The DeWalt TSTAK organized storage system is a real game-changer, especially for contractors who transport a lot of tools and small components like screws, nails, nuts, and bolts. TSTAK is an innovative and amazingly practical way to keep all your tools organized and move them about easily.

I remember, many, many years ago as a young technician traveling to several sites every day, the challenges of keeping my tools and a multitude of electrical components organized. I’d have several toolboxes of different shapes and sizes for different categories of tools – power tools in one, specialized electrical tools in another, Hand tools in another, and so forth. I’m sure you get the picture.

I also need to transport and access my components, like electrical connectors, transistors, fasteners, switches, breakers, and a bunch of other essential components. All of these had to be organized and categorized so that I could find what I was looking for quickly. With hundreds of different products, it was essential that I had a good system to keep the whole lot organized. As a result, I had an inordinate amount of tools and storage boxes stacked in the back of my van.

As if all this was not enough, the situation was exasperated by the need to select the correct boxes when  I arrived at a site and then get them to where I needed to be. This would often entail negotiating stairs and other obstacles. Since the boxes were all of various sizes, stacking them to carry or wheel several boxes together, was not too practical. They fall and shift about, making life extremely complicated. Invariably, I would end up making several trips, back and forth, to the van just to get all my equipment to the site.

Fortunately, tool manufacturers have taken heed of our dilemma. Too late for me, as I no longer have to travel to site as part of my daily working life. Though, I’m sure contractors everywhere are delighted to have organizer systems, like DeWalt TSTAK to assist in organizing and transporting their stuff. I only wonder what took them so long to come up with a solution that seems so obvious.

DeWalt is not alone in the quest o provide innovative storage solutions. Milwaukee PACKOUT modular storage systems are also fantastic. Even within the DeWalt range of tool storage and organizer systems, there are several options, dominated by the DeWalt TSTAK and Tough Systems.

DeWalt TSTAK vs Tough System

The fundamental difference between DeWalt TSTAK and Tough modular storage systems is that the Tough system, as the name suggests, is a heavy-duty storage system whereas TSTAK is more affordable with a focus on lightweight portability.

To complicate matters even further both DeWalt TSTAK and Tough systems have been upgraded to a 2.0 version. The older products and the new 2.0 products are all available simultaneously, making it difficult to distinguish between the various options.

To simplify matters, I’ve compiled a table that clearly illustrates the differences between DeWalt TSTAK vs Tough systems and their 2.0 variants.

DeWalt TSTAK DeWalt TSTAK 2.0 DeWalt TOUGH DeWalt TOUGH 2.0
  • Capacity: 66 LBS (30 KG)
  • Plastic modular stacking latches
  • 5 mm polypropylene body
  • Lockable
  • Metal latches
  • Metal hinges
  • Capacity: 66 LBS (30 KG)
  • Metal modular stacking latches
  • 5 mm polypropylene body
  • Lockable
  • Heavy-duty metal latches
  • Metal hinges
  • IP54 water and dust seal
  • DeWalt Toolbox app, ready to track your tools.
  • Backward compatible with original TSTAK modular units.
  • Capacity: 110.2 LBS (60 KG)
  • Reinforced 4mm outer casing
  • Stackable
  • Lockable
  • Metal latches
  • IP65
  • Capacity: 110.2 LBS (60 KG)
  • Reinforced 3.5mm body.
  • Heavy-duty 2-piece front latches
  • Stackable
  • Lockable
  • Accommodates half-width modules.
  • 20% increase in storage capacity
  • IP65
  • DeWalt
  • Toolbox app, ready to track your tools.
  • Backward compatible with original Tough system modules

DeWalt TSTAK Review

While the DeWalt TSTAK modular system is not quite as durable as the heavy-duty Tough system, this is a DeWalt product, so you’re assured of high-quality plastics, with metal components in areas where it really counts.

All the modules are designed to stack neatly on top of each other and lock together using tough plastic stacking latches. The tool and storage boxes have metal hinges and latches, with heavy-duty metal latches on the 2.0 version.

There are currently 5 products in the DeWalt TSTAK range and I’m sure we will see more additions in the future.

DeWalt TSTAK VI Deep Kit Box (DWST1-71195)

Specs and Features:

  • Built-In wide handle for easy and stable portability
  • Removable storage tray for easy access to commonly used tools and accessories
  • Durable metal latches
  • Dimensions: W – 13”; H – 13”; L – 17.3”

DeWalt TSTAK Radio (DWST1-81079)

Specs and Features:

  • 6 (4 + 2) speakers, producing 45W output
  • Onboard Battery Charging
  • DAB radio
  • Compatible with XR and FlexVolt batteries
  • Dimensions: W – 18.5”, H – 13.8”

DeWalt TSTAK Double Shallow Drawers (DWST1-70706)

Specs and Features:

  • Successfully tested against all the relevant standards to ensure smooth and safe operation.
  • Bi-Material carry-handle for comfort
  • For small part storage, including options for good content management.
  • Mix-and-match with different options
  • Removable dividers
  • Dimensions: W – 7”; H – 12.2”; L – 17.3”

DeWalt TSTAK IP54 Organizer (DWST82968-1)

Specs and Features:

  • Accommodates DeWalt 20V MAX batteries.
  • 8L volume capacity for small parts and accessories
  • IP54-rated water and dust seal.
  • Ultra-durable transparent plastic lid
  • Rust-protected metal latches
  • Dimensions: W – 17.3”; H – 4.7”; D – 13.1”; L – 13.1”

DeWalt TSTAK Mobile Storage Unit (DWST1-75799)

Specs and Features:

  • Top handle for carrying.
  • Metal-plastic telescopic handle
  • IP65 water and dust seal
  • Push button for handle opening and closing.
  • Durable 7” wheels
  • Dimensions: W – 17.1”; H – 39.4”; D – 17.1”; L – 20.2”
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