If you’re looking for the best battery-powered tire inflator, there are two top options: DeWalt 20V MAX vs Milwaukee M18 inflators. In this Milwaukee M18 cordless inflator review, we’ll be examining how it compares to its only true rival, the DeWalt DCC0201B.

I’ll be reviewing the Milwaukee M18 2848-20 18V battery inflator based entirely on its strengths and weaknesses. Though the latter doesn’t really apply, since this really is one of the best portable tire inflators you can buy. Though, having recently reviewed the DeWalt 20V MAX inflator, I thought it fitting to start with a basic comparison between the two.

Milwaukee M18 Tire Inflator vs DeWalt 20V MAX

An objective comparison between the Milwaukee M18 inflator vs DeWalt 20V MAX is not easy. These are both exceptional machines with the power to inflate tires much faster than other cordless inflators.

There can be no argument that Milwaukee and DeWalt are two of the top power tool brands. You are, therefore, guaranteed high quality, regardless of which one you choose. The Milwaukee tire inflator is a bit more expensive than the DeWalt model, which makes it a little less attractive.

I’ve opted for the DeWalt DCC020IB as my top choice for the best cordless tire inflator. Though, I’ll have to admit some bias in this regard. DeWalt 20V MAX is my battery platform of choice. When it comes to deciding between cordless tools, DeWalt 20V will be my automatic choice since I already own a bunch of DeWalt 20V MAX batteries.

Conversely, if you’re a Milwaukee M18 guy, you will prefer cordless tools that use these batteries. The choice may be as simple as deciding between brands based on the batteries that you already own.

The DeWalt inflator is also more versatile as it is supplied with a high-pressure hose, with a Schrader chuck, and a low-pressure hose for inflating pool accessories or balls. It has high and low-pressure settings for these alternate applications. Whereas the Milwaukee inflator is primarily intended for topping off tires. It has the same high-quality Schrader chuck and high-pressure hose but lacks the low-pressure hose which makes using it for other applications a little more complicated.

The Milwaukee M18 does include additional inflator accessories for a range of applications but does not have the low-pressure inflation option which makes the DeWalt faster for inflating stuff like air mattresses and other low-pressure items.

A verdict in favor of the Milwaukee, for some, will be the less intrusive sound that it makes. Although these are both fairly loud machines, tire inflators always are, the pitch of the Milwaukee is somehow less irritating.

When it comes down to making a decision, I think personal preference will be the main factor. There are those who swear by DeWalt, others feel that Milwaukee is the ultimate power equipment brand. The most practical decision will be to go with the model for which you already have a good selection of batteries.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Inflator Review 2848-20


  • Maximum pressure: 150 PSI.
  • 36” hose with brass Schrader chuck.
  • Includes Presta chuck.
  • Auto shutoff prevents overinflation.
  • Four memory presets.
  • TrueFill auto pressure check waits for pressure to stabilize for maximum accuracy.
  • Anti-vibration feet.
  • Onboard hose and nozzle storage.
  • Weight: 9 LBS.
  • 5-year warranty.


Milwaukee claims that the M18 (2848-20) is the fastest 18V cordless tire inflator on the market. I have to confess that I have not conducted a definitive test to confirm whether this is true but it sure is fast. It will top off a 33” truck tire in less than a minute.

The incredibly quick tire inflation rate is even more exceptional when you consider the TrueFill technology which waits for the air in the tire to stabilize to ensure that the pressure reading is completely accurate. Even with this wait time, the Milwaukee M18 tire inflator is much faster than any of the cheaper models for brands like Ryobi.

As one would expect from Milwaukee, this is a rugged machine that can be tossed about and still works perfectly. The high-quality plastic can withstand quite a lot of punishment without cracking. The ultra-durable 36” hose and superb Schrader chuck are clear evidence that quality has been a high priority, down to the finest detail. That’s what we expect from Milwaukee.

Using the Milwaukee M18 Tire Inflator

The Milwaukee M18 cordless tire inflator has an uncomplicated, user-friendly interface. The large LCD screen shows the pressure you’ve selected and the actual tire pressure, as well as the unit of measurement. You can choose between three different units.

You select the pressure setting using the + and – buttons. Then press the inflate button, which will rapidly inflate your tire until it reaches the desired pressure. Once this has been achieved, the Milwaukee 2848-20 will shut off.

When you disengage the Schrader chuck a small burst of air escapes, so you lose a little pressure. Though this loss is negligible, you certainly won’t notice it.

The anti-vibration rubber feet are great, ensuring that the Milwaukee M18 tire inflator won’t wander about when the compressor is running. It has a 36” hose that is neatly stored on a built-in caddy. Other accessories include an inflator needle, inflator nozzle, and Presta chuck, which also have onboard storage.  

The Final Verdict

Looking at the Milwaukee M18 tire inflator price, one question will probably be foremost in your mind: Is the Milwaukee cordless tire inflator worth it?

Personally, I always consider performance, durability, and brand reputation as the most important factors when buying power equipment. I will only compare prices between products that meet the criteria that are important to me.

As a brand, there can be no questioning Milwaukee’s integrity. These guys have established a reputation for excellence, as is evident by their fantastic 5-year warranty and impeccable after-sales service. That counts for a lot as far as I’m concerned.

The Milwaukee M18 tire inflator is clearly a cut above the average when it comes to performance and general quality. It makes light work of even large tractor tires and will probably outlast most others. Cheap tire inflators can be frustratingly slow and are not always suitable for larger tires. They are also not always the most durable.

When it comes down to a realistic comparison between the best cordless tire inflators, it comes down to two options: DeWalt vs Milwaukee. The Makita DMP180ZX deserves a mention but it’s not quite as powerful as the DeWalt or Milwaukee cordless inflators, with a maximum pressure of 120 Psi and it’s slower than the other two.

Of the top three battery-powered inflators that I’ve mentioned, the Milwaukee M18 is the most expensive, which could play in the favor of the other two. If we’re looking at the top two, Milwaukee 2848-20 vs DeWalt DCC020IB, the price difference isn’t that great.

In the final analysis, the Milwaukee M18 tire inflator is worth the price if you see the value of buying a top-quality product from a brand that has earned its stripes.  

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