The best welding gloves or foundry gloves are heat gloves that protect your hands and arms from high temperatures, sparks, and molten metal. They are made from durable, heat-resistant materials like leather or Kevlar.

Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of welding gloves, not always with great results. Cheap gloves have always been a disappointment. The stitching doesn’t hold up to the rigors of metalwork and thin leather doesn’t last very long.

While I’m not suggesting you buy the most expensive welding gloves, spending a few bucks more on a quality item will be a worthwhile investment.

This review intends to help you find quality heat gloves without breaking the bank. The welding gloves I’ve selected have one common trait – great value for money. Whether you’re a pro welder or a beginner, you’ll find a great pair of gloves for welding here. They are also great barbecue gloves and there are many who use them for gardening.

I should point out that the gloves featured in this review are most suited to MIG, stick, and flux core welding. TIG welding requires more dexterity.

What to Look for

There are various factors that make for a great welding glove. This will depend on the type of welding you do, budget, and personal preferences.

  • Type of Leather: A variety of leathers are used for welding gloves, each with their own unique traits.
    • Cowhide: a good allrounder and very popular, especially for MIG welding. Provides good dexterity and comfort. Durable and suitable for high temperature welding.
    • Elk skin: popular for stick welding. Good heat, flame, and abrasion resistance.
    • Deerskin: Provides improved dexterity and comfort with good heat resistance.
    • Pigskin: Good for oil and weather resistance but doesn’t offer the best heat protection.
    • Goatskin: Offers good dexterity and comfort and is usually the first choice for TIG welding.
  • Length: Longer gloves offer improved protection from splatter which is particularly important for stick welding.
  • Flexibility: Depending on the materials used and how the gloves are made, some are more flexible, which improves comfort and dexterity.
  • Heat resistance: One of the most important factors when choosing welding gloves. Heat resistance is determined by the materials used and thickness.
  • Stitching: affects durability. Double stitching is best. Materials like Kevlar and Nomex are the most durable for high temperature gloves.
  • Reinforcement: Thumbs and palms experience increased wear. Reinforcement in these areas is beneficial.
  • Comfort: The glove design, materials for the skin and lining affect comfort.
  • Oil and weather resistance: For working in environments where oil and water is prevalent, pigskin gloves are best.
  • Inside linings: Cotton or wool glove linings offer improved comfort and protection.

Best Welding Glove Review

Miller Electric MIG/Stick Welding Gloves (263339)

The Miller brand instills a lot of confidence, making this a top choice. These are heavy-duty welding gloves for MIG and stick welding.

A superb design, offering excellent comfort and dexterity. Attention detail is obvious with pre-curved fingers and winged thumbs, providing a perfect fit. Double-layer Cowhide is used for most of the construction with pig grain leather on the palms for improved oil and weather resistance.

The double-layered insulated palm and back are excellent, offering superb protection and extra comfort, further enhanced by the foam and cotton fleece lining.

Miller MIG and stick welding gloves are exceptionally durable with flame-resistant Kevlar stitching. It is evident in every inch of these heat-protective gloves that they are made to last and provide amazing insulation and comfort.

Caiman Premium 21-Inch Split Deerskin MIG/Stick Welding Gloves (1878-5)

The ultimate heat-resistant gloves for stick welding, thanks to the extra long 21” forearm protection. Caiman Premium split deerskin welding gloves are manufactured to an incredibly high standard, using the finest materials. A combination of durability, protection, and comfort that is hard to match. I absolutely love these gloves.

You won’t find another heat glove that offers this much forearm protection, all the way to your elbows. An amazing 21 inches with heavy-duty padding on your forearm and elbows.

A combination of cow and deer hide provides superb comfort without compromising durability. Soft and supple deerskin offers the best comfort, while tough cowhide provides a more durable material where it counts.

Durability and protection are taken to new heights with a leather heat shield patch, reinforced palm, and lean on patch. Of course, welding gloves of this caliber have Kevlar stitching.

Comfort, particularly in cold weather, is enhanced by the sock-lined FR cotton fleece insulation, and it has a Boarhide leather pull strap. The fingers have been pre-curved, complimenting the 3D form-fitting design for awesome comfort.

These guys have thought of everything, like a 3” carabiner with loops on each pair to keep your gloves together. Quite frankly, a superb welding glove from a brand with a reputation for excellence.

Lincoln Electric DynaMIG Traditional MIG Welding Gloves (K3805)

There’s no shortage of top welding equipment brands here, as we move onto the Lincoln Electric DynaMIG HD pro welding gloves. Designed with the MIG welder in mind, these are pretty versatile welding gloves that will be equally handy for a barbecue, basically any situation where a quality heat-resistant glove is important.  

The heavy-duty nature of these welding gloves is clearly evident. Premium grain and split hide cow leather exterior, grain leather thumb strap reinforcement, and 3-ply Kevlar stitching are indications that there is no compromise on quality. Lincoln DynaMIG gloves are definitely made to last.

The same meticulous attention to detail has been applied to comfort. The soft fleece cotton, foam padded liner is sublime, and they have a moisture absorbing twill cotton cuff liner.

The top of the glove features a magnificent 3-layer FlameSoft liner, with a 2-layer cotton liner for the bottom for improved dexterity. The addition of a seamless index finger is another great feature.

It comes as no surprise that Lincoln Electric welding gloves are a firm favorite for professionals. They are as tough as nails and extremely comfortable, not to mention wonderfully practical.

Revco GM1611 Cowhide MIG Welding Gloves

Black Stallion Revco GM1611 MIG welding gloves deservedly belong amongst the best welding gloves. As one would expect, these are highly durable and delightfully comfortable HR gloves for welding.

With a grain cowhide leather palm and split cowhide leather back, they are supremely tough and comfortable. Reinforced patches for the palm, thumb, and index finger further improve protection and durability.

It doesn’t end there. These gloves also have a drag patch for side padding and a rest patch for wrist padding.

Revco GM1611 welding gloves are delightfully affordable and of a quality standard that compares to the very best.

SpecxArmor GrayWolf Kevlar Aluminized Welding Gloves

As impressive as they look, SpecxArmor GrayWolf welding gloves create a mighty fine first impression. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you’re on the Starship Enterprise.

The aluminized top is immediately recognizable, making this a 95% heat-reflective glove. This is not just a gimmick. It’s incredible, keeping you safe from contact with molten metal up to 3,000°F.

You have additional reassurance with EN11612 certification. This means protection from five types of heat energy transfer – radiant, convective, contact, molten aluminum splashes, and molten iron splashes.

While the aluminized top and high safety rating may be the coup de grace, these gloves have many impressive features. The Kevlar and foam lining make them about the best high-temperature gloves around.

A variety of premium split leathers are used to provide maximum dexterity, comfort, protection, and durability. Naturally, the stitching is Kevlar too.

SpecxArmor GrayWolf Kevlar Aluminized heat-resistant welding gloves are super-impressive. The only deterrent for some may be the price. These are mighty expensive gloves. Considering the high-tech materials, offering the best protection and durability, the price tag comes as no surprise.

DeWalt Premium Leather Welding Gloves

Not necessarily known for their welding gloves, DeWalt is a recognized power tool brand. As a confirmed DeWalt enthusiast, I just had to include their premium leather welding gloves in this review. A great choice for MIG and stick welding from a brand we all know and trust.

With a 100% premium buffalo hide outer, DeWalt DXMF04051 welding gloves offer the perfect combination of rugged durability and dexterity. Flames, sparks, slag, and spall are no match for these ultra-tough FR gloves with an EN407 level 1 safety rating.

The longer cuff is great for Stick welding, offering extra protection against splatter for your forearms. The gauntlet-style open cuff makes them super-easy to put on, accommodating fire-resistant sleeves and jackets with ease.

I think the elasticized fingers are excellent. They are incredibly comfortable and slip onto your hands like a second skin. As with all the heat-resistant gloves in this review, Kevlar stitching is used throughout.

A comfortable, beautifully designed welding glove for the professional or DIY welder, DeWalt has really cracked it with this one.