Forget about gas, cordless electric snow blowers have taken over. The EGO Power+ SNT2405, 2-stage, 24”, self-propelled snow blower is a magnificent example of this. It is a hugely powerful, high-tech machine with all the mod cons your heart could desire.

I’ve grown quite fond of EGO Power+ snow blowers. They appear to be well-made and tough, with absolutely superb engineering. Their flagship 24-inch 2-stage model exemplifies all that is great about battery-powered equipment.

Now that I’ve given the EGO Power+ SNT2405 a glowing introduction, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty – my review of this highly acclaimed 24” snow blower. It is incredibly popular and has received rave reviews. Let’s see if it’s all it’s been trumped up to be.

EGO Power+ SNT2405 Snow Blower Review

Specs & Features:
  • Peak Power technology – use any combination of 2 X EGO Power+ ARC Lithium batteries.
  • 24” clearing width
  • 20” height intake
  • Up to 50’ throwing distance.
  • Variable speed self-propulsion – forward and reverse.
  • Adjusts auger speed according to throwing distance.
  • Independent brushless motors for auger and propulsion.
  • Heavy-duty, weather-resistant steel and composite construction.
  • Four LED lights.
  • Can clear an 18-car driveway of 8 inches of snow on a single charging, using 2 X 7.5AH ARC Lithium batteries.
  • Metal auger
  • 200° chute rotation
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Adjustable handle height
  • 15” wheels
  • Weight: 143.3 LBS (without batteries).
  • Warranty: 5 years

The EGO Power+ SNT2405 looks more like a Mars Rover than a terrestrial snow blower. The suburbs have been invaded by this awesome new technological wonder that is set to change the lives of humankind in untold ways. Okay, a bit over the top, I know. I’m just having fun with this review because this is such an incredible 2-stage 24” snow blower.

With its huge all-terrain wheels, sculpted metal intake, and space-age dashboard, one can be forgiven for thinking that the EGO Power+ SNT2405 is more than just a regular snow blower. It is anything but conventional.

If the EGO Power+ 56V snow blower could speak, I’d expect to hear a Schwarzenegger accent bellowing: “Bring it on, and I’ll show you what I got”.

Enough joking around for now, let’s get down to the review.


The EGO Power+ SNT2405 utilizes two brushless motors to power the machine. One motor drives the auger and the other the wheels. This means there are no issues when it has to plow through heavy snow and ice.

Smart computerized technology ensures maximum power and battery life. You’ll need to use two 56V ARC lithium batteries, but these don’t have to be identical in ampere-hour capacity. You can use 1 X 5AH battery with a 7.5AH battery, and the clever electronics will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from any battery combination.

Battery performance is great but older generation batteries aren’t quite up to the power demand and may overheat when the motor works really hard. I’d suggest using 2 X ARC Lithium 7.5AH batteries. The guys at EGO claim that these batteries will clear an 8-car driveway with 8” of snow on a single charge. That’s mighty impressive.

Steel Auger

The auger is made from steel, and it has a scraper bar at the back of the intake to remove any snow and slush that remains. The impeller then sucks the debris with amazing ferocity discharging it up to 50 feet from the discharge chute. You can adjust the auger speed with a lever on the dashboard.

While the auger and scraper work incredibly well, it has a tendency to fling loose stones and gravel into the auger which can cause damage. The instruction manual makes several references to the dangers of stones and gravel when using the SNT2405, suggesting that you adjust the machine appropriately for these conditions.

It has skid shoes on either side of the intake which are easily adjusted or replaced. Each skid shoe is fastened with two bolts which need to be loosened with a wrench to make adjustments or to remove for replacement.


The EGO Power+ SNT2405 has a height-adjustable handle with padded grips. Heated grips would have been nice, but I guess you can’t have it all.

I absolutely love the dashboard. Large chunky switches and levers make it extremely easy to operate the snow blower when wearing thick winter gloves.

Triggers at either grip give you control over the auger and self-propulsion with maximum ease and comfort. From the dashboard, you can adjust the chute rotation and deflector angle, auger speed, and automatic self-propel speed. You have a safety off switch and a switch for the 4 X LED lights.

Lights are located on the intake and dashboard, allowing you to work for longer on those short, dark winter days.

The EGO Power+ 2-stage snow blower does not have a brake, which is not the best for driveways on a steep slope.

The Verdict

I’m quite blown away by the EGO Power+ SNT2405 self-propelled 24-inch snow blower. It has all the hallmarks of a quality product and certainly no shortage of power.

Sure, there are a few things that could be improved upon, as I alluded to in the review. Overall, I’m highly impressed. I love the way this machine looks and am even more awestruck by how it performs.

Like so many, I have developed a great respect for this brand and the 5-year warranty only serves to increase my faith in this extraordinary cordless electric snow blower.


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