A reciprocating saw is a wonderfully versatile power tool. You can easily cut wood, plastic, or metal, with the ability create curves. One could call it a super-sized jigsaw. This review compares two of the best cordless reciprocating saws: DeWalt 20V MAX vs Milwaukee M18 Fuel.

Just about every building contractor uses one. At home, these tools perform a variety of useful functions. Yes, we’re talking about reciprocating saws. Not just any saw, but two of the best brands in the business. That’s right, this is the big showdown, DeWalt vs Milwaukee. If this were the power tool equivalent of the NFL, we could say it’s like the Ravens vs 49ers.  Though I’m not going to engage in an argument over which is best. Not the football teams or the power tool brands. Opinions will always differ.

There are many experts who will maintain, until their last breath, that DeWalt XR tools are the best cordless tools. Then again, Milwaukee fans are just as plentiful. These guys will be just adamant that M18 Fuel cordless tools are the number one choice. When comparing cordless reciprocating saws, the DeWalt DCS367B is the most popular. Does this mean it is better than the hardy and powerful Milwaukee SAWZALL 2720-20? Or is it simply that the DeWalt saw is cheaper? Hopefully, this comparative review will help you decide.

DeWalt DCS367B Reciprocating Saw Review

DeWalt 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw


  • Only 5 lbs. in weight (tool only)
  • 1-1/8″ stroke length
  • Bright LED light to illuminate dark work areas
  • Compact 14.5″ length fits in between studs & in other tight spots
  • Keyless 4-Position Blade Clamp

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There are several reasons why I really like the DeWalt DCS367B. It would be my first choice when buying a cordless reciprocating saw. For starters, DeWalt 20V MAX is my preferred battery platform. I can’t honestly say that DeWalt 20V MAX batteries are better than Milwaukee M18 Fuel. I know many rate Milwaukee cordless tools (and batteries) as the very best you can get. I guess, having stuck with DeWalt cordless tools for so long, it’s mostly about convenience. I have the batteries (many of them), and the amazing DCB104 (Four-port) rapid charger. Naturally, it makes more sense to buy a cordless reciprocating saw that fits in with your existing battery platform. Another thing I like about DeWalt batteries, is the backward compatibility of the FlexVolt 20V/60V MAX battery.

Apart from my attraction to DeWalt 20V MAX XR tools, I can say that the DCS367B has some great advantages. The extremely compact design is what most appeals to me. As is so often the case, the DeWalt engineers have gone the extra mile in creating a tool that is great to use. The DeWalt reciprocating saw is only 14.5” in length, a full 4” less than the Milwaukee 2720-20. This means you can fit the DeWalt DCS367B into places where no other reciprocating saw will go, like those narrow gaps in stud walls.

The DeWalt DCS367B also has a great weight advantage. At only 5-pounds, with an amazing center of gravity, it is so easy to use. The handle is big enough for any gripping position, with enough padding to absorb those pesky vibrations, which can become extreme when cutting certain materials. Kudos to the guys at DeWalt in terms of user-friendly design. Though, I should point out that this saw does vibrate more than most reciprocating saws that I’ve used. The cool handle design helps, but that vibration is omnipresent, and some have found this to be less than desirable.

Moving onto more plus points for the DeWalt DCS367B. The keyless blade clamp speeds things up immensely and the blade has 4 positions for fantastically versatile cutting. The pivoting shoe adds even more versatility.

A 1¹⁄₈” stroke is what we’d expect from a saw like this and the speed is fairly average, reaching a maximum of 2,900RPM. Like all DeWalt tools that I’ve used, the variable speed trigger is astutely sensitive and well-positioned. Having a bright LED light is another great advantage.

The DeWalt DCS367B has earned the respect of many, contractors and DIYers alike. For reasons stated above, it is also my number one choice. The high-end DeWalt products bare the emblem “Made in the USA with global materials”, the DCS367B is one such product. This doesn’t mean it is entirely US made. There may be some components that are sourced elsewhere. It does, however, indicate a greater devotion to a higher-quality end product as not all DeWalt tools are manufactured at one of their 7 US plants. I, for one, have come to greatly appreciate the extensive DeWalt dealership network. I’ve come to expect friendly and efficient service from the brand, and their 3-year warranty, along with 90-day guarantee, with 1-year free service plan thrown in, is also great. Though no one can beat the incredible 5-year Milwaukee warranty.

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Milwaukee 2720-20 Reciprocating Saw Review

Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 Fuel Cordless Recpirocating Saw


  • POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor: Supplies constant power for faster cuts and reduced heat for extended life
  • REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence: Provides optimized performance and overload protection using total system communication between tool, battery, and charger
  • On-board LED illuminates the cutting space
  • Patented gear protecting clutch

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An objective comparison between the DeWalt DCS367B and Milwaukee 2720-20 is an impossible feat. We all have our preferences and brand loyalty cannot be ignored. My personal opinions on the matter have been made clear, I’m a DeWalt guy and that makes the DCS367B my first choice.

If I’m to be blatantly honest, I cannot say that DeWalt XR technology is any better than Milwaukee POWERSTATE, and REDLINK electronic power management, brushless motor, and excellent battery protection. In my experience, Milwaukee cordless tools tend to be more powerful than any other. However, in this case, I can’t make a conclusive comparison. There are no verified power specifications available for either the Milwaukee 2720-20 or DeWalt DCS367B. A cursory observation, when using these reciprocating saws, doesn’t reveal any noticeable difference. They both cut through all materials with the greatest of ease and incredibly fast. Few corded reciprocating saws can compete. I doubt any corded models, from other brands, come close.

Although the Milwaukee saw is heavier and bulkier than the DeWalt DCS367B, it is delightfully easy tool to use. The Milwaukee saw also produces a fair deal of vibration, that’s unavoidable for a tool like this. Though it does seem to be a little more comfortable than the DeWalt saw in this regard. Generous rubberized padding around the body of the saw, and a wonderfully ergonomic handle, helps prevent user fatigue, with remarkable effectiveness.

The Milwaukee saw also has a pivoting shoe, which is of particular value when cutting through pipes, or any object that isn’t entirely flat. The bright LED work light is as good as the DeWalt saw. The inclusion of a removable metal hanging hook is a great advantage, especially if you spend a lot of time working on a ladder, or similar environments. The Quick-Lok universal blade clamp is just as convenient as the DeWalt system. The blade adjustment uses the same Quick-Lok, single action lever.

The variable speed trigger is a breeze to use and the speed control is fantastic, ranging from 0 – 3,000 SPM. Blade stroke is, as one would expect, 1¹⁄₈”.

Milwaukee tools are known for their virtually indestructible durability. Hence the best warranty, 5-years. The 2720-20 cordless reciprocating saw is as tough and reliable as any Milwaukee tool I’ve used. It has the features, versatility, and ease of use, to rival the DeWalt DCS367B any day of the week. The M18 battery system is also one of the best. I cannot objectively provide a verdict on the Milwaukee 2720-20 vs DeWalt DCS367B quandary. These are both extraordinary reciprocating saws, with incredible power. Both brands rank amongst the best in the world, with a reputation for top of the line customer service. The only thing that may affect your decision could be the price. DeWalt tools are generally cheaper than Milwaukee equivalents and this may explain their overwhelming popularity.

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