The Sun Joe 48V ION+ 24V-X2-21M cordless 21” lawn mower is one of the most popular with homeowners. The brand is known for good value, reliable power products. With an extensive range of garden tools using the 24V ION+ battery platform, the Sun Joe 48V 21-inch lawn mower makes a lot of sense for anyone seeking a convenient solution for their outdoor power equipment needs, using a single battery platform.

I can understand why many have chosen the Sun Joe 48V lawn mower series over any of the other popular cheap brands. Greenworks is probably a more popular brand for battery-powered equipment and, perhaps, better value. In my opinion, Sun Joe is pretty much in the same league. If anything, Sun Joe’s quality is better and the same can be said for their customer service.

When it comes down to it, the Sun Joe/Snow Joe brand has earned the respect of homeowners, and this 21” cordless lawnmower has received rave reviews from its many users. I just had to review the Sun Joe ION+ 24V-X2-21M 48V lawn mower to find out what all the fuss is about.

Sun Joe 21-inch Lawn Mower Review

Specs & Features:

  • Powerful 48V 900W Power output brushless motor.
  • 20” mowing width.
  • 7 height settings from 1.2 inches to 3.5 inches.
  • Easy Glide Wheels.
  • 2-gallon bag capacity.
  • Weight: 54 LBS.
  • Warranty: 2 years.


For a reasonably inexpensive cordless lawn mower, the Sun Joe 48V 21” model displays a remarkable level of quality and refinement. Fans of the brand will need no convincing that this a great machine, I doubt the uninitiated will have anything to object to. This is an excellent value lawn mower for medium to large yards.


The modern trend in lawn mower design is to use more plastic and less metal. This reduces weight and manufacturing costs. While many plastics are seriously durable and it doesn’t rust, certain high-impact areas of a lawn mower should be made from a material that is resistant to cracking. When a rock is propelled by the blade into a plastic deck, it is likely to shatter or crack. This is why my old-fashioned sensibility is pleased to see an all-metal deck on the Sun Joe 21” cordless lawn mower.

Of course, metal has the drawback of rusting when exposed to humidity. This might be less of a problem in dry states, but it is generally a matter of concern for anyone. Over the years, the Sun Joe lawn mower deck will require some maintenance in to form of an occasional dab of paint or rust inhibitor on exposed metal.

For the rest, this is pretty much a maintenance-free lawn mower. Though, like any mower, the blade will need sharpening when it becomes dull. Fortunately, the Snow Joe blade is quite tough and durable. You should get many years of faithful service without much maintenance.

Despite the more heavy-duty metal deck, the Sun Joe is not a particularly heavy lawn mower, weighing 54 pounds without batteries. The fairly basic plastic wheels aren’t the greatest, but pretty much like any other lawn mower in this class. The removable plastic discharge chute looks to be quite durable.

Something I don’t like is that the flap covering the back of the mower catches on the handle screws when you lift it to attach the bag.

Power and Efficiency

The Sun Joe 48V lawn mower uses two 24V ION+ lithium-ion batteries connected in series to provide increased voltage. The dual battery setup supplies a super-efficient brushless motor. As a result, the Sun Joe cordless mower delivers superlative power with very reasonable battery time. From an input power of 1,100W, the motor provides 900W output power (UWO). In other words, 200 watts of power is lost to heat and electric impedance, which really isn’t bad.  

Using 2 X 24V 4 AH ION+ batteries, you can expect about 15 to 20 minutes of continuous runtime at full power, up to an hour if you’re using 12 AH ION+ batteries.  This is not as good as some of the more expensive cordless mowers. For example, the EGO Power+ 56V mower can achieve over 100 minutes on a 12 AH battery. However, this is not a realistic comparison, as the EGO Power+ lawn mower is more expensive. When comparing the Sun Joe 48V mower to similarly cheap brands, it fares remarkably well. One of the best in its price category.

Using the Sun Joe 48V 21” Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe 21” cordless mower has a great handle with soft padding and a convenient loop trigger bar. Adjusting the handle height is quite easy using a screw handle which appears to be quite durable.

You adjust the mowing height, using a 7-position lever at the cutting deck, much like any other lawn mower. This gives you a cutting height of 1.2” to 3.5”.

The mower is delightfully quiet and there is no shortage of power. It is a real pleasure to use. The wheels glide easily, and the machine is delightfully maneuverable. The collection bag attaches easily and is quite enormous – 13.2 gallons. I like the mesh sides that make it super easy to check when the bag is full.

The Final Word

I’m sure the Sun Joe 21” cordless mower owes much of its popularity to its price. This is one of the cheaper cordless lawn mowers. As I don’t mind paying more for a high-end product, I may not be the best guy to issue a verdict on the humble Snow Joe.

Despite my brand snobbery, I can say that this is a pretty accomplished machine. Build quality and durability are better than I would have expected at this price. When it comes down to dollars and cents, the Snow Joe 48V lawn mower offers excellent value for money. It comes with a standard 2-year warranty that can be extended up to 5 years if you’re prepared to pay extra.

There are over 100 tools using the Sun Joe 24V ION+ battery platform, making this a sensible choice for any homeowner who uses various types of cordless tools around the home and in the garden.