What has made Wrangler an enduring workwear and fashion denim brand for over 100 years? This review, primarily looking at Wrangler FR jeans for men, intends to uncover the history and success behind the brand. Obviously, the focus will be mostly on Wrangler flame resistant jeans.

The history of Wrangler jeans began before the brand was even conceived.

Back in 1904, The brothers CC and Homer Hudson established the Homer Overall Company to manufacture high-quality, durable workwear for railway workers. It didn’t take long for the company to gain a reputation for manufacturing top-quality fine cut denim.

In 1919 the company changed its name to the Blue Bell overall company. It went from one success to another and in 1946 the Wrangler jeans name was born. By 1962, the company was ready to conquer the world and the first Blue Bell factory was opened outside of the US in Belgium. Thus, Europe was introduced to the Wrangler brand.

 Through the 1960s and 70s, Wrangler grew into a high-fashion name, being worn by popular stars in the music and film industry. Though Wrangler never lost sight of its origins as a manufacturer of durable, tough work clothing.

The Wrangler Riggs workwear trademark was established in 2003. This is a range of premium workwear products that include lame resistant fabrics.

About FR Jeans

People working in many industries, like electricians, metal workers, and those in the oil rig and pipe industries rely on FR clothing to protect them from fire and explosions. Though few understand the nature of these garments.

The most important distinction to be made is the difference between flame resistant and flame retardant clothing.

Flame retardant workwear is made from fabrics that naturally resist burning and generally won’t smolder or ignite. Flame resistant fabrics are made from regular fibers, like cotton or nylon, that have been treated with a coating of flame resistant chemicals.

Wrangler FR jeans are made from 100% cotton that has been treated to resist fire. The greatest advantage of using FR cotton is that it is soft and comfortable. It also breathes naturally so that you stay cool through the rigors of a working day.

Wrangler Riggs jeans are designed to self-extinguish and feature an arc-resistant button. They also have a brass zipper with Normex FR zipper tape and Normex FR stitching. All seams are triple stitched for ultimate durability.

It is no surprise that Wrangler FR jeans are immensely popular. They are well-made, durable, and comfortable. In my book, that’s a winning combination.

Wrangler Men’s FR Original Fit Jean

Wrangler Men’s FR Original Fit Jeans are classically styled in the Wrangler tradition of comfortable clothing for work and play. Designed for comfort, it has a loose fit that easily fits over your work boots.

These jeans are made from 100% FR cotton with Normex zipper tape and stitching.

Costing around $40 to $90, Wrangler FR Original Fit jeans are generally considered to be good value for money and last a long time.

ATSM FR Certifications: CAT2/2112/22CAL/CM2

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s 20X Vintage Boot Cut Jean

Slightly pricier than the Original Fit jeans, Wrangler Riggs Men’s 20X Vintage Boot Cut Jean are slim fit jeans, made from stretch cotton with a boot cut.

The fabric is a mix of 70% cotton and 30% modacrylic for exceptional comfort. Like all Wrangler FR jeans, Normex is used in critical areas like the zipper enclosure and stitching.

These jeans are exceptionally stylish. You can go straight from work to the pub or club and won’t look out of place.

Most customers have praised the fashionable good looks and practicality of these FR jeans.

ATSM FR Certifications: CAT2/2112/22CAL/CM2

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s FR Relaxed Fit Jean

As the name suggests, Wrangler Riggs Relaxed Fit Jeans are sumptuous and comfortable with an improved seat, knee, thigh, and bottom leg opening.

They are made from 100% cotton with the usual Normex zipper tape and stitching.

Wearers of these jeans are most impressed with the deep front pockets and exceptional comfort.

ATSM FR Certifications: CAT2/2112/22CAL/CM2

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s FR Carpenter Jean

Wrangler Riggs Carpenter jeans are remarkably good value for money, and wonderfully comfortable. These are relaxed fit jeans made from 100% cotton.

Large pockets and a very practical design define these jeans. Naturally, all the high-quality aspects are shared with other Wrangler Riggs FR jeans, like triple Normex stitching and a brass zipper with Normex tape.

The leg is wide enough to accommodate your work boots with ease.

People love the very reasonable price and delightful comfort that Wrangler Riggs Carpenter Jeans have to offer.

ATSM FR Certifications: CAT2/2112/22CAL/CM2