so long for DeWalt to release a 60V cordless lawn mower. The 60V FlexVolt platform is the ideal battery for a super-powerful cordless electric lawn mower. In general, FlexVolt tools have been slow in the making.

It’s taken quite a few years to make its appearance, but I’m delighted to be reviewing this formidable machine. The DeWalt DCMWP600X2 is one of the few truly industrial-grade battery-powered lawnmowers. It’s a machine capable of meeting the requirements of landscapers and homeowners with a large yard.

There are many great cordless lawn mowers on the market, but most aren’t the best for working long hours and they don’t all have the power to rival gas-powered mowers. I’m sure there are plenty of folks who have been waiting in eager anticipation for a cordless lawn mower with the power and runtime that doesn’t present any compromise for professionals.

With a dual 60V battery setup the new DeWalt mower delivers all the power you want with up to 80 minutes of runtime. It’s also a rugged machine with exceptional technology. All-in-all this is one of the best cordless lawn mowers around.

Being one of the best, the DeWalt DCMWP600X2 is also one of the more expensive options and the FlexVolt batteries aren’t cheap either. Is it worth it? This review will help you decide.

The great thing about FlexVolt batteries is that they can be used in 60V tools as well as 20V tools. A clever internal switching mechanism automatically configures the battery cells to deliver either 20V or 60V, depending on the tool that the battery is inserted into. At 20V, the batteries deliver three times more AH, offering exceptional working times.

DeWalt DCMWP600X2 Review

Specs & Features:
  • High-efficiency 60V brushless motor.
  • Dual battery ports increase runtime.
  • Dual blades for improved performance and efficiency.
  • 6 height settings.
  • Advanced LED dashboard.
  • Autosense motor maximizes power whilst reducing battery discharge.
  • Steel cutting deck.
  • One-touch button to fold mower for compact storage.
  • Large bag with mulch, bagging, and side discharge options.
  • Weight: 78 LBS.
  • 3-year warranty, 1-year free service plan, 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

The DeWalt DCMWP600X2 60V lawnmower has clearly been designed with the professional landscaper in mind. It has a rugged steel deck, and the dual battery setup increases runtime. A tough cordless lawn mower with increased working time is what every pro is looking for. These advantages will also prove to be incredibly valuable for homeowners wanting to mow a larger-than-average lawn.

Being a DeWalt machine, we expect a high quality standard and exceptional level of tech. They haven’t disappointed in this regard.

I really like the dual-blade design. It increases the cutting capacity and improves efficiency. The 60V brushless motor with autosense technology already makes this one of the most power-efficient cordless electric mowers around. The blade design just adds another layer of efficiency and prowess. Using 2 X 3.0 AH battery, at the maximum height setting, you should be able to get around 80 minutes runtime.

The DeWalt 60V lawn mower has 6 height settings, making it great for getting just the cut you’re after. It folds into a very compact storage format with the touch of a button.

The LED dashboard is cutting-edge technology with a battery level indicator, cutting system difficulty, and blade end-of-life indicators. It is surrounded by a padded handle and easy to use power trigger.

The DeWalt DCMWP600X2 is an advanced lawn mower from a highly reputed brand. If you don’t already own 60V FlexVolt batteries, this won’t be a problem as the kit includes 2 X 9AH (3AH @ 60V) batteries and a charger. It’s a great way to get started. It’s pretty expensive but I believe it’s worth it.