The DuroMax XP9000iH is one of very few high-wattage quiet inverter generators on the market. It is even more exceptional, being a dual fuel, or hybrid model. With an output of 9,000 peak watts and 7,600 running watts, it has the capacity to provide whole house backup with clean low-THD electricity which is safe for sensitive electronic equipment.

All 9,000W-plus inverter generators are expensive. Adding the dual fuel capability adds a few more dollars to the price tag. Although DuroMax is a mid-priced generator brand, this model is quite expensive. It could cost as much as $2,500, depending on where you buy it. While this is a pretty exorbitant price tag, it is not the most expensive 9,000W inverter generator. This is especially true when you consider the high spec level and general quality of the product.

Is DuroMax a Good Generator Brand?

When DuroMax generators first hit the scene in 2003, I was skeptical. My first impression was that this was another cheap Chinese product with inferior technology and not the best quality. Over the years that followed, my impressions changed. While I don’t consider DuroMax to be a high-end generator brand, like Honda or Yamaha, it is not cheap junk like so many products to come from Asia in recent times.

DuroMax is a US company based in Ontario, California. The generators are designed in the US and manufactured under license in China. This means that you have some advantages over generators that are manufactured by solely Chinese-owned companies. DuroMax adheres to US manufacturing and emission standards and has a fairly strict quality control policy. Like the cheaper Generac models and Champion Power Equipment, DuroMax generators are essentially American products that are manufactured overseas to reduce costs.

Over the last 20 years, DuroMax have refined their generators. Technology has been upgraded. They have done a fine job of improving reliability and fuel efficiency. As one of the more affordable portable generator brands, DuroMax has proven itself to be a formidable force in this highly competitive market.

How Does the DuroMax XP9000iH Compare to its Competitors?

If I’m to be entirely honest, my first choice for a high-watt quiet inverter generator would be the incredible Honda EU7000iS. Though I wouldn’t consider this generator to be a true competitor to the DuroMax XP9000iH.

Firstly, the Honda generator costs about twice as much as the 9,000W DuroMax inverter generator. It is also not as powerful. The Honda EU7000iS rated at 7,000W/5500W, whereas the DuroMax XP9000iH has a much higher 9,000W/7,600W rated output. The Honda generator is also not a dual fuel model.

In the same price range as the DuroMax 9,000-watt inverter generator, there are only two other options:

  • Predator 9500: Although this generator has a higher peak wattage (9,500W), continuous power is the same as the DuroMax XP9000iH at 7,600W. This is not a hybrid generator. Predator generators are essentially cheap Honda Knockoffs and are not the best quality. They are prone to overheating and carburetor problems.
  • Genmax GM9000iED: Genmax is manufactured by Chonqing Dinking Power Machinery, China. The brand has a reasonably good reputation for quality, but not the best. Whereas the DuroMax XP9000iH has a 3-year warranty, this model only has a 1-year warranty, an indication that DuroMax quality and customer service is superior. Like the DuroMax XP9000iH, the Genmax GM9000iED is also a hybrid inverter generator.
  • Champion Power Equipment 100520: A little less powerful than the DuroMax XP9000iH, this is also a dual fuel inverter generator. The Champion brand is similar to DuroMax, being reasonably affordable and reliable. This is an open frame generator and is not as quiet as the DuroMax 9,000W inverter generator.

If you’re looking for a 9,000W inverter generator costing less than $2,500, your choices are severely limited. Of these, I believe that the DuroMax XP9000iH is the best option. It has the best fuel consumption, and the brand has established a good reputation for reliability.

Only the (much more expensive) Honda EU7000iS can beat this model when comparing quality, customer service, reliability, fuel economy, and low noise levels. Though, if you’re not prepared to pay almost $6,000 for a high-power inverter generator, the DuroMax model is the most logical buy.

DuroMax XP9000iH Detailed Review


  • 9,000W starting power and 7,600 running watts (gas); 8,550W starting power and 7,200 running watts (propane).
  • Running amps (120V/240V): 63.3A/31.7A using gas; 60A/30A using propane.
  • Peak amps (120V/240V): 75A/37.5A using gas; 71.3A/35.6A using propane.
  • Durable 459cc, OHV 4-stroke engine.
  • Runtime: 11 hours at 50% load (gas) or 4.5 hours (40 LBS propane tank); 20 hours at 25% load (gas) or 9 hours (40 LBS propane tank).
  • Gas tank capacity: 6.9 gallons.
  • Electric starter with remote control and recoil backup.
  • Voltage: 120V/240V AC and 5VDC USB port.
  • Parallel connectivity – parallel kit sold separately.
  • Digital inverter.
  • CO sensor shutdown.
  • EPA and CARB certified.
  • GFCI outlets.
  • Receptacles: 4 x 5-20R (120V 20A); 1 X L14-30R (120V/240V 30A); 1 X USB A; 1 X USB C.
  • Weight: 253 LBS (237 LBS dry weight).
  • Built-in 4.5” wheels and fold-down handle.
  • Noise level: 68dB.
  • 3-Year Warranty.


The DuroMax XP9000iH provides 7,600 watts of continuous power. This is enough to supply just about all your home electricity needs, including pumps, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators. For an extra boost of power, when your electrical equipment starts up, it has a 9,000W starting capacity. This is essential when you use inductive equipment, like refrigerators, air conditioners, pumps, and microwave ovens. A large refrigerator can use as much as 2,000 watts to start, even though it only requires around 200W when running.

Digital Inverter

A digital inverter monitors power demand and supplies low-THD pure sinewave electricity constantly, ensuring that sensitive electronic equipment is not damaged by changes in voltage and frequency.

As appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners cycle on and off, the demand for power changes dramatically. This affects conventional generators as it takes a while for the engine to increase the power output. As a result, the voltage and frequency are in a constant state of flux, causing high total harmonic distortion (THD) – up to 25%. Basically, this is an uneven sine wave with sharp peaks and dips as the load demand changes abruptly.

A digital inverter uses electronic management to keep the voltage and frequency stable. Capacitors instantly supply extra power when needed to compensate for the lag in engine response time. A good digital inverter keeps the THD below 3%.

Another great advantage of the DuroMax XP9000iH is the ability to connect two generators in parallel. This means that you can double the power output using an optional parallel kit.

While power is supplied via a digital inverter, it still uses a conventional alternator to generate electricity. To this end, the DuroMax XP9000iH has a good quality, robust alternator with 100% copper windings.

DuroMax XP9000iH Engine

I’m quite impressed with the advances made by DuroMax when it comes to engine technology. The 459cc powerplant used for this model is much more refined and fuel-efficient when compared to their earlier models. It also appears to be a pretty tough machine and more reliable, with a cast iron sleeve for extra durability.

This is one of the most economical engines used for a generator of this size. At 50% capacity (3,800W constant load), you get an impressive 11-hour runtime from the 6.9-gallon gas tank. That’s only 0.63 gallons per hour or 6 kilowatt-hours per gallon (KPG). I consider anything above 5 KPG to be very economical for a portable generator.

Being a hybrid generator, it can run on propane or gas. This can be an enormous advantage during a storm or hurricane, when gas may not be available. The DuroMax XP9000iH has Switch on Demand technology. Unlike most hybrid generators, which require you to shut the engine down before switching from gas to propane (or vice-versa), the DuroMax XP9000iH allows you to change fuel while the engine is running.

The DuroMax XP9000iH is about as environmentally friendly as a gas generator can be, meeting both EPA and CARB emission standards.  It also has a spark arrestor, making it safe for use in forests.

CO Monitoring

Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions are a dangerous hazard when using an internal combustion engine. Carbon monoxide poisoning affects more people than many of us realize, and portable generators are often the culprit.

Most of us are aware that we should not use a gas generator indoors. Despite this, there are many casualties every year resulting from CO emissions emitted by portable generators. People often use a portable generator in their garage with the door open, expecting this to be safe. Unbeknown to the user, CO can waft into the home from a garage. Running a generator too close to an open window can also result in high levels of carbon monoxide.

The danger of CO poisoning has not gone unrecognized by generator manufacturers. DuroMax is one of them. Like many DuroMax generators, the DuroMax XP9000iH is equipped with a CO sensor which will shut the generator down if the CO levels become dangerously high. It could save your life.

Quiet Running

A generator with an engine this size is never going to be all that quiet. Despite its large engine, the DuroMax XP9000iH is not as bad as many others. Sound-insulating panels, and a good muffler, reduce the noise levels considerably.

At 68dBA, this is one of the quieter generators in its class. Admittedly, the DuroMax XP9000iH is not as quiet as the Honda EU7000iS, which is the benchmark for quiet inverter generators with a high output capacity. Considering that the DuroMax XP9000iH is a lot more powerful than its Honda competitor, this isn’t at all bad.

DuroMax XP9000iH Control Panel

The DuroMax XP9000iH control panel has pretty much everything one would want. I would have preferred it to have a 50A 120V/240V outlet for a whole house transfer switch. It only has a 30A outlet for this purpose which is a little less than the peak power output that the generator is capable of supplying.

A 12VDC battery charging port would also have been nice, especially if you plan on using this as a camping or RV generator. When it comes to RV use, many would prefer to have a TT-30 RV outlet. Though adapters for the L-30R outlet are easy to find so RV owners aren’t really inconvenienced by this.

Looking past these minor quibbles, the control panel has all the mod cons, including USB A and USB ports for charging phones, tablets, drones, and other devices. The four 20A 120V outlets have push to reset circuit breakers and GFCI protection. The 120V/240V 30A outlet has a 2-pole conventional breaker and a 3-pole main breaker provides full overload protection for the generator.

Switching the fuel supply is done using a switch, instead of a dial like most other dual fuel generators. This makes it possible to change the fuel supply on the go. It has a convenient electric starter and a port to connect a remote control. This is not a wireless remote control which would, in my opinion, have been more convenient. A digital display makes it easy to keep track of lifetime running hours, voltage, frequency, and load.


The DuroMax XP9000iH weighs 253 pounds once you’ve added oil to the engine. This makes it quite a heavy machine. Something that cannot be avoided since it is enclosed with durable steel panels to protect the engine and reduce noise.

Moving the generator is made easier by the inclusion of 4.5” wheels and a large fold-down handle. The wheels are a little on the small side for rough terrain but are quite adequate for a paved surface. This seems to be the norm for enclosed inverter generators these days.


Although quite expensive, the DuroMax XP9000iH is quite reasonably priced in the realm of quiet inverter generators capable of supplying enough power for your home during an outage. It is a wonderful generator for hurricane prepping, camping, and RVs. The dual fuel engine is also great for use during a natural disaster when gas may be in short supply.

The digital inverter is a great advantage when you consider that just about all modern appliances make use of electronic circuitry. It is a pretty robust generator, one of the best from the brand. While DuroMax may not be perceived as a premier generator brand, their products are among the best value in the mid-price generator market.

With a 3-year warranty and a good reputation for customer service, DuroMax is a pretty safe bet. This is probably the best 9,000W inverter generator for its price.

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