The perfect 20V cordless combo kit for the DIY enthusiast. Craftsman, king of the home tool market, has a variety of V20 cordless tool combos and I think this 7-tool kit, with 2 batteries, charger, and a few accessories is a great deal.

If you’ve been searching for that great gift idea for your dad or significant other, the Craftsman CMCK700D2AM might be just the thing you’ve been wanting to discover. Perhaps you’re a DIYer wanting to treat yourself to something special. Either way, this review should get a lot of people excited.

The Craftsman Brand

While I’m mostly a DeWalt guy, and generally prefer the top power tool brands, I understand why so many homeowners gravitate toward the more affordable power tool brands, like Craftsman, Black & Decker, or Stanley.

When it comes to good value, Craftsman has won over the hearts and minds of many a DIY tinkerer. Craftsman V20 cordless power tools are good quality and perfect for small home improvement jobs. Having said this, I should emphasize that these are not advanced brushless battery tools and should be seen in the context of great tools to use around the home. Probably not the type of stuff a contractor would use.

You can tell by the price, that these standard Craftsman tools cannot compare to DeWalt XR, Milwaukee Fuel, or Makita LXT.

The Craftsman 7-tool cordless combo kit offers outstanding value for money and you’re getting a wonderful selection of battery-powered tools for just about anything you would need to use in your home or garage.

Craftsman CMCK700D2AM Power Tool Combo Review:

 The greatest benefit that this kit offers is exceptional value for money. Craftsman tools are already an inexpensive option. The CMCK700D2AM 7-tool kit takes this to a new level, by including a lot of extras like a kit bag, two 2AH batteries, and a 20V battery charger, along with saw blades and a few other accessories.

You won’t get all the drill bits, blades, and other accessories that will need, but it’s a good start.

What’s included:

  • CMCS500: 6½” circular saw – 4,200 RPM, tool-free bevel adjustment and blade change.
  • CMCF800: ¼” impact driver – 1,460 Ft LBS max torque, 2,800 RPM, 3,100 BPM.
  • CMCL020: 20V Flashlight/work light – 140 lumens.
  • CMCS300: Reciprocating saw – 1” stroke, 3,000 SPM, tool-free blade change.
  • CMCE500: Oscillating tool – 8,000 to 18,000 OPM, universal tool-free attachment system.
  • CMCG400: 4½ Angle grinder – 8,500 RPM.
  • CMCD700: Drill/driver – 280 UWO power, 2-speed gearbox, 0 – 400 RPM or 0 – 1,500 RPM.
  • V20 20V battery charger
  • 2 X CMCB202: 2AH 20V lithium-ion batteries.

This is a really great selection of cordless tools. As part of the extensive Craftsman V20 battery tool range, you can build on your repertoire by adding more tools and batteries over time.

You’ll probably want more powerful batteries for the saws and grinder. 2AH batteries are fine for a flashlight or drill/driver but won’t provide much working time for more powerful tools.

As one of the cheaper cordless tool brands, Craftsman really stands out for their great quality and reasonably good performance. While not insatiably powerful, Craftsman battery-powered equipment outshines many cheapies, like Ryobi and the like.

At this price, the 3-year warranty is truly remarkable. Generally, the more affordable power tool brands only offer a 1-year warranty. It’s all just incredibly good value for money.

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