The DeWalt DWS535B 7¼-inch worm drive circular saw has obviously been designed with the professional framer in mind. It is enduringly tough and blissfully easy to use. Being a sidewinder, it has the extra torque you need to glide through hardwood without bogging down.

This remarkable framing saw embodies everything I’ve always admired about DeWalt engineering. Attention to detail and extreme durability. Reviewing the DeWalt DWS535B has been an absolute pleasure. It’s great to write about a product that I genuinely regard as truly remarkable.

DeWalt DWS535B Review


  • Magnesium and Aluminum for lightweight durability.
  • Worm drive offers increased torque.
  • Toughcord protects the power cord.
  • Extra wide saw hook.
  • Electric brake.
  • Powerful 15A motor.
  • 53° Bevel angle with positive stops at 22.5° and 45°.
  • Compatible with DWS5100 dual port rip guide.

Cordless power tools have kind of taken over the market. It sure is great to work without the hassle of a cumbersome cord. However, battery-powered tools are expensive. When you’re buying a heavy-duty, professional-grade 7¼” circular saw, the extra cost of a cordless tool and batteries can be prohibitive for some.

The DeWalt DWS535B is a 120V corded 7¼” circular saw, making it much more affordable and more powerful than most cordless saws.

In every aspect of its being, this is a saw for the professional. The highest quality and expert design make the DeWalt 7¼ worm drive saw a remarkable machine.

 Worm Drive

The debate about worm drive vs direct drive circular saws will never be completely resolved. Personally, I feel worm drive is the superior of the two. A sidewinder saw can last up to four times longer. For right-handed users, the sightline is better, and a worm drive gearbox increases torque.

On the other hand, worm drive saws tend to be heavier, and the increased torque can take its toll on the bearings. To overcome these issues, the DeWalt DWS535B worm drive gearbox is made from super-tough, yet extremely light magnesium inside an aluminum housing. High-quality bearings ensure that the saw will keep cutting with complete accuracy for a very long time. A fantastic heat sync makes it possible to use the saw for hours without it overheating.


Although not recommended, we all do it from time to time – lower the saw from a ladder using the power cord. Every time we do this, the cord takes a knock as it jerks. Over time, this will cause the power cord to malfunction.

The DeWalt 7¼” worm drive circular saw has double reinforcement and impact absorption for the power cord, greatly improving long-term durability. This seemingly insignificant design feature is one of many reasons why I absolutely love DeWalt tools.

The engineers at DeWalt obviously do a lot of research to determine what is important to the people who use their tools. A hardworking tradesman expects a machine that can handle the daily grind. We really shouldn’t have to be worrying about how a saw will hold up to the knocks and bumps of tough working conditions. Like so many high-end DeWalt tools, designed for busy professionals, the DWS535B is built to meet these requirements.

Magnesium Shoe and Blade Guard

Every effort has been made to ensure that the DeWalt DWS535B is a lightweight 7¼” circular saw, without compromising on durability. To this end, the magnesium foot is wonderful. It is solid as they come and super light.

The same can be said for the blade guard. Instead of cheap plastic, this too is made from magnesium. Adjusting the blade guard is accomplished using a sturdy lever with markings up to 2½”, which is superbly convenient.

Bevel Adjustment

Accurately adjusting the bevel angle is made easy using a single-action lever with positive stops at 22.5° and 45°. It has a maximum 53° bevel angle.

Oversized Saw Hook

Another, really simple but ingenious feature that certainly deserves a mention is the wonderful saw hook. It can safely hang the saw on material up to 2¾”.

Once again, I’m awestruck by the immaculate attention to the finest detail. The saw hook is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. This allows for a good fit on a variety of lumber sizes, ladders, and basically anything that provides a position to store the saw on the job.

Using the DeWalt DWS535B 7¼” Circular Saw

The first thing anyone will notice when picking up the DeWalt DWS535B sidewinder is how incredibly lightweight it is. I reckon it’s probably the lightest in its class, a trait that is usually reserved for Milwaukee tools. The weight is also superbly balanced. This does wonders to resolve the torque twist that plagues so many worm drive circular saws.

The handles provide a good grip on the machine, offering excellent control. Making adjustments to the bevel angle and blade guard are a breeze. You won’t be wasting time turning screws. The levers lock quickly and securely for ultimate accuracy. It also has a blade brake which is great.

The shoe is designed to work with the DWS5100 dual port rip guide.

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Is the DeWalt DWS535B the Best 7¼ Worm Drive Circular Saw?

In the world of circular saws there are quite a few brands that stand out as being remarkable. At the top of the list, Festool is probably the king of circular saws. However, their products are incredibly expensive. Since Festool does not offer a 7¼” worm drive circular saw, they are out of the running in this race.

This leaves the other top contenders – Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, and Skilsaw. Each of the brands I’ve mentioned has some exceptional models that stand head and shoulders above the others. In this instance, I think DeWalt has to take the top spot for the best 7¼” worm drive circular saw.

It has a long list of uniquely wonderful features. In my opinion, the exquisitely balanced lightweight design gives the DeWalt DWS535B a distinct advantage over the competition.

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