A reciprocating saw is appreciated for its versatility and not so much for ease of use. Has Milwaukee managed to overcome the heavy vibration and cumbersome handling of the conventional reciprocating saw with the Milwaukee M18 (2719-20) Hackzall? This review intends to find out.

We all know that a reciprocating saw can be an unruly and aggressive beast. In part, that’s the big attraction, a monster saw that can cut through just about any material with a ferocious appetite for destruction. The Milwaukee Sawzall has gained a reputation for doing just that, ripping through everything in its path without missing a beat.

The bit that no one really likes is the crazy vibration that can leave your hands ringing at the end of a hard day’s work. Not fun, as any contractor will tell you. In a bid to try and tame the beast, whilst still maintaining its killer instincts, Milwaukee has turned the Sawzall on its head, shortened it, and performed some sort of alchemy to reduce vibration. They’ve also managed to shave off some weight.

The Milwaukee M18 Hackzall is a compact saber saw that can be used with one hand in tight spaces, or two for a better grip. It has gained a reputation as the most comfortable reciprocating saw to use, thanks to the lowest vibration in its class. At least, this is what the marketing guys at Milwaukee are claiming. It seems that all who have gotten their hands on the Milwaukee M18 compact reciprocating saw agree with this sentiment. It is arguably the most user-friendly recip saw around, possibly the most versatile too.

With the magnificent power of the insatiable Milwaukee PowerState brushless motor, and all that super RedLink technology, for which Milwaukee cordless tools are famous, the 2719-20 battery-powered hognose saw appears to be a real winner.

Is this the best reciprocating saw on the market? Read this Milwaukee M18 Hackzall review and decide for yourself.

Milwaukee 2719-20 M18 Hackzall – Complete Review

Specs & Features:

  • PowerState motor for high performance, increased battery time, and greater durability.
  • RedLink Plus intelligent battery management system.
  • ⁷⁄₈” stroke.
  • Pivoting shoe.
  • Increased water and dust resistance.
  • Speed: 0 – 3,000 strokes per minute.
  • Length: 14”.
  • Weight: 4.07 LBS.
  • Warranty: 5 years.


My favorite scenes from war films are those where tanks bombard their way through, over, or across any obstacle. Watching a reciprocating saw at work is a similar experience. This can be considered the tank of power saws.

Though one has to question: can a compact one-hand reciprocating saw compete with full-size models? I guess not entirely, but the Milwaukee M18 Hackzall certainly comes close. Many have dubbed this the ultimate cordless reciprocating saw for its comfortable, low-vibration handling, exceptional speed, and die-hard Milwaukee durability. Its compact size (14” X 7”) and wonderfully low weight of four pounds are certainly additional plus points.

Using the Milwaukee 2719-20 Hackzall is quite an experience. The ergonomic handle is about as comfortable as it gets, with a well-positioned trigger switch for easy operation.

While you can’t expect a reciprocating saw to be entirely free from vibration, the Milwaukee M18 Hackzall is about as smooth as anyone could hope for. Whether you’re working with one hand or two, it’s a remarkably easy machine to use.

Cutting through PVC and pressure-treated lumber is no obstacle for the Milwaukee compact hognose saw. Of course, it’s when you start working with metal tubing that its true colors are revealed.

The pivoting shoe is a great start, it allows you to position the saw at the perfect angle before you get started. When you begin to ease the trigger switch to cut a steel tube, you’ll feel the inevitable juddering as the saw teeth find their grip. Once the saw blade gets into the proverbial groove, it’s plain sailing.

The Milwaukee PowerState brushless motor is one of the best and you can feel it when the Hackzall gets into a tough situation. The saw maintains a good speed through thick and thin. The variable speed trigger gives you remarkably good control from 0 to 3,000 SPM.

While this is pretty impressive, the Milwaukee M18 Hackzall does not quite hold up their advertising claim that this is the fastest compact reciprocating saw. The Metabo 18V model achieves 3,100 SPM and the Bosch 18V reciprocating saw beats the Milwaukee by a small margin at 3,050 SPM. However, a ⁷⁄₈” stroke gives the Milwaukee a slight advantage over the Metabo model and matches the Bosch saw.

I guess this makes the Bosch 18V compact reciprocating saw the top dog when it comes to the fastest cutting speed. Though I doubt any can match the low-vibration comfort offered by the Milwaukee Hackzall. I think it’s probably the best in this regard.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel carries a lot of prestige in the power tool world, making the 2719-20 Hackzall one of the most respected cordless reciprocating saws on a jobsite. Whether you’re cutting plastic, composite materials, steel, or aluminum, the Hackzall will make light work of any situation. The brushless motor relentlessly powers through hard material and the overall design makes the whole achievement seem quite effortless and comfortable.

No one can question Milwaukee’s reliability, durability, or customer service. This is one of the top power tool brands, with an outstanding 5-year warranty.

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