The Husqvarna 115H AutoMower is the entry-level robotic lawn mower from this prestigious brand. Whilst fairly basic when compared to the top models from Husqvarna and other high-end robotic lawn mower brands, the nifty little AutoMower 115H is quite an accomplished machine.

After a pretty treacherous winter, it seems that spring has finally arrived. Now that the storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are behind us, we can look forward to sunny weather and all the great things that summer has to offer.

Not to curb your excitement, but summer also comes with all its chores, like mowing the lawn. Not something that generates enthusiasm from any homeowner. A lawn bot will ease that burden.

Is a Robotic Lawn Mower Worth it?

When looking at robotic lawn mower prices, many take a step back and ask if it’s worth paying so much for the convenience of hassle-free lawn maintenance. This is especially true if you’re considering a premier brand like Husqvarna.

The AI invasion has begun in earnest, and many are skeptical. However, I doubt anyone will view a friendly little lawn bot as a doomsday agent of an apocalyptic Sarah Conner and Robocop future. Around 25% of Europeans have already embraced this technology and Americans are catching on fast.

It’s a wonderful concept. Just as robotic vacuum cleaners have taken the world by storm, their lawn mower counterparts seem set to do the same. The only obstacle for many would be the cost. Even though these machines are wonderfully efficient, consuming a lot less electricity than a conventional lawn mower, they are pretty expensive.

The real benefit of owning a robot to mow the lawn is not so much about the economics of it all. It’s about convenience. The thought of a perfect lawn all year, without the hard work, is an enticing proposition.

An Affordable Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower

There is no such thing as a cheap robotic lawn mower. At best, we can only hope for a reasonable price for what we’re getting. Cheap, unknown brands are not, in my opinion, a good option when buying a sophisticated machine like this.

For a well-made robotic lawn mower, with the reassurance of a marque like Husqvarna backing it up, the AutoMower 115H offers incredible value for money. At around $700 for the first-generation model, it is one of the more affordable lawn bots. The fact that it bears the Husqvarna logo makes this price even more awesome.

For this Husqvarna 115H AutoMower review, I’m definitely giving it a big thumbs up. However, for all its great aspects, the entry-level Husky bot has its pitfalls. If you’re expecting a high-end robotic lawn mower with all the bells and whistles, you may be disappointed.

Husqvarna AutoMower 115H | The Full Review

Specs & Features:

  • Small to medium yards – approximately 4 acres.
  • Can manage slopes up to 30°.
  • Can negotiate narrow passages.
  • Quiet operation – 50 to 60dB.
  • 3 X carbon steel pivoting razor-style cutting blades.
  • Pin code anti-lift security with alarm.
  • Bluetooth app.
  • Automatic charging, about 1-hour charge time.
  • Programmable automatic scheduling.
  • Collision sensor.
  • Water resistant – can mow in the rain.
  • Single guide.
  • Mows approximately 721 Ft² per hour.
  • 7” cutting width.
  • Cutting height: 2” to 3.6”.
  • Battery capacity: 2AH, suitable for 1 hour of mowing between charge cycles.
  • Battery lifespan: 2,500 cycles.
  • Tilt sensor.
  • Weight: 20.7 LBS.
  • Warranty: 2 years including the battery.


The Gen1 Husqvarna 115H is characterized by its incredibly low price, it costs almost half as much as the second-generation Husqvarna entry-level robotic mower. At this price, you’re obviously not going to get all the features of the new model buts it remains a highly competent little machine.

Husqvarna AutoMower Gen1 vs Gen2

For a price difference of around 500 bucks, you don’t get much more for money when comparing the 1st generation 115H AutoMower to the 2nd generation mower.

The older Husqvarna is a little chunkier, it doesn’t have the sleek, low-profile design of the more refined Gen2 AutoMower. It also doesn’t have LED headlights. These are very much cosmetic upgrades and have no real practical advantages. I also can’t see what the advantage of headlights are on a robotic mower. It’s not like the bot has to see what it’s doing. It uses radar to guide its way around the yard. 

The Gen2 AutoMower 115H has a 4G remote control. This means you can monitor and control the mower even when you’re not at home. The 1st generation Husqvarna 115H has a Bluetooth app with some great functions, but you have to be within 100 Ft range of the mower for the Bluetooth smartphone app to work. The AutoMower 115H models don’t have GPS navigation, which is probably the greatest drawback.

Without GPS, the entry-level AutoMower isn’t too smart. It will dither about the lawn in a rather illogical pattern and isn’t always that effective when negotiating narrow passages and obstacles. It has bump and tilt sensors so it will change direction when it encounters an obstacle, like rocks.

Due to its limitations, the Automower 115H takes quite a bit longer to do the same job. It tends to go back and forth quite a bit. Some areas may not be suitable for the installation of a guide wire. Keep in mind that this model only accommodated a single wire. This means that there may some areas of the yard where the Automower won’t go. For these areas, you will have to pick the Husky up and carry it to the neglected area. 

For an uncomplicated yard, without too many obstacles and narrow corridors or complicated curves, the older, much cheaper, AutoMower will do just fine.

The AutoMower 115H in Action

So, the first Husqvarna 115H AutoMower is not the most sophisticated bot but it does most of what the more expensive models can, and that’s a lot.

The three pivoting blades are exceptionally durable and shred the cuttings for perfect mulching. You can set your mowing height from 2 to 3.6 inches. A safety feature leaves a few inches between the blades and the side of the machine. You will need to use a string trimmer to finish the edges.

The kit includes 1,476 Ft of guide wire which you install to create boundaries and a route back to the charging station. You can create up to three zones. When the battery discharges to 20% capacity, the bot will navigate back to the charging station. It takes an hour to recharge the battery, after which it is good for another hour of mowing time.

Because the Husqvarna 115H AutoMower is not the smartest when it comes to navigation, it will probably take a few hours to cut a mid-sized lawn, up to 6 hours for around 0.2 acres which includes quite a lot of time returning to the charging station. A control panel, with a small LCD screen makes it super easy to program mowing cycles. A dial allows you to set the mowing height with uncanny precision.

The flexible charging station can be placed anywhere. It makes the best sense to place it somewhere near the middle of your lawn so that less time is wasted when the bot returns for recharging. A sheltered area is the best place for the charging station. While the charging station is weather resistant, a robotic mower garage is always a good idea. The AutoMower 115H is also good in all types of weather and will even mow the lawn safely when it rains.

The Husqvarna robotic lawn mower is blissfully quiet. It will whistle away around your yard almost silently (50 – 60dBA). It is incredibly capable for an entry-level mower, capable of negotiating slopes up to 30°. It also has a theft deterrent in the form of a lift sensor with an alarm that is deactivated using a PIN.

The Final Analysis

The first-generation Husqvarna AutoMower 115H robotic lawn mower may not be the most intelligent bot around but it is perfectly capable of getting the job done, albeit less efficiently. A more intelligent robot will take less time to cut the same area and save on battery cycles.

In the end, the money you save with this model makes a massive difference and the compromise in technology is well justified at the price. When all is said and done, this is a high-quality Husqvarna product at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay for a brand like this.

The Husqvarna reputation and 2-year warranty make this a wonderful deal.

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