The Metabo HPT CB3612DA is a heavy-duty 36V deep cut band saw with the power to make light work of any situation. The MultiVolt system means that it can be used as a battery-powered saw or 120V AC. This review will reveal all.

Given that the Metabo MultiVolt band saw is quite a mammoth beast and not exactly lightweight, you may be wondering if a smaller jigsaw or reciprocating saw may not be a more practical solution. When it comes down to it, you need to choose the right tool for the job.

For heavy-duty cutting, whether it’s metal, wood, or PVC, nothing beats a large, powerful handheld band saw. In this arena, the cordless Metabo model certainly has the goods to deliver on performance and robust, professional-grade build quality.

Metabo HPT CB3612DA Review

Specs & Features:
  • Brushless motor.
  • 36V cordless or use an AC adapter.
  • Cutting capacity: 4¾”.
  • No load speed: 200 – 640 SFPM
  • Tool weight: 14.5 LBS
  • Tool length: 20½”.
  • Blade dimensions: 44⁷⁄₈” X ½” X 0.02”.
  • Warranty: Tool – 5 years; battery – 2 years; charger – 1 year.

Metabo is quick to state that just about every specification for the CB3612BA cordless band saw is “best in class”. With no verifiable method of testing these rather presumptuous claims, I’m going to be reviewing this machine as I see it, ignoring all the advertising hype.

I’ll start by saying that this is a mighty impressive industrial-grade cordless band saw. It feels solid with huge chunky handles and good balance. Since the tool weighs 14½ pounds, the well-designed handles certainly make it a lot easier to use. When you add the 4 AH battery into the mix, another 2 pounds are added to the overall weight, bringing it to a pretty hefty 16.5 pounds. Quite a beast to maneuver.

By positioning the battery at the top of the saw body, the weight is well distributed which helps make it more manageable. Though one cannot ignore that this is a bulky, fairly heavy saw. As a result, it lacks the versatility and agility of a reciprocating saw. On the other hand, a recip saw cannot do what this magnificent machine can.

The brushless motor provides all the power required to cut through even the toughest material and you have exact control over the machine with the two-handle design. Control over all that power is also quite sublime, using a speed control dial and an automatic mode that increases the speed when you begin to cut. This helps you get going without the saw juddering and vibrating which improves accuracy and blade life.

Speed Settings:

  1. 200 SFPM
  2. 305 SFPM
  3. 417 SFPM
  4. 528 SFPM
  5. 640 SFPM
  6. Staring speed 395 SFPM automatically increases to 640 SFPM for cutting.

Power control is further enhanced by a variable speed trigger and the electronically controlled brushless motor ensures that the speed remains constant as the load demand changes. It really is a wonderful saw to use.

Changing the blade is a totally uncomplicated process. Simply flip the tension lever to remove the blade. Slip the new blade onto the pulleys and push the lever to obtain blade tension. The bi-metal 18 TPI blade that is supplied with the Metabo HPT band saw does a good job cutting metal, PVC, or wood.

Of the many bold statements made by the Metabo marketing guys, it is said that this saw can work for a whole day on one battery. I’m not so sure about this. Surely it would depend on how much you’re cutting, at what speed, and what type of material you’re working with.

All things being equal, the 36V 4 AH battery will defiantly give you quite a few hours of normal working time. The MultiVolt option means that you can always plug it into a 120V outlet when the battery runs out of juice. That is, of course, if you have access to AC power on the jobsite.

The Metabo HPT 36V cordless band saw makes the cut in my opinion. It is built to take on the rigors of a professional working environment and is wonderfully easy to use. Despite being a bit on the heavy side, it is surprisingly nifty thanks to the great handles and excellent balance. Probably, its greatest plus-point would be its accuracy and the auto mode which, once you get into using it, is a wonderful aide.