The LawnMaster OcuMow is a wonderfully affordable robotic lawn mower for small yards. Of course, the word affordable is used with some reservation here. No robotic lawn mower is exactly cheap but this one costs a lot less than most.

There has been a lot of talk about AI in recent times. Many are downright terrified of the bot invasion. Are they going to take our jobs, perhaps go one to control a new robotic world order? Then there are those who relish the awesome technology that is going to make a better world for all.  I’m not here to debate the apocalyptic robot-dominated future. This is simply a review of the LawnMaster Lawn bot.

Let’s be realistic here, bots may be after our jobs, but I’m sure there’s one chore none of us would mind handing over to a machine. None of us are consumed by joy at the thought of cutting grass. If there’s a relatively affordable robotic lawn mower that will do the job for me, I say go ahead – I’m in.

I pride myself in only reviewing products that I would be prepared to buy myself on this site. With the LawnMaster OcuMow costing around $500 I had to ask myself if this cheap machine is not going to be a disastrous disappointment. Generally, I’m quite skeptical of a robotic lawn mower costing much under a grand.

While my first choice for a lawn bot would probably be Husqvarna, the AutoMower 115H is not too expensive either, I decided to take a look at the LawnMaster OcuMow to see if it is any good.

Customer reviews have all been very favorable, as have some of the more knowledgeable professional reviews. So far, all bodes well for the cheap cousin of the lawn bot family.

While this is most certainly a common sense, good value machine, its cheapness does show in some aspects of its design. For the full story, here’s my review of the LawnMaster OcuMow.

LawnMaster OcuMow Review

Specs & Features:
  • Ultrasonic sensors detect and avoid obstacles.
  • Wide-angle camera navigation.
  • Boundary wire prevents the mower from leaving the lawn.
  • Drop and go, no need for guide wires.
  • 35% incline capacity.
  • Up to 3 hours of mowing time.
  • Suitable for lawns up to 1,000 sq feet.
  • Weight: 13.4 LBS.
  • Cutting width: 6”.
  • Noise: 68dB.
  • Weather resistance: Ipx4
  • Warranty: 2 years.

LawnMaster is a relatively new lawn mower brand that you probably haven’t heard of. I had no clue that they existed before researching the brand for this review. The company is set on providing good quality gardening equipment at an affordable price.

The idea has been to cut back on the fancy stuff and provide basic lawn cutting equipment of a high standard. In doing so, you save money without compromising on what’s important – reliability and quality.

The LawnMaster OcuMow exemplifies this philosophy in its simple, no-frills design and good build quality. It looks and feels like a sturdy robotic lawn mower.

To reduce costs, the OcuMow bot has a fairly basic navigation system using a camera. This eliminates the need for a guide wire which also makes it quick and easy to set up. You don’t have to install any wires or a docking station, it has a regular battery charger that you plug into a wall socket.

While there’s no wire to guide the mower around the yard, it does have a 30’ boundary magnetic strip which can be used to prevent the bot from leaving the lawn or entering areas where you’d rather not have it go.

Ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles and navigate the mower around them. I have to say though, this machine is not the brightest. It will go back and forth a few times every time it encounters an obstacle, and it can take a bit of time before getting it right. It also covers the lawn in a very random way, taking a lot more time than it should to complete the job. In the end, it gets the job done and the 3-hour battery time is sufficient to cover a 1,000 sq foot lawn. You can use a second battery for larger lawns.

To save on manufacturing costs, the OcuMow bot does not have a smartphone app or any kind of automation. You have to carry it and place the mower where you want it to begin mowing. When it’s done, you’ll need to carry it back to your storage area, remove the battery and connect it to the charger.

While this manual operation may be a little cumbersome, it saves a lot on manufacturing costs. This is one of many ways that the LawnMaster engineers have been able to make this a very affordable robotic lawnmower without compromising on build quality. It’s a commonsense approach, which I really like.  

While this machine has a rated ability to negotiate a 35° slope, I doubt it will always accomplish this. The large rear wheels have great traction, but it sometimes has some difficulties with an uneven lawn.

I love how quiet this little mower is. At 65dB, you will hardly hear it doing its work. This is something your neighbors will also appreciate, which is never a bad thing.

In the final analysis, I have to say, I’m quite impressed with the LawnMater Ocumow. Sure, it’s not the most sophisticated robotic lawn mower. At this price, I’d be mighty surprised, and very skeptical, if it were. The general quality standard is quite impressive, especially for a robotic lawn mower costing around $500.

For the many homeowners who may have felt that a robotic lawn mower was unaffordable, I believe the OcoMow must come as a very pleasant surprise.