The EcoFlow Delta Pro is the latest addition to the EF range of portable power stations. It is a mighty powerful and extremely versatile solar generator, with even more charging options than any of their other models. Could this machine be a genuine competitor to the much acclaimed Goal Zero Yeti?

Portable power stations are just as commonly referred to as solar generators because they include solar charging as one of several methods for charging the internal battery. To avoid any confusion, I’ll be using the two terms interchangeably throughout the EcoFlow Delta Pro review. Some people also call these machines indoor generators because they are emission-free and can be used indoors, unlike traditional gas generators.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro has set a new standard for portable power stations. It can rival the Tesla Powerwall as a whole house solar generator yet is still portable enough to take with you on an RV vacation. Its portability makes this a much more versatile solar generator. Not to mention, quite a bit cheaper than the Tesla alternative.

The portable power station market has grown considerably over the past few years, with an ever-increasing selection of models and brands to choose from. One brand has been in this business from the beginning and has set the standard by which all others are measured. If you know the history of solar generators, you’ll probably know which prestigious brand I’m referring to – Goal Zero. As much as I have always revered Goal Zero as the king of the portable solar generator market, EcoFlow (EF) is proving to be a strong competitor.

A single EcoFlow Delta Pro supplies 3,600 running watts with an incredible 7,200W surge capacity. The 3.6KWH built-in battery can be expanded to supply a whopping 25KWH. Similarly, the inverter output capacity can also be increased by connecting several units in parallel. This means that you can power your whole house. It can be used as an emergency backup power supply for the entire home.

You can also use it as a solar power supply for your home or RV. It can be grid-tied (using both utility and solar power) or power an off-grid home. With all sorts of smart technology, like the smart home panel and smart app, this is arguably the most advanced portable power station available today.

They have also increased the charging capacity across the board. You can even connect the EcoFlow Delta Pro to an EV charging station for the fastest AC charging ever!

This really seems to be a remarkable feat of engineering. Though it may be a little pricey for some, costing over $3,500 and you’ll be paying extra for the solar panels. Then again, this is a 3,600W portable power station with 3.6KWH battery storage. It is way more powerful than most and extremely versatile. Compared to any solar generator with comparable capacity, this is one of the more affordable options.

Is the EcoFlow Delta Pro worth the money? Read the complete review and decide for yourself.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Review

EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station review


  • 3,600 Watt-hour battery capacity
  • 3,600W continuous AC output capacity, 7,200W peak AC output capacity
  • Connect up to 6 units in parallel for over 21KW continuous power and additional battery storage up to 25,000 watt-hours
  • The smart home panel allows you to supply household electric circuits
  • Intelligent app for complete remote control
  • EV charging in 1.7-hours (2.7 hours using 120V wall socket)
  • Built-in 1,600W MPPT solar charger (2.8 to 5.6 hour charging time)

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The Delta Pro is immediately recognizable as an EcoFlow product.  It shares the same ergonomic, modern, and elegant design as all the other EcoFlow solar generators. Albeit quite a bit larger than the less powerful models. The LCD digital display is also unmistakably EF in its design. Much of the technology used in this model is shared by the previous incarnations. However, the EF Delta Pro does present some improvements on the earlier generation EcoFlow portable power stations.

While I rate EF portable battery stations to be pretty good quality (especially for the price), I don’t get the same sense of rugged durability as I do from Goal Zero products. In this regard, we can relate to that old cliché; you get what you pay for. Goal Zero solar generators may be the toughest. They are also amongst the most expensive. As far as good value for money goes, I rate the EcoFlow Delta Pro as one of the best solar generators for its price.

Like the Tesla Powerwall, you can use the EcoFlow Delta Pro to reduce your energy bills. By connecting solar panels to the power station, you can supplement the grid electricity supply with free solar power. The smart App, which can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, offers many programmable functions. A real money saver is a function allowing you to set a timer so that the Delta Pro will use battery power when your electricity cost is higher (like during peak periods).

The output capacity (3,600W/7,200W) is perfect for an RV or basic home backup power. You can run a refrigerator and RV air conditioner without any hassles. The 3,600WH battery capacity is also a big advantage over most other portable battery power stations. As an emergency power supply, using electricity sparingly for only essential items, this battery could keep you powered up for about 24-hours or more. That’s great if you want to keep the lights on and a few essential electronic devices during a prolonged outage, like in the hurricane season.

If you’re going to be using the EcoFlow Delta Pro to keep your RV powered, or for more substantial backup power at home, you should expect anything from 4 to 8 hours depending on how much the air conditioner and refrigerator cycle on and off. Thankfully, the modular battery system means you can easily increase your battery capacity. With the maximum 25-kilowatt-hour battery capacity, the Delta Pro can supply power for several days.

The battery technology is truly amazing. The EF LFP battery is the latest development in high-capacity lithium-ion battery design. It is made to last for an incredible 6500 cycles. This means it could keep supplying power reliably for up to 20-years. That’s quite phenomenal. The general design is quite robust, and it has the latest electronic battery management system, offering maximum efficiency and complete peace of mind when it comes to battery safety.

Power outlets are very much like any other portable power station, there are USB A and C ports, as well as 4 X standard 120V household AC outlets. Because the EcoFlow Delta Pro is more powerful than most, it includes a 30A outlet which is great for connecting to your home or RV electric panel. As we’ve come to expect from this type of power supply, a pure sine wave digital inverter is used to provide low THD clean AC electricity.

EcoFlow has knocked it out of the ballpark when it comes to convenient rapid charging. You can charge the battery using a regular 120V wall socket, in which case it will take about 2.7 hours to fully charge the battery. This is quite extraordinary when you consider that the battery capacity is way higher than most portable power stations. To achieve this great charge time, a mighty 1,800W AC charger is used. Using a 240V outlet will increase the charging capacity to 3,000W, taking only 1.8 hours to charge the battery. If that wasn’t impressive enough, they’ve also provided a port to accept an EV charger, with an incredible 3,400W charging capacity (1.7 hours).

The MPPT solar charger has also been upgraded for more convenient charging times. With a 1,600W solar charging capacity, it can take a little under 3-hours to charge the battery using solar energy. You can combine multiple AC charging methods with solar to provide a humungous 6,500W total charging capacity. This will charge the battery in under 2-hours. Wow!

The EF Smart Home Panel is another great innovation. You can connect up to 2 Delta Pro solar generators to supply a maximum of 7,200W continuous power (14,400W peak) to 10 circuits on your home electric panel. The Smart Home Panel has numerous programmable functions. This allows you to prioritize savings from your solar panels and decide how to use battery power to best optimize your electricity bills. It will also ensure a seamless transition of power when an outage occurs. If the grid power fails, the electricity supply to your home will be uninterrupted. This means no rebooting of your computer, smart TV, or satellite receiver. You can control all these functions at the machine or using the remote control. With the Smart App, you have even more remote control accessibility and system information updates.

I think the EcoFlow Delta Pro is quite a marvel of modern technology. It’s a sophisticated machine for the modern eco home, RV, or a food truck. Quiet and emission-free, it’s the ideal backup power or off-grid electricity supply. Buying the power station, Smart Home panel, and solar panels are going to cost a bit but thereafter, you will experience massive electricity savings for decades to come. It should pay for itself over time. Not to mention, the good feeling you get when saving the environment. If you have that much to spend, I reckon it’s worth the investment.  

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