Manual snow shovels are so last century. Power shovels are the answer. Of the many electric snow shovels available today, the cordless Skil Power Core 12” snow shovel provides a wonderful solution for clearing driveways, walkways, patios, and decks.

This is a powerful and robust machine, ready to challenge the best electric snow shovels. As part of the Skil 40V Mult-Head attachment it is also incredibly versatile.

While not unique to Skil, the idea of one tool with multiple attachments makes perfect sense. Since so many of our cordless garden tools are essentially a pole with an electric motor, why not combine them into one tool with a variety of attachments that all fit onto the same pole?

This way of doing things saves a lot of money and reduces clutter in your tool shed. Yes, the multi-head tool is a great concept. Strange that it took so long for power equipment manufacturers to cotton onto the idea.

While the Skil Power Core Multi-Head system is certainly a great way to buy cordless garden tools, this is but the tip of the iceberg. This 12-inch electric snow shovel has a lot to offer.

Skil PSS1200C 40V 12” Snow Shovel Review

Specs & Features:
  • 12” clearing width
  • 6” clearing depth
  • 20 Ft maximum throwing distance
  • 40V brushless motor
  • IPX4 weather rating
  • Weight: 13.9 LBS
  • Length: 69”
  • Warranty: 5-years

The Skil 40V 12” snow shovel is a reasonably lightweight machine with pretty impressive capabilities. The Skil brand also carries some weight as a manufacturer of high-quality tools with a good track record for customer service. So far, all bodes well for the Skil PSS1200C and this review will reveal all that’s to like, or not like.

The 40V brushless motor is great. It gives tons of power when you need it to work hard. Conversely, you can improve your battery time by using less power in less demanding conditions. Brushless motors are more efficient, last longer, and don’t require any maintenance. Little wonder they are so popular, albeit more expensive than old-fashioned brushed motors.

The Skil Power Core snow shovel weighs 13.9 pounds as a bare tool. If you include the battery, it’s around 17.7 pounds. At 69 inches in length, most folks will find this an easy and comfortable tool to use. The handles have a lot of padding, reducing vibration and fatigue in general. I certainly can’t complain about the design.

The plastic auger seems to be tough enough to handle more than what is to be expected under normal conditions. There’s plastic, and then there’s plastic. Not all plastic components are equal. Skil has definitely gone for high-quality plastics, which is a good thing. It helps reduce weight and, since rust is always a problem with snow equipment, tough plastic is more durable in the long run. It also has an IPX4 weather rating, another bonus when working in snowy conditions.

The auger design is superb, capable of throwing snow up to 20 feet and the rear scraper gets right down to the surface. While the scraper is not guaranteed to remove 100% of hard ice, it does a great job of loosening heavy compacted snow. It’s certainly one of the better performers in this regard.

At a width of 12”, and 6” auger diameter, it is easy to maneuver in tight spaces with a good clearing capacity.

There’s nothing complicated about using the Skil snow shovel. It has a large, padded trigger and ambidextrous safety buttons, making it easy to use with your gloves on. It also has a 2-speed switch, allowing you to choose between extended battery time or increased power.

I’ve always had pleasant experiences with Skil equipment. Their tools last a long time and tend to be more powerful than most. You couldn’t really ask for more. The 40V Core battery system is great, and the versatility offered by the multi-head universal attachment system is certainly a big plus.

As for customer service, I’ve also been mighty impressed. All Skil Core tools are covered by a 5-year warranty if you register your tool on the Skil website within 30 days. If you don’t register it, your warranty is only 3 years. It’s definitely worth the effort to register your product.

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