The previous generation EGO Power+ 21-inch, single-stage snow blower made quite an impression on homeowners seeking a powerful, good quality cordless electric snow blower. The recently upgraded model, EGO Power-Plus SNT2125AP, features some improvements, whilst retaining the stuff that made the older model such a hit with homeowners.

The EGO Power+ brand is owned by Chevron, an international company with manufacturing facilities in China, Europe, and North America. Like most of the power equipment we buy these days, components, materials, and technology are a mixed bag from around the world. Most of us have come to expect a pretty high standard from the Ego brand in the mid-priced battery-powered equipment market.

This review of the Ego Power+ SNT2125AP 21” snow blower is going to reveal all. As a relative newcomer to the market, I’m quite eager to see how this machine measures up to its rivals from respected snow blower brands.

While manufacturers of cordless electric snow blowers, including EGO, boldly claim that their products offer the same power as gas-powered machines, I’m not always in agreement with these claims. If we’re going to be realistic, a single-stage electric snow blower won’t offer the same type of performance as a 2-stage gas snow blower. For the torque and downright grunt of a gas engine, you can’t really beat a machine like the Husqvarna ST224 – one of my all-time favorite snow blowers.

Despite being a little less powerful than gas-powered machines, the more sophisticated cordless electric snow blowers have come a long way. With improved battery technology, brushless electric motors, and advanced electronic management systems, battery-powered snow blowers, like the EGO Power+ SNT2125AP, are not far behind their gas-powered counterparts.

 Using lithium-ion battery-powered garden equipment has certainly changed the way we do things. It’s a lot more convenient than using gas. These machines are quieter, don’t belch fumes, and require basically no maintenance. Best of all, you’ll never have any hassles starting your electric snow blower on an icy winter morning. This certainly gives the battery machines a distinct advantage, making them increasingly popular.

EGO Power+ SNT2125AP 21-Inch Snow Blower | The Full Review


  • Use up to 2 X EGO ARC 56V batteries
  • Snow throw: up to 45 feet
  • Single-stage auger-assisted propulsion
  • 10-inch maximum clearing depth
  • Auger diameter: 8.5”
  • Intake height: 13”
  • 200° chute rotation
  • LED lights
  • Heated handle
  • Weight: 79 LBS
  • 5-year limited warranty; 3-year battery warranty


As a single-stage, auger-propelled 21” snow blower, the EGO Power+ demonstrates some mighty impressive specifications. Okay, if you live in one of the heavy snowfall, northern states, this might not be quite the type of machine you’re looking for. People living in Vermont or Alaska will probably scoff at the light to medium-duty capacity of this domestic-grade snow blower.

For most of us, though, the EGO Power+ SNP2125AP snow blower is pretty much all we’ll ever need, clearing up to 10 inches of light to medium snow, with a 21” clearing path. It’s made to quite a high standard of durability, using a combination of metal and composite materials to strike a wonderful balance between lightweight design and toughness. It weighs a perfectly respectable 79 pounds.

Power and Performance

Clever computerized wizardry, which the EGO engineers have dubbed “Peak Power Technology” is probably the most remarkable feat of this little bombshell. You can use one or two EGO ARC 56-volt batteries. When using two batteries, the onboard electronic management system recognizes the additional power potential that two batteries have to offer. This means if you need an extra boost to churn through more compacted snow, you have it.

EGO claim up to 45 feet throwing distance, which is quite extraordinary. This is 10 feet further than the previous model.

Using 2 X 56V 7.5 AH ARC batteries, the 21” EGO Power+ snow blower should quite easily clear a 16-car driveway on a single charge.

The thick rubber auger can handle just about anything in its path.


The handle is made from steel and composite materials, giving a solid feel. You have a wonderfully designed control panel with heated handles for great comfort.

A chunky power control lever gives you excellent control, with a touchpad for the LED lights and heated grips. The chute can rotate 200° by means of a control lever at the chute.

The handle folds for easy compact storage and a scraper is conveniently stored behind the auger.

Final Thoughts

The EGO Power+ SNP2125AP is by no means a heavy-duty snow blower. I don’t think anyone buying a 21” single-stage machine would expect it to be capable of plowing through really heavy, compact snow. When all is said and done, this is a delightfully easy-to-use machine. It is certainly rugged enough for its class.

If you don’t expect to be clearing more than 10” of light to medium snow, this should be the perfect machine to keep your driveway and walkways snow-free all winter. As it has not been on the market for very long, there aren’t too many customer reviews to give us an indication of what to expect.

However, going by previous experience and brand reputation, I have no doubt that the new EGO Power+ 21-inch snow blower is going to hold up to the high expectations we have of the brand. With a 5-year warranty on the snow blower and a 3-year battery warranty, you should have complete confidence that you’re buying something that’s going to last.

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