The Greenworks Pro garden tool series has become a staple for homeowners looking for good quality, extremely powerful and reliable outdoor power equipment. It comes as little surprise that the Greenworks Pro 60V 16-inch string trimmer is one of the most talked about battery-powered string trimmers on the market.

With the power to rival gas trimmers, without the noise, fumes, or maintenance issues, the mighty Greenworks Pro 60V 16-inch string trimmer (model 2122802) is also a lot lighter and easier to use than any gas-powered equivalent. This is one of the few cordless electric string trimmers with a 16” diameter and it can accommodate a 0.095” line.

It certainly seems like this magnificent machine has a lot going for it. Though, I’ve seen a few nasty customer reviews, especially about spare parts availability. After doing the research, I’ve gotten to the bottom of all these issues and compared the manufacturer specs to real-life performance. If you’re considering buying the top Greenworks string trimmer model, it would be a good idea to read this review. It will give you a heads-up on what you’re in for.

Greenworks Pro 60V 16-Inch String Trimmer | Comprehensive Review


  • Power equivalent to a 25cc gas model
  • TRUBRUSHLESS motor technology improved torque, reliability, and power with no maintenance
  • 60V battery provides extended runtime, up to 65 minutes using a 2.5 AH 60V battery.
  • Battery charge time: 50 minutes
  • 16” cutting path
  • Load N Go Bump activated head
  • Use 0.080 – 0.095 nylon twine
  • Durable die-cast aluminum trimmer head
  • Weight: 11.19 LBS
  • Limited 4-year warranty on tool and battery.


This is the second generation 60V 16-inch string trimmer from the brand and is quite a remarkable machine, designed for the homeowner who wants quality and power to rival more expensive professional-grade cordless electric string trimmers. The greatest advantage over the previous 16” model is a notable increase in power. This comes with a sacrifice in runtime but, in the end, the payoff is worth it. With more power, you should get the job done faster.

The design is superb, both in terms of quality and usability. This model does not offer interchangeable accessories, it is only string trimmer, nothing more. If you want to mow down grass and weeds in a fairly large yard (around ²̷₃ acers) with perfect ease, this could well be the machine for you. It makes a lot of sense and is great value for money.


Power is everything in my opinion. Having more torque and speed is advantageous in several ways. For one thing, you can achieve a lot more. Using good quality 0.095” spiral twisted twine, the Greenworks 16” string cutter makes light work of tough situations. You’ll be able to clear a larger area in less time, and a more powerful motor does not have to work as hard. This machine should last longer than its predecessor as a result.

The Greenworks Pro 16” 60V string trimmer has a two-speed power setting and a variable trigger switch. This gives you excellent speed control. You can conserve battery power by using it at the low speed and using a gentle touch on the trigger switch. When you need the extra power, it’s just a matter of flicking a switch and squeezing down on the trigger.

As with any sophisticated brushless motor, the Greenworks powerhouse will step up the torque when it encounters a tough situation. It does not bog down too easily when cutting thick weeds.


Am I the only one who gets irritated by the words “up to” when talking about battery time for cordless tools? While manufacturer specs are tested and accurate, we never seem to get the same runtime when actually using the product.

I’m sure the Greenworks claim of over 60-minutes runtime is achievable if you use it at the low power setting and touch the trigger with a slight hand. You will also need to use a lightweight string to get maximum runtime. If you’re using this string trimmer at full capacity, you should expect around 25 minutes from a 2.5AH battery. Of course, you will accomplish a lot in this time because of the immense power that the motor provides.

Load N Go Trimmer Head

The bump feeder trimmer head is one of the best improvements to come along when it comes to string trimmer ease of use. However, it can be quite a hassle loading the string onto the spool and if you don’t get it just right, the string is easily jammed.

Greenworks has eliminated this issue with the Load N Go trimmer head. It’s super easy to replace the line. Markings on the outside of the head show you where to line up the inner and outer holes to feed the string without having to disassemble the head. Then you feed about 6 feet of string through and twist the head to wind the string onto the spool.

The trimmer head is made from aluminum, which is great for lightweight durability. The actual bump head is made from fairly tough plastic, which is pretty much the norm for this type of domestic-grade machine. While it should last quite some time under normal working conditions, you will probably have to replace the bump feed head at some point.

It appears some owners have had trouble finding replacement trimmer heads for the Greenworks Pro 60V 16” string trimmer. I guess this could be because it is a relatively new model and not all retailers have spare parts in stock. This should change over time. If you can’t find the parts you’re looking for on Amazon or at retailers like Home Depot and Lowes, you can always contact Greenworks customer service. They’re a helpful bunch and will certainly help you get the replacement Greenworks parts that you need.

Using the Greenworks Cordless 60V 16-Inch String Trimmer

The overall design of the Greenworks 60V 16” string trimmer is quite good. It is made mostly from aluminum, giving it a pretty reasonable weight of just over 11-pounds, including the 2.5 AH battery. What really makes this a wonderful string trimmer to use, is the excellent weight distribution. It really doesn’t feel like you’re wielding one of the most powerful battery-powered string trimmers on the market.

Adjusting the front handle is a synch and requires no tools. I really like the trigger switch design. The safety switch is at the top of the handle, so you press it with your thumb when gripping the handle naturally. The large trigger is below the handle, making it super-easy to control your speed as you work.

If you want to attach a shoulder sling, it has an eye on the handle for this purpose. This is not a particularly noisy weed-wacker, especially if you’re comparing it to gas alternatives with similar power. At low speed, the noise level is around 80dB. When you crank it up to the higher speed setting it becomes a little louder (84dB).

Is the Greenworks Pro 60V 16-Inch String Trimmer Worth Buying?

In my opinion, the Greenworks Pro 60V string trimmer is a great buy. I wouldn’t be featuring it on this site if I didn’t feel this way. Okay, it’s not the supremely durable type of machine that professional landscapers might use. It is pretty close though, and quite a bit cheaper than high-end professional-grade string trimmers.

For a really powerful battery-powered string trimmer, the Greenworks Pro 60V 16” model is very reasonably priced, you should be able to get the bare tool for under $130. The Greenworks 60V battery platform features a bunch of great tools. This means just about every cordless tool you could want, all using the same powerful battery.

If you have any doubts about quality or customer service, the 4-year warranty on the string trimmer and battery should put your mind at ease. There are many reasons why this, and the other Greenworks Pro garden tools, are so popular with homeowners. It’s simply excellent value for money.