Milwaukee offers an extensive range of top-quality angle grinders. Metal and construction workers everywhere have come to depend on these remarkable tools for their reliability and exceptional power. In this review, I’ll be looking at how the Milwaukee 2880-20 M18 Fuel 4½” cordless angle grinder fares in this highly competitive market.

The Milwaukee 2880-80 is one of the brand’s bestsellers. I intend to investigate why this model is so popular with both DIYers and professionals. I guess the brand reputation that Milwaukee has established over many years is a big contributing factor to the immense success of this wonderfully versatile and practical angle grinder.

This is a pretty expensive machine, as one of the top Milwaukee models I’d expect it to be. However, when writing this Milwaukee 2880-80 review, I found it on Amazon at a truly amazing price, almost 35% less than the normal retail price. With this incredible discount, it’s a steal and should not be passed up if you’re after one of the best 4½” angle grinders around.

Milwaukee 2880-20 | Comprehensive Review

Specs & Features:
  • No-lock paddle switch.
  • Electronic brake.
  • Overload protection.
  • POWERSTATE brushless motor, equivalent to 11A corded angle grinder.
  • Improved battery time and cooling using REDLITHIUM High Output XC6.0 batteries.
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligent management system for improved performance and battery performance.
  • Up to 135 cuts per charge.
  • Electronic anti-kickback clutch.
  • Tool-free guard adjustment and accessory changing.
  • Low-vibration side handle.
  • Weight: 3.1 LBS.
  • Warranty: 5 years (tool); 3 years (battery).

As with any Milwaukee tool, I had high expectations of the 2880-20 4½” cordless angle grinder. When a compact angle grinder costs over $200, you’re going to expect something remarkable. I believe that this little bombshell has accomplished some great things and is worth serious consideration, especially for professionals who demand a higher level of productivity and durability from the tools they use.

Power and Battery

When comparing Milwaukee M18 Fuel tools to equivalent models from the other big brands, like DeWalt, Makita, and Bosch, Milwaukee usually takes the top position for the most power. I reckon this can definitely be said for Milwaukee 2880-20.

It has the power output of an 11A corded grinder and can easily sustain the maximum 8,500 RPM under strenuous conditions. Gone are the days when we consider battery-powered tools to be second-rate in terms of power.

The Milwaukee POWERSATE brushless motor is a wonderful piece of technology. Together with REDLINK PLUS computerized intelligent monitoring, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 4½” angle grinder offers exceptional performance and great battery life.

Milwaukee claims that this grinder delivers up to 135 cuts per charge. I think the obvious response to this bold statement would be: How long is a cut? If you’re cutting 3’ feet at a time, there is no cordless angle grinder that will perform 135 cuts. I think a little clarity is needed here guys.

Regardless of ambiguous advertising, The Milwaukee M18 Fuel angle grinder is one of the best when it comes to efficiency and power delivery. Easily comparable, perhaps even better than DeWalt XR Power Detect tools which are probably the best competitors in the power and battery performance department.

Outstanding Features

This angle grinder has no shortage of fantastic design features. The no-lock paddle switch may not impress health and safety officials, but I’m delighted by it. When using a grinder of this size, we usually make many quick cuts in short succession. With the lock-free paddle switch, you’re not dealing with complicated startup procedures. Just grab the handle and start cutting. I love it and it saves a lot of time.

The handle and paddle switch design are also incredibly comfortable. Pressing down on the paddle is pretty much part of the natural way your hand grips the machine. The auxiliary handle is also designed for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue. It fits either side of the grinder and has amazing shock-absorbing capabilities, virtually eliminating vibration.

Personally, I really appreciate all the anti-vibration technology I can get on an angle grinder. After working on hard material all day, it sometimes feels like your hands continue to ring for hours after you’ve put the machine down. The soft padding on the body of the Milwaukee angle grinder and the low-vibration design of the side handle make this one of the most comfortable of its kind.

Among the many great features, enhancing both safety and convenience, the Milwaukee 2880-20 angle grinder has an electronic brake, a safety clutch to prevent kickback, and tool-free FIXTEC accessory changing system. It also has overload protection, which is quite an obvious feature, ensuring that the motor is not damaged when pushed to the limits.

The Final Analysis

This is usually the part of any review when I point out the cons of the product I’m examining. However, I’m having a hard time finding any criticism of the Milwaukee 2880-20.

This is a truly remarkable 4½” angle grinder. I guess there are some people who will take exception to the price. It is an expensive tool. I’m not at all surprised by the price tag. It’s about what I’d expect to pay for a high-quality cordless angle grinder and let’s face it, Milwaukee tools are never the cheapest.

When it comes down to the final analysis, the Milwaukee paddle switch M18 Fuel angle grinder is an exceptional machine, albeit a little pricey. I believe that you’re getting what you’re, paying for – a fantastic, incredibly powerful tool, with great features, and the type of durability the brand is renowned for.

Milwaukee offers an incredible 5-year warranty and I’ve always had great customer service from these guys. For those who don’t mind paying a high price for a high-end tool, this is one of the best cordless angle grinders.

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