This review of the Snow Joe SJ627E is intended for people who don’t live in particularly heavy snowfall areas. If you’re looking for excellent value when buying a light to medium duty electric snow blower, you’ll find three of the best options here.

Technically, this is a review of the most affordable snow throwers. These are all single stage, electric machines. Although we classify them as snow blowers, single stage means the snow is not actually blown by a second stage impeller. Consequently, they are not the best for heavy snow, or snow that is deeper than 12”. Even snow a foot deep can be challenging with some of the cheap single-stage snow blowers. Of course, you can always clear deeper snow with several passes. This may take some time, but it is possible. A snow blower buying guide will offer more information on the virtues of single-stage vs 2-stage snow blowers.

Since  we are merely reviewing the top choices for single-stage electric snow blowers in this article, I’m going to assume that you have already decided this is what you’re looking for. We’re also focusing on more affordable machines and, therefore, not the really heavy-duty models from premier inustrial brands. That being said, the snow blower brands feautered in this review are amongst the most reputable for homeowners. 

While these are relatively cheap electric snow blowers, we have made a concerted effort to look at the type of quality you’re getting for your money. It’s more about good value than buying the very cheapest on the market. In looking for good value, we’ve considered purchase price, as well as long term durability and maintenance costs. The emphasis is on genuine value for money. Not saving a few bucks today, when you buy the snow blower, then regretting your decision in the years to come.

There are three models selected as the best value single stage electric snow blowers, starting at around $100 up to $250:

Snow Joe SJ627E 22” 15A Snow Blower: 


Top choice as the most affordable 22-inch single-stage electric snow blower. Packed with high-end features, excellent power, and a durable steel auger capable of handling snow up a depth of 13”.

TACKLIFE 20” 15A Electric Snow Blower


Very affordable, good quality 20-inch single stage electric snow blower. Best throw distance (30’) and great power.

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WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5A Electric Snow Blower


Really cheap and great for a small yard.

Snow Joe SJ627E 22” 15A Snow Blower (SJ627E)

Snow Joe SJ1627E 15A Electric Snow Blower


  • Ideal for clearing snow off larger driveways and walkways
  • No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain
  • Powerful 15-amp electric motor moves up to 840 LBS/min. of snow
  • All-Steel auger cuts 22 in. wide by 13 in. deep path with each pass
  • 180° adjustable directional chute throws snow up to 25 ft
  • Dual LED headlamps brighten the way to clear paths at night
  • Chute clean-out tool to remove snow build-up
  • Compact wheels for easy maneuverability in winter-weather conditions
  • ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty

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The Snow Joe SJ627E is, in my opinion, a fantastic deal. For the punch it delivers, this is an extremely affordable machine, and the brand is a top contender in the domestic garden tool market. If you have a relatively long driveway and don’t want to waste time clearing snow, this is probably the best electric snow blower for your needs. It has a wonderfully wide 22” clearing path and can plow into snow much deeper than most other in this class. A clearing depth of 13” is mighty impressive.

Point for point, the Snow Joe SJ267E seems to always come up tops. Yes, it’s more expensive than the other two snow blowers in this review. But it is, by far, the best of the three. In the general context of single stage snow blowers, this one blows the competition away. Realistically, the Snow Joe SJ267E is actually really cheap when you consider the spec level, general quality, and brand reputation. I will always recommend buying power equipment from a brand you can trust. You’re assured of good quality control and the ever-important after sales service.

So let’s cut the chase. Why am I so impressed with the Snow Joe SJ267E?

Like most snow blowers in this class, there’s a lot of plastic and not much metal. However, I’m quite satisfied that the quality of these plastics, and materials are, in general, of a high standard. The Snow Joe SJ267E is certainly one of the more durable medium duty snow blowers. There are some advantages to using plastic, especially more high-grade variants. There is no chance of rust.

The auger is metal, with rubber blades. This is the best way to go. The metal auger may need some paint and rust treatment over the years, but the replaceable 4-ply rubber blades are excellent for long term durability. The loop handle is also metal, which is necessary. This will also need some attention, with regards to rust, over the years. When it comes to weight, the choice of materials is a huge advantage. The Snow Joe SJ267E weighs only 34.6 pounds. Considering the power, and exceptional capabilities of this snow blower, the low weight is quite an achievement.

The statement exceptional power is no exaggeration. This is, like most snow blowers in its class, a 15A machine. Though every amp is made to count. As I’ve mentioned, it has the widest clearing path and the best auger depth of any in this class. Furthermore it plows through snow at a rate that can almost compare to gas-powered machines. No load auger speed is 3,000 RPM. This gives the Snow Joe SJ267E the capacity to move 840 LBS/Min. It also throws the snow up to 25’. The chute can rotate 180° and is easily adjusted using a large handle within easy reach.

Fitted with 7” wheels, and a comfortable padded handle, the Snow Joe SJ267E is pretty easy to use. The auger assisted drive works well and the snow blower seems to glide quite effortlessly. As this is a single-stage snow blower it is only suitable for paved surfaces without too much of an incline. That’s to be expected. The inclusion of scraper blade, means the Snow Joe SJ267E clears away snow right down to the surface. It doesn’t leave that thin layer that quickly turns slippery, like many other single stage snow blowers.

There are a couple of cool extras too. Bright LED lights are a great advantage for those short, dark winter days, allowing you work into the night. This is not all that common on a cheaper snow blower. So I’m quite impressed by this. A cleaning tool attaches to the handle, easy to use and neatly stowed. The large trigger is easy to use with your gloves on and it has a safety lock.

A cable clip is a necessity for a corded electric snow blower. It helps keep the cord secure and out of harm’s way. To this end, the Snow Joe engineers have done a fine job of making this feature practical and easy to use. The handle can be adjusted using two large knobs and can be folded down for more convenient storage. As one would expect, there is some assembly required when you unbox the Snow Joe SJ267E. Though this is pretty easy, and the instruction manual is adequately detailed with good diagrams. They have even supplied a step-by-step video instruction on how to assemble your Snow Joe SJ267E. You can click on the video link below to see how easy this is.

My final verdict: you can do no better if you you’re looking for an inexpensive snow blower for clearing more snow quicker than just about any electric machine. In the category of affordable homeowner brands, I rate Snow Joe among the best. In a nutshell, the Snow Joe SJ267E is superb value for money. It is ETL approved and has one of the best 2-year warranties.

TACKLIFE 20” 15A Electric Snow Blower

TackLife Snow Blower Review


  • Power 15Amp, idling speed up to 3000rpm, 20 in. working width & 10 in. working depth, throws snow up to 25 feet, for quick snow clearance and cleaning driveway, walkways, and patios.
  • Steel auger with rubber blade moves up to 800Ibs of snow per min cuts 18 in. Wide by 10 in. Deep with each pass. Rubber blade is different from snowplow blades on the market for longer service life, without damaging surface
  • Double safety switches for safe operation. Adopts professional outdoor 15Amp SJOW cable cold-resistant and freeze-resistant cable. The machine is also equipped with an overload protection button to extend the life of the machine. When the machine enters the protection state, press the overload protection button to restart the machine.
  • Control crank easily allows chute 180° adjustment range and to throw snow where you want it. The chute cover can be adjusted from 60 degrees to 90 degrees to meet your different needs.

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The TackLife 15A snow blower is a fair deal cheaper than the Snow Joe SJ267E. Though this is in line with its capabilities. Although both machines are 15A electric snow blowers, the TackLife model is nowhere nearly as accomplished as the Snow Joe SJ267E. It can’t match the clearing width or depth. It is lacking in some of the less crucial luxuries too, like LED work lights. Having said all this, the price makes up for the differences. If you don’t need the full capacity of the Snow Joe SJ267E, you can save a bit of cash and buy the TackLife instead. This brand also has a good customer service history, so it’s worth considering as a better priced option.

Okay, so this is a cheaper snow blower and is not quite as accomplished as the Snow Joe SJ267E. I’m going to end the comparison there and review the TackLife snow blower for what it is, a delightfully affordable, relatively compact 15A electric snow blower, with excellent specs for its size (and price).

Because the Tacklife snow blower is more compact and lightweight (only 20” wide and 31 LBS weight), it is a nimble machine and easy to maneuver. The 7” wheels are certainly large enough when you consider this is a relatively small snow blower. I was surprised to see a customer review on Amazon stating that this snow blower is difficult to maneuver. To my mind, ease of use is one the best aspects to this machine. Granted, the person making this claim was over 60 and, possibly, not that strong. I know many 60+ old-timers who would have absolutely no problem using the TackLife snow blower. I also don’t agree that it will become bogged down in only 5” of snow. Again, I think the issue lies with the user, not the machine. This may be only my opinion, but customer issues have been rare and, usually, quite arbitrary. I just thought I’d mention this, in the light of full disclosure.

Despite being a compact, lightweight, and easy to use snow blower, the TackLife is powerful enough to get the job done. The 15A motor gives the auger a pretty impressive snow removal rate of 800 LBS/Min. As this machine is only 20” wide, the cutting path is limited to 18”. I feel this is good enough for most driveways and walkways. It has a maximum depth capacity of 10”, definitely better suited to regions that experience lighter snowfall.

Throw distance is mighty impressive, up to 30’. The chute is designed for ultimate practicality. It can rotate 180°, using a simple lever on the handle. The discharge angle can also be adjusted by moving the chute cover 60° or 90°. The handle has adjustment knobs and a full loop switch. This provides the most versatile gripping position and should make it more comfortable to use for longer periods, compared to the more convention trigger switch.

Even though the TackLife snow blower does not have the widest clearing path or cutting depth, this can be an advantage for some. You don’t need as much strength to operate this machine. I think a lot of people will appreciate this. Regardless of it’s size, it clears a lot of snow rapidly, making light work of most mid-sized driveways and is perfect for walkways of all descriptions.

WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5A Electric Snow Blower

WEN 5662 electric snow blower review


  • Throws up to 490 pounds of snow per minute
  • Clears snow 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep
  • 13.5 Amp motor shoots snow up to 20 ft away
  • 6-inch wheels and lightweight design make for easy mobility
  • Quick-adjust chute rotates 180 degrees to direct path of the snow

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I’ve always considered WEN to be a perfectly common sense power equipment brand. I’ve never looked at a WEN product and been blown away by features and specs. They keep things very basic and, above all, incredibly affordable. Sort of like those common-sense department store sneakers for everyday use. Nothing fancy, nothing glamorous. Simply what you need to take care of the basics without breaking the bank. The WEN 5662 snow blower fits this bill to a tee.

Let’s start by making one thing abundantly clear, the WEN 5662 is not a heavy-duty snow blower. It is a really compact, incredibly lightweight machine and is perfect for clearing light snow from a relatively small area. It is designed to be practical, easy to use, without any bells and whistles.

The 13.5A electric motor is not the most powerful but contends with the 18” X 7.8” clearing capacity with the greatest of ease. It is also blissfully quiet. The little WEN 5662 seems to whistle along merrily while you work, without causing any kind of disturbance. With a maximum snow throwing capacity of 490 LBS/Min, up to 20’, it’s no heavyweight in the snow moving department. The handle has generous padding and multiple adjustment knobs for handle height and angle.

The chute can rotate 180°, with a throw angle adjustment. It’s easy enough to change the chute direction on the go, thanks to a crank handle within easy reach. It has 6” wheels which, since this is a small lightweight snow blower, are perfectly up to the task.

If you don’t have to clear large drifts of snow over a wide area, it makes absolutely no sense spending a fortune on a large powerful snow blower. In a smaller yard, you probably have limited storage for a snow blower. Making the WEN 5662 the perfect answer to your needs. It is delightfully cheap, and the smaller electric motor makes it equally economical to use. This is a reliable product, backed a name we trust.

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