If you thought portable battery power stations or solar generators were a green revolution gimmick, it’s time to reconsider. The Ego Power+ Nexus PST3040 is a powerhouse of note. With 3,000 watts of peak power and 2,000W continuous output, it knocks the socks off gas generators that are larger and heavier than this eco-friendly beauty.

The EGO Power+ Nexus 3,000W solar generator is a mean green machine with few rivals. Perhaps only the Goal Zero Yeti 3000, Jackery 3000 Pro, and EcoFlow Delta Pro can stand alongside the Nexus as powerful, emission-free alternatives to a gas generator.

It has the wattage and battery storage capacity to keep you comfortable during an outage and is great for outdoor activities like camping and tailgating.

Even contractors are starting to realize the benefits of portable battery power stations over fume-belching gas machines.

Anyone needing a portable 3,000W inverter with heaps of battery storage and the option of a solar charger will benefit from this EGO Power-Plus Nexus review.

EGO Power+ Nexus PST3040 Review

Specs & Features:

  • 2,000W continuous power; 3,000W surge capacity.
  • Modular battery configuration – up to 2,240 watt-hours.
  • Large LCD screen.
  • The app allows remote control and monitoring.
  • Sturdy roll cage for extra protection.
  • Solar Charger available as an upgrade.
  • Weight: 29 LBS without batteries.


Portable battery power stations with built-in solar chargers have become quite common, with a variety of options available. Basically, they consist of an inverter, converting DC power from a battery into AC current.

They have built in battery chargers that allow you to plug the unit into a regular household outlet to charge the internal battery. Typically, they also include a 12V car charger and a solar charger.

The EGO Power+ Nexus is not quite like any other solar generator that I’ve reviewed in the past. I say this because it utilizes standard EGO 56V batteries. These are the same batteries that are used to power the vast range of EGO power tools and garden equipment like EGO Power+ lawn mowers and string trimmers.

This battery setup differs from other brands that have a battery permanently installed inside the power station. The EGO modular battery system has its advantages. It has four battery ports, into which the batteries are inserted.

You can use any combination of batteries. This means that you can use a 7.5 AH battery alongside a 5AH battery, or any size 56V EGO battery for that matter. You don’t need to use all four battery ports; it will work fine using just a single battery, but you’ll obviously have more storage using all four ports.

The Nexus battery inverter will balance battery usage by drawing power from the battery (or batteries) with the most ampere hours until they all have equal power.

It should be noted that you won’t always have all the 2,000 watts of continuous output current available. This will depend on the batteries you’re using. A single 2 or 2.5 AH battery will only provide a maximum of 600 watts. Stepping up to the 5AH battery will boost your output to 1,200 watts. In order to take full advantage of the maximum power output of 2,000/3,000W, you’ll need to use at least one 7.5 AH battery.

The power limitations only apply when using a single battery. If you use 4 X 2.5 AH batteries, the inverter will deliver full power.

You can exchange any of the batteries on the go. This means you can have uninterrupted power by swapping out discharged batteries for fully charged ones without shutting your power off.

Another thing that caught my fancy is the wonderfully robust design. The inverter and electronics are contained within a tough aluminum roll cage. It’s quite clear that this solar generator was designed to sustain some pretty rough treatment.

It’s also weather resistant. While I wouldn’t recommend using the Nexus out in the rain, it can withstand splashing water and has a bunch of built-in safety features.

The general design is much like the norm for these machines. It has a large LCD screen for checking battery status, output power and the like. You can install an app on your phone to monitor and control the NEXUS remotely. This allows you to check system info and perform basic tasks like switching outlets on or off.

It has 4 X 120V AC outlets and USB ports. The charging system differs from similar devices in that it uses an external charger. This is the same charger that you use to charge all your other EGO 56V batteries. The Solar charger (and panels) are sold separately.

For all its great strengths, the Nexus is somewhat lacking when it comes to inverter efficiency. You don’t get quite the same amount of AC power relative to battery AH when compared to many other top-brand battery power stations.

Though, it does offer reasonable watt-hours. Many would probably not notice the difference between this power station and a more efficient machine, like the EcoFlow Delta Pro.

This is what you can expect from the different types of 56V batteries that are available:

  • 4 X 5 AH batteries: 1,120 watt-hours
  • 4 X 7.5 AH batteries: 1,680 watt-hours
  • 4 X 10 AH batteries: 2,240 watt-hours

In the final analysis, the EGO Power+ Nexus gets a thumbs up from me. It’s a tough and elegantly designed unit with a wonderfully versatile battery setup. It has the guts to supply virtually any 15A power tool. Though it cannot handle the startup current for some tools.

For the most part, it will supply all the power you need at home during an emergency, and you can keep charged batteries on standby for longer outages. A great machine from a brand that has won my admiration over the years, and that of many others.

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