Ego Power Plus, a brand renowned for advanced engineering and superlative quality, may have knocked it out of the ballpark with the LM2160SP 21” lawn mower. This is a remarkable machine, with exceptional power and ultra-modern high-tech features.

There’s a lot to love about summer. The smell of barbeque on a Sunday afternoon. The squeals of delight as kids play all day. The languid days, chilling beside the pool with a tall drink, and the sweet aroma of freshly cut grass.

When it comes to actually cutting the lawn. Well, that’s not something many of us look forward to. Having a mighty powerful, self-propelled lawn mower, with an intelligent onboard computer will certainly remove some of the apprehension that we associate with this arduous chore.

With its futuristic looks and aggressive stance, the EGO Power+ 21-inch Select Cut lawn mower is more than just an eye-catcher. It’s a seriously advanced self-propelled mower with some pretty cool new technology, like Speed IQ that adjusts the propulsion speed to match your pace. It’s also a lot more powerful than the average gas lawn mower.

Until recently, the EGO power+ XP LM2150SP was the leader of the EGO lawn mower pack. For summer 2023, Ego has decided to up the ante with some awesome new technology. Now you may be asking:  Is the new model much better than the previous generation XP self-propelled mower? The big news surrounding the 2023 EGO Power+ XP lawn mower is their new Speed IQ technology. There are a few other upgrades that make it the most advanced cordless lawn mower there is.  Check out this EGO Power+ LM2160SP review to get the full picture.

Ego Power+ 21-Inch Select Cut XP Review


  • LED headlights.
  • Advanced Speed IQ automatic self-propulsion.
  • 3 LBS torque.
  • Comprehensive LCD display.
  • Includes 3 blades for cutting, mulching, and extended runtime.
  • Up to 90 minutes using 56V 12AH battery (battery not included).
  • Weight 59 LBS without battery.
  • 5-year warranty.


If you were blown away by the EGO Power+ LM2150SP, prepared to be amazed beyond your wildest expectations. I certainly am.

The new LM2160SP is truly awesome with technology that has me gobsmacked and a few upgrades that really enhance the user experience. When making a cursory EGO Power+ LM2150SP vs LM2160SP analysis, the first thing anyone will notice is the super-cool digital display and new-look handlebar, beneath which lies some mind-blowing tech, dubbed Speed IQ. All will be revealed in this review.

Power and Battery Time

The EGO Power+ LM2160SP is fitted with the same 56V brushless motor as the previous model. Since this powerplant is the most powerful used for a cordless lawn mower, I can understand why it has been left unchanged. If it aint broke why fix it?

With 8.3 pound-feet of torque, the 21” EGO Power plus XP outperforms some of the best gas lawn mowers. Wow!

The EGO Power+ ARC 56 lithium-ion battery has proven to be simply amazing. The LM2167SP model includes a 12 AH 56V battery, whereas the 2160 is just the bare tool. Using the huge 12AH battery, the EGO Power+ LM2160SP will run for 90 minutes in normal mode. If you decide to use maximum power, in TURBO mode, you can expect around 80 minutes of runtime. Now get this, the EGO XP also has an ECO mode that delivers an astounding 105 minutes of mowing time. Once again, I can only say wow!

EGO Power+ Speed IQ

EGO Power+ lawn mowers have had a pretty effective self-propulsion system for a while now. With the previous generation (LM2150SP) model, you could select your speed using a dial on the handle and the mower will start to move forward on its own power when you pull the lever on the handle.

For the 2023 EGO Power+ XP, the engineers have rethought the entire concept of a self-propelled push mower with astounding results. The new model has sensors inside the handle that detect how much you’re pushing on the handle and will automatically adjust the speed to your pace between 0.9 and 3.1 MPH.

Two built-in safety features prevent you from accidentally sending your lawn mower off in a direction that you don’t intend. Before you start mowing, you need to press a button on the digital control panel then you pull back on a large green paddle that surrounds the entire handle. With the paddle in position, the mower will begin to move as you press the handle forward.

If you pull back on the handle to reverse the machine, the motor will disengage, allowing you to pull the mower back without hindrance.

Digital Display

The EGO Power+ XP Select Cut LM2160SP lawn mower has a wonderful, user-friendly control panel in the center of the handlebar. It has a large on/off button and three touch controls for selecting the self-propel function, switching the headlights on or off, and selecting the power mode (TURBO, Normal, or ECO).

Visually, the most impressive upgrade to the XP lawn mower is the digital screen with superb graphics. It shows you the battery percentage, speed, and the mode you’ve selected, with icons for self-propel and lights.

Select Cut

Another thing that has not changed is the Select Cut blade system. Three blades are supplied with the EGO Powe+ XP lawn mower. By using different combinations of upper and lower blades you can choose between a high lift and energy-saving blade, or a fine shredder for mulching.

The mower comes with the usual options for mulch, bag, or side discharge.

The EGO Power+ LM2160SP now has 8 height settings, up from the previous 7, which are set using the same large lever on the side of the cutting deck. With the new height settings, you can cut right down to 1 inch.

Improved Handle Design and Easy Storage

I’ve always liked the single lever handle height adjustment system. It’s super-easy to adjust the handle to your height by squeezing the lever and simply lifting the handle to suit your height and it clicks into position. It’s beautifully hassle-free and I’m glad this hasn’t changed.

There have been some improvements to the handle design that I absolutely love. Firstly, all the cables have been incorporated inside the handle, eliminating any chance of them snagging, which could cause damage.

The next great improvement is the way the handle retracts. It’s now easier than ever to store your EGO Power+ lawn mower in a compact format. To retract the handle, you only need to release a clip on a bar running across the center of the handle and it will retract into itself. Then you can flip the handle over for easy storage.

It also has a neat handle at the front of the deck, making it easier to move when the main handle is in the storage position.

Apart from an aesthetically pleasing wide green decal, the wheels have remained the same – 7 inches in the front and 9 inches at the rear.

General Quality

I’ve come to really respect EGO as a premier manufacturer of battery-powered equipment. Their engineering is superb and the machines rugged. Old-timers might prefer to see more metal, but I think the high-grade plastic used for this lawn mower is top-quality and super tough.

Plastic doesn’t rust and reduces weight, making the EGO Power+ LM2160SP really light, at only 59 pounds. The impact-resistant polymer material used for the deck appears to be as durable as any I’ve seen.

The blades are made from high-quality steel and the handle is mostly aluminum.

What’s not to like?

I guess some may be put off by the high price tag. Though I believe the top-of-the-line EGO Power+ 21” lawn mower is worth it.

Frankly, I can’t find any real complaints about this machine. Slightly wider wheels may have been nice, but this really doesn’t bother me since the self-propulsion system does all the hard work of moving the mower forward.

Perhaps a cup holder, or am I clutching at straws?

The brand has a stellar reputation, and the 5-year warranty is a wonderful reassurance. If you buy the LM2167SP combo which includes a 56V 12AH battery, the battery will also have a 5-year warranty if you register on the EGO website. Otherwise, the battery only has a 3-year warranty.

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