Updated July 2022

After conquering the global automobile market, Hyundai is heading to do the same with a range of affordable hi-tech portable generators. The Hyundai HY2000Si has rocketed up the bestseller lists, making it one of the most popular 2000W inverter generators in the world. How does this machine compare in a highly competitive sector of the portable generator market?

Setting out to review the Hyundai HY2000Si turned out to be more complicated than one would think. The formidable little Hyundai generator seems all set to rival the Honda EU2200i, arguably the best portable inverter generator, with around 2000W power.

The Honda generator has a slight edge in the power department, delivering a peak of 2200W, whereas the Hyundai HY2000Si has a peak (surge) capacity of 2000W. Of course, when comparing prices, the Hyundai inverter generator is way more attractive. It’s roughly $400 cheaper than the Honda equivalent. An initial analysis seems to suggest that the Hyundai HY2000Si is excellent value.

On the flip side, you could opt for the incredibly cheap A-iPower SUA200iV. It’s about the cheapest 2000W inverter generator you’ll find. With the Hyundai HY2000Si somewhere in the middle, not as cheap as the A-iPower, yet not quite as accomplished as the Honda, why choose the Hyundai generator?

If you’re going for the best inverter generator, you may as well pay top dollar for the Honda EU2200i. If you’re simply looking for the cheapest, the A-iPower generator might make more sense. This begs the question: Are Hyundai generators any good?

When I first reviewed the Hyundai HY2000, almost two years ago, I expressed some concern over quality control issues. While my initial impressions of this wonderful little generator were that it is excellent value for money, I came across too many customer complaints to ignore.

Fortunately, this seems no longer to be the case. I’ve been keeping an eye on how the 2000W Hyundai inverter generator has been performing in the opinion of those who have bought it. I’m delighted to report in this update that Hyundai has cleaned up its act as far as quality control goes.

This is great news because it is actually a fantastic machine at a really great price. It seemed rather tragic that such a good deal was marred by rather insignificant quality problems that could be easily rectified. This is something I’ll be mentioning in the Hyundai Hy200Si review, as I’m quite impressed at how the company has addressed this initial setback.

While the Hyundai HY2000Sei is the most popular, they have other models that feature quite prominently among the best-selling inverter generators. The Hyundai HY2800Si is a more powerful inverter generator, costing more than the 2000W model. However, those extra 800 peak watts are worth it, especially for RV owners who want to run an air conditioner with enough power to spare for other appliances and equipment. At just under a grand, the Hyundai HY2800Si is amazing value for money.

Hyundai HY2000Si: Comprehensive Review

Detailed Review Hyundai HY2000Si


  • Dual Level Inverter protection for pure sine wave power under all conditions
  • Lightweight – only 44 lbs.
  • Quiet Running (50-59 dBA) is ideal for RV parks and campgrounds
  • Eco Mode saves fuel and extends run time out to 11.5-HRS (25% load)
  • 3 Year Warranty and an extensive service center network give you peace of mind


The Hyundai HY2000Si is the perfect inverter generator for camping, tailgating, and home emergency power. The Inverter is certainly one of the best, delivering 2000 peak watts and 1600 running watts low HD, pure sine wave power. Despite being one of the cheaper inverter generators, it can compete with high-end models from the likes of Honda and Yamaha. This, in my book, amounts to excellent value for money.

The 79cc Hyundai engine is nothing short of superb. The brand has gained a lot of recognition for manufacturing reliable, fuel-efficient engines for their cars. This experience is clearly evident in the engine used to power the Hyundai HY2000Si. The 0.9-gallon gas tank will keep the generator running for 4.2 hours at 100% rated load. If you engage the Eco Mode, it becomes more fuel efficient and runs quieter, providing you don’t exceed 25% of the rated load (500W). At 25% load, you can expect a pretty amazing 11.5 hours runtime. Very convenient for watching TV at night with a few lights on. You could, quite easily, get through the night without going outside to fill the gas tank. I’m blown away by this incredible fuel economy. Until now, I considered the Honda EU2200i to be the most fuel-efficient in this class of small inverter generators. Not anymore, the Hyundai HY2000Si beats the more expensive Honda generator by quite a significant margin. Making it the newly crowned champion as the most economical generator on the market.

Hyundai HY2000Si User Interface

The Hyundai HY2000Si has a neatly laid out control panel, albeit fairly basic. An easy-to-use dial switches the ignition on and opens the fuel supply. It has a manual choke, with a soft-grip recoil starter, conveniently positioned between the choke and starting dial. It takes absolutely no effort to get the generator purring smoothly. You then switch the main power supply on with a single switch.

The Eco Mode is highlighted by a green background. This switches the generator to low RPM, relative to the power output. When you’re using 500W or less, the generator will be hardly audible (about 50dBA). It will also use a minimal amount of gas, giving new meaning to the term: running on the sniff of an oil rag.

Something I always emphasize, with any inverter generator, is that you should never use the Eco Mode when running an AC, or any high-startup equipment. It plays havoc with the idle control when an unexpected startup suddenly requires peak load. The voltage and frequency jump all over the place as the engine tries to cope with the increased demand. An inverter generator should only be switched to eco mode when using low-current electronic devices and low-watt lighting. That’s what it is designed for.

The Hyundai HY2000Si has two standard 120V household outlets, with a 20A push to reset circuit breaker. For camping, this generator has a great advantage in the 12VDC battery charging port and 2 X USB ports. You can charge deep cycle batteries and USB devices directly from the generator. I find it quite surprising that this generator does not have ports for connecting a parallel kit. Many inverter generator owners find the ability to use two generators connected in parallel to be really convenient. Another cool feature of an outdoor generator is the plastic covers for the outlets. This provides some extra protection from damage which easily results from exposure to moisture and dust.

The Hyundai HY2000Si has several winning points. It is incredibly lightweight (only 44 pounds), with a large molded handle at the top which is brilliantly centered for easy carrying. This is one of the quietest generators, ranging from 50 – 59 dBA, never reaching the volume of a normal speaking voice. It’s priced to be really competitive, with extra long-term savings on gas consumption.

As I mentioned in the introduction, there were some QC issues with this generator when it was first introduced to the market From my observation, these seemed to be minor problems that could be eliminated by improving their final inspection and Quality control procedures. Some owners found irritating oversights when they received their Hyundai generator, like a strap or connector that had not been correctly fitted at the factory. Or some similar type of minor defect.

I found it disappointing that an otherwise fantastic generator, at an amazing price, was held back by production line problems that could be sorted quite easily if Hyundai management took the correct action. It’s quite reassuring to see that these complaints are no longer an issue. More recent customers have been super-impressed with the quality, performance, and price of this marvelous little machine.

Fortunately, Hyundai offers a 3-year warranty on the HY2000Si inverter generator, with a wide network of dealership support centers throughout North America. If you were one of the unlucky few to receive a defective product, you had the support of a brand that is serious about its reputation.

The fact that they have improved their QC at the factory is even more proof that Hyundai is intent on retaining the same great reputation of their generators as they have attained with their cars.

Hyundai HY2800Sei

Hyundai HY2800Sei Review


  • 2800W Peak Power, 2600W Running Power.
  • Clean power source suitable for computers and sensitive electronic equipment
  • Electric Start for fast and easy startups (battery Included)
  • Convenient for home, concerts, sporting events, trade shows, and camping
  • Fuel efficient 4-stroke 5.3 HP Engine (149CC) with Eco Mode fuel saving switch generates only the power you need for less waste, quieter and longer run times.
  • 2 gallon fuel tank means you get 2.3 Hours run time at 100% load to 7.5 Hours at 25% load.
  • Whisper quiet: 65 dB(a) at max load.
  • CARB Approved for sale in California


Taking the rather utilitarian Hyundai HY2000Si and upping the ante, brings us to the Hyundai HY2800Sei. Not only is this a more powerful inverter generator, it also includes a few extra features. This model is obviously more expensive than the remarkably cheap Hyundai HY2000Si. A larger engine, alternator, and inverter, along with a few extra mod cons is going to cost more.

The most significant difference between the Hyundai HY2000Si and HY2800Sei is the engine size. The larger generator has a 5.3 HP 149cc 4-stroke engine, producing 2,800W peak current and 2600W running power. This should make the HY2800Sei more desirable for RV and food truck owners. Although 21.6A continuous power and 23.3A surge capacity do quite make the grade for a 30A RV electric panel, it comes close. You can run most mid-sized RVs using this generator, without little need to compromise on electric consumption.

Starting the larger engine is simplified, using an electric starter. Insert the key, turn, and Vroom, power on hand. It has a recoil starter for those times when the battery is supplying the juice needed to get going. The bad news is that the larger engine, electric starter motor, and battery add quite a few pounds. The HY2800Sei is significantly heavier than the delightfully portable Hyundai HY2000Si. Yup, 77 pounds vs 44 isn’t going to go unnoticed. The general design is similar. The HY2800Sei has the same blue, pretty tough, soundproof enclosure, with a large carrying handle.

Another thing that could be seen as a disadvantage, though unavoidable, is more noise and higher fuel consumption. We would expect a larger engine to be thirstier and louder. However, especially when comparing the gas economy, the difference is quite startling. Okay, the Hyundai HY2000Si is probably the most economical generator to run, so we can forgive the less impressive HY2800Sei for not comparing quite as well. Nonetheless, 7.5 hours from the 1.2-gallon tank, at 25% load (with Eco Mode engaged) isn’t half bad. This comes in at just 4-kilowatt Hours per Gallon. Not great, more like pretty average. An advantage to using a larger, less efficient engine is that they tend to be more durable. The engine isn’t laboring as much to produce the same power as a smaller unit. When you’re using the full 2600 watts, runtime is reduced to a rather unimpressive 2.3 hours. As for noise, the HY2800Sei is okay, for its size, reaching 65dBA at maximum load.

Hyundai Hy2800Sei User Interface

With the exception of key-start, the HY2800Sei has a control panel very similar to that of the Hyundai HY2000Si. Another difference is the circuit breakers. The HY2000Si has a single 20A circuit for both 120V outlets, whereas the Hy2800Sei has individual breakers for each of the AC receptacles. This is can be convenient if one circuit trips, you still have power on the other. For some reason, this model doesn’t have protective covers for the outlets, something I really liked about the Hyundai HY2000Si. For the rest, they’re the same. The HY2800Sei has a 12VDC outlet and a USB port.

The extra power that you get from the Hyundai HY2800Sei is its greatest advantage over the cheaper model. An electric starter is also a cool addition. For this luxury, you’ll be paying more, yet still reasonable in general terms. The Hyundai HY2800Sei is more powerful and cheaper than the Honda EU2200i. Along with digging deeper into your pockets to buy the generator, the HY2800Sei is going to cost more to run than the HY2000Si. It’s heavier and a bit noisier. I prefer the larger engine though. Even it is not the most fuel efficient.

About Hyundai

About Hyundai

The meteoric ascent of Hyundai cars from obscurity to the number three automotive brand in the world is a success like few manufacturers have accomplished. Few consumers realize the extent of the brand’s global reach. Apart from cars and trucks, Hyundai manufacture everything from industrial plant equipment and generators, to portable power equipment for domestic users. Portable generators are a relatively new addition to their product range, leading many to ask if they’re any good. The brand certainly has a solid reputation for affordable, fuel efficient products, with good dealership service. This is certainly a good start.

Although best known for their cars, Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company was founded in 1947. This was a government funded initiative to boost the South Korean economy through construction. Hyundai Motor Corporation only came into being in 1967 and it wasn’t until 1986 that Hyundai entered the US market, with the establishment of Hyundai Motors America.

The Hyundai company history is well documented in the fields of shipping, construction equipment, motor division, and electronics. Though little is mentioned as to when exactly Hyundai entered the portable power equipment market. In the UK, Hyundai Power Equipment was launched in 2013. This seems to be around the time that Hyundai portable generators, garden equipment, and power tools started becoming available globally.

In any event, Hyundai portable generators are relatively new on the market. Their experience in industrial power generation, and nuclear power stations date back to the 1970s. The company has a wealth of experience in this field. Though there appear to have been some teething problems with regard to the manufacturing plants producing their portable generators.

The research and development of Hyundai power equipment has been exemplary. The products, like portable generators, make use of advanced engineering and excellent engines. In setting up the assembly plants, the company may have not completely made the grade. Customer complaints have

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