Updated March 2023

Cordless combo kits offer fantastic value for money. As a result, the DeWalt DCK240C2 drill/driver combo kit has been a consistent best-seller for years. 

I’ll make no bones about it. I’m a huge DeWalt supporter. Of all the top power tools brands, DeWalt is usually my first choice. After many years of buying power tools, both cheap and expensive, I take reassurance in that familiar yellow and black branding. It’s comforting to know you’re getting great quality at a relatively affordable price. Moreover, I’ve found the DeWalt warranty, and their aftersales service, to be brilliant.

When it comes to cordless tools, I can’t think of any range that can match DeWalt 20V MAX for variety. This means ultimate convenience, one battery type, one charger, with well over 200 tools to choose from, without buying numerous different batteries and chargers.

Remaining objective, I have to say that Makita and Milwaukee cordless tools have also won my greatest admiration. Bosch is also a great brand for high-quality cordless tools. Generally, Makita tools have been some of the toughest I’ve owned. However, I believe DeWalt is the champion of cordless tools. That’s my take on things, I know there will be those who disagree.

In particular, the DeWalt 20V MAX lineup is my favorite. The reason is simple – the massive range of tools using the 20V MAX battery platform. Even more spectacular are the more powerful and durable DeWalt 20V MAX XR tools. All DeWalt 20V MAX tools are also compatible with the DeWalt 20V/60V FlexVolt batteries

You may have read many customer reviews for similar DeWalt cordless drills and impact drivers. Some are not too flattering. While the older DeWalt 20V MAX drills and drivers are okay, as are the 12V and 18V models, they aren’t as awesome as the newer DeWalt XR variants, with a brushless motor and a super-sophisticated computerized management system. This makes the DeWalt DCK240C2 the best drill/driver combo the brand has to offer, as it utilizes XR technology. 

With all this in mind, I’m delighted to be reviewing the DeWalt DCK240C2 cordless drill-driver and impact driver kit. It’s a fantastic deal. 

DeWalt DCK240C2 ǀ A Comprehensive Review

DeWalt drill-driver impact driver combo kit review

What’s Included:

  • DCD771 20V MAX ½” drill/driver
  • DCF885 20V MAX ¼” impact driver
  • 2 X 20V MAX (1.3AH) lithium ion batteries
  • 20V MAX charger
  • Contractors carry bag

Top Features:

  • DCD771 Features two speed transmission (0-450 / 0-1500 RPM)
  • DCD771 High performance motor delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability completing a wide range of applications
  • DCD771 Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
  • DCD771 1/2″ single sleeve ratcheting chuck provides tight bit gripping strength
  • DCD771 Ergonomic handle delivers comfort and control
  • DCF885 Compact (5.55″ front to back), lightweight (2.8 LBS) design fits into tight areas
  • DCF885 One-handed loading 1/4″ hex chuck accepts 1″ bit tips
  • DCF885 features 3 LED light ring with 20 second delay to provide visibility without shadows

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The DeWalt DCK240C2 consists primarily of the DCD771 ½” drill/driver and the DCF885 impact driver, with a few extras – two batteries, charger, and a durable carrying bag. There are other options, which don’t include the batteries, charger, or bag, with varying combinations of these items. Though, when you add all these items together, for the price, the DeWalt DCK240C2 full combo kit amounts to excellent value for money. I think this is what has placed it at the top of the Amazon best seller list.

I’m going to be reviewing each of the basic tools (DCD771 and DCF885) separately to give you a complete overview. I should, however, start with their common features and specs. Both the DeWalt DCD771 ½” drill/driver and the DCF885 impact driver are at the pinnacle of the 20V MAX cordless tool range. If you browse through the myriad of 20V tools from the brand, you’ll find various options for drills and impact drivers, with even more 12V and 18V options. So what makes these two different?

The DCD771 and DC885 are the latest models in the 20V MAX range. This comes with several advantages. I see the XR brushless motor as the most prominent of these. This gives the tools a wonderful power-to-weight ratio and improved efficiency. The bottom line is more power and improved battery times. There is also no friction from the brushes. As a result, brushless XR tools last longer and don’t require as much maintenance – no need to replace brushes. 

Both tools have superb handles with a soft grip, providing a firm hold over the tool and ultimate user comfort. The forward and reverse switch is exactly where you expect it to be. Changing direction is simply a matter of pressing a switch with your thumb, directly above the trigger, slightly offset for better ergonomics.

One of the things that has always drawn me to DeWalt tools is how they pay increased attention to the finer details, making our lives more pleasurable. The strong belt clip is a perfect example of this thoughtful design approach. A small addition, like this, can make an incredible difference in our day-to-day working lives. At the top of a ladder, or maneuvering through a tight crawl space, you’ll certainly come to appreciate this. The compact lightweight design of both tools is another huge advantage when working in awkward and tight places.

The DeWalt DCD771 has a height of 6.5” and is only 1.9” wide. Yet, they’ve managed to squeeze every ounce of power into this small package, 300 Unit Watts Out (UWO). The keyless ½” chuck is wonderfully convenient and enduringly tough. Using the renowned DeWalt ratcheting chuck system, this drill provides a super tight grip on the bit. Just a quick turn of the chuck and that bit isn’t going to slip, even when doing some tough work.

The drill has 2-speed settings, offering perfect speed control. At the low setting, no load speed is 0 – 450 RPM, perfect for when driving thin screws into soft material. Crank the machine to the max power setting, and you have a potent 0 to 1,500 RPM. You also have incredible torque control, thanks to a 16-position clutch. You set this the usual way, using a dial directly behind the chuck with large numeric markings.

The DeWalt DC885 ¼” impact driver is a classic case of dynamite coming in small packages. The tool length is a mere 5,5” and it weighs only 2,8 pounds (without the battery). Don’t, for a moment, be fooled by this compact design. Maximum power is 1,400 Inch Pounds or 117 foot pounds. For a small 20V impact driver, this is mighty impressive. The finely calibrated trigger switch provides a smooth speed transition from 0 – 2,800 RPM and 0 – 3,200 Impacts per Minute.

They’ve included an LED light on this impact driver, expertly set and using 3 LEDs, to eliminate any shadows on your work surface. The built-in working light has a very clever 20-second delay. When you activate the delay option, you can place the driver on its sturdy base and use it as a flashlight. Another one of those really cool, typically DeWalt, extras.


Through the DCK240C2 review, a few things are clearly evident. These are both wonderfully compact, lightweight tools. Although conveniently small, they pack an enormous punch in terms of power. These are really comfortable tools to use, with a host of practical features. Thanks to advanced XR technology, you don’t need a particularly large battery to work for a decent length of time. This adds to the low weight advantage.

The tools are compatible with all 20V MAX and 20V/60V MAX FlexVolt batteries. As a full kit, which includes the drill/driver, impact driver, 2 X 20V MAX batteries, charger, and a handy kit bag, it is incredible value. You also have complete peace of mind with the DeWalt 3-year warranty, 1-year free service plan, and 90-day money back guarantee.  

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