The Milwaukee 2727-20 is probably the most powerful 18-volt cordless chainsaw on the market. With a reputation for excellence, Milwaukee tools and power equipment are expensive. The brand is often the preferred choice for professionals. To find out if this chainsaw makes the cut, read our Milwaukee M18 Fuel, 16” chainsaw review.

The Milwaukee sales execs have pitched the M18 16” chainsaw at landscapers, power utilities, and die-hard Milwaukee users. When reviewing Milwaukee tools, I’ve come to expect the best power and performance from the M18 battery platform and the REDLINK PLUS electronic management system. Generally, Milwaukee tops the power output when compared to any rival cordless tool manufacturer.

It’s not too easy comparing power specs for cordless tools as these are seldom provided by the manufacturers. I guess, with battery power being unpredictable, they can’t exactly commit to a fixed power spec. It’s really when you use the Milwaukee M18 16” chainsaw that we come to respect its awesome power. It has been compared to a 40cc gas-powered chainsaw, and I can believe it.

This is one of very few cordless chainsaws that can match the 60V DeWalt DCCS670X1 16” chainsaw. While I’m not going to get deep into the DeWalt vs Milwaukee rivalry, a lot can be said for the DeWalt 20V/60V FlexVolt platform.  Though, that’s another topic entirely. Since this is a review of the Milwaukee M18 16” cordless chainsaw, I should probably get back to the point.

Milwaukee M18 16” Chainsaw ǀ Comprehensive Review

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  • POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor: Purposely built for the M18 FUEL™ 16″ Chainsaw to provide the power and performance of a gas engine up to 40CC.
  • REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence: Ensures optimal performance and provides overload protection to prevent damage to the tool and battery during heavy applications while still maintaining compatibility across the entire M18™ System.
  • REDLITHIUM™ High Output HD12.0 Battery Pack: Provides 50% more power and runs 50% cooler versus standard REDLITHIUM™ HD packs. Superior pack construction provides the industry’s best protection against jobsite conditions.
  • 16″ Oregon Bar and Chain
  • Variable speed trigger for full control
  • Dual stud for improved bar and chain retention
  • Automatic oiler for proper chain lubrication and increased productivity
  • Onboard storage for wrench
  • Compatible with all M18™ batteries 

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Many cordless tool manufactures are turning toward higher battery voltage to increase efficiency. Milwaukee, like Makita, has chosen to stick with a platform that has proven to work well. Milwaukee M18   batteries have earned the respect of all who use them. These batteries perform excellently and have an exceptionally long lifespan.

The Milwaukee Fuel trademark is similar to DeWalt XR. It denotes their more efficient cordless tools that utilize a brushless motor. The standard Milwaukee M18 tools (without the FUEL trademark) use an old-school brushed motor which is less durable and does not provide the same efficiency. This means that Milwaukee FUEL tools offer longer working times from the same M18 battery.

A brushless motor with REDLINK PLUS electronic management means that every watt of battery power is maximized until the very end. Power fade is not that noticeable as the battery reaches the end of its charge. The only issue with such a powerful cordless tool is that it requires a high AH battery to provide anything like a reasonable runtime per battery charge.

If you want to use the Milwaukee M18 16” chainsaw continuously, working all day, you’ll need at least three High Demand M18 9AH batteries and a charger capable of charging multiple batteries simultaneously.

The Milwaukee Fuel chainsaw is designed to cope with the demands of cutting hardwood. It maintains power when things get tough. It won’t bog down under these conditions. In a sense, the electronic management system may even be better than a gas chainsaw when dealing with the changes in power demand as you cut through thick hardwood.

It is certainly an easier tool to use than any gas-powered equivalent. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 16” chainsaw weighs only 13.9 LBS, with a length of 33”. The handle design is really great. It is comfortable with an easy to use variable speed trigger, giving you exacting control all the way up to the maximum 6,600 RPM.

The 16” Oregon bar and chain probably needs little explanation. This is one of the best manufactures of low-kickback, high-quality chainsaw bars, and chains. The Milwaukee chainsaw does not have the convenience of tool-free chainsaw tensioning. Though, the traditional bolt and stud setup is more common for more industrial-grade chainsaws. It is more reliable in the long run than the adjustment knob that does away with the need for a wrench. Milwaukee utilizes a dual chain stud for even better and more reliable chain retention. Onboard tool storage means that it isn’t really much of a hassle.

The chainguard/emergency brake is large and easy to reach when you need to stop the machine in an emergency. It has automatic chain lubrication with a conveniently large oil reservoir.

Without all the hassles associated with gas chainsaws, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel offers all the advantages. Essentially, you’re getting the power of a gas chainsaw without the noise and fumes. No need to worry about starting an engine on cold mornings and the power to weight ratio is excellent.

Buying the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 16” chainsaw is going to set you back quite a bit. This is not a cheap machine. I know many, particularly demanding professionals, who insist on Milwaukee cordless tools, regardless of the high price tag. The brand is known for manufacturing top-quality professional-grade tools and this chainsaw is definitely in that realm.

You can be sure of great service and from Milwaukee-approved dealers and they have a fantastic extended 3-year warranty when you register your product. If you don’t register your Milwaukee tools, the standard 1-year warranty applies.

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